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VH1 US to air Sticky & Sweet Tour

31 December 2009

VH1 US is staritng a new concert series tomorrow, on the first day of 2010, called "Friday Night Alright", that will include top act concerts every Friday at 11 pm. Which means American fans (after EPIX 2 months ago) are given another chance to witness Madonna's Sticky & Sweet show from Buenos Aires on January 22nd.

Performing Hung Up in Paris

This Madonna-VH1 deal for the broadcast explains why we still can't hold the tour DVD in our hands, various fan reports on the internet claim that the DVD appears on music store schedules, listed under March. If that's the case, we should expect an official announcement sometime around the VH1 broadcast.

Recently, Warner Bros. did confirm they are indeed releasing the tour DVD and they are expecting it to do well, so fans should not worry about Sticky & Sweet joining some of her old tours that have not yet seen the light on DVD format.

Six directions for Madonna's next album

Source: MTV Newsroom - 29 December 2009

Madonna is currently at work on a new album, which is expected to be unleashed some time in 2010. She has stayed relevant in the music business by constantly reinventing herself, taking in new genres and musical experiments and making them her own. She is meticulous about how she selects collaborators, because they inform the sound of the albums as much at Madge herself.

One of the [un]confirmed producers working on the still-unnamed work is Brendan O'Brien, who made a name for himself sitting behind the boards for Pearl Jam and has also helmed productions for Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots, AC/DC and Aerosmith. Does that mean that the singer behind Like A Prayer, Ray Of Light and Hung Up is going to dive deep into the rock world and make a guitar-based album?

It's a possibility, though reports also have A-Trak [denied on Twitter] (a Kanye West collaborator) and David Guetta (of "Sexy Chick" fame) working on the album as well, which suggests that it's a combination of roots rock, futuristic hip-hop and whatever Akon makes. With that in mind, here are six directions Madonna could go in.

Rock Opera
Madonna has theater experience (she famously lobbied hard to play Eva Peron in the film version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Evita) but has never really constructed an album based on a narrative (and the disastrous American Life shouldn't count). She could bring in Green Day producer Rob Cavallo to beef up her rock chops and flesh out her own version of American Idiot.

Electro-Rap Posse Album
If A-Trak is on board, she should expand her horizons and invite a cavalcade of MCs to throw down with her on a full-on rap album. We're certain that Lupe Fiasco, Dizzee Rascal, Mos Def, Rhymefest and Kanye would all probably be game to trade verses with Madonna, who is not necessarily a stranger to spitting. Remember her verse on American Life?

Though she's lorded over some tough dance beats in the past, truly hard music has never been her forte and remains an uncharted territory for the star. O'Brien has produced music for metallers like Mastodon and Incubus, so he's ready, willing and able to crank Madonna's sound up to 11 and really let her rip.

Country Rock
Madonna isn't above aping a current star, and with Taylor Swift cranking out huge hits in big numbers, why wouldn't she attempt to add country to her repertoire? O'Brien has produced twangy records for Springsteen and Pete Droge, and Madonna herself has toyed with country and dance sounds for Don't Tell Me.

Straight Disco
Maybe all these producers are just there to throw us off the scent, and her plan is to actually crank out an even deeper-diving disco record. After all, her recent single Celebration was well-received, and the throwback sounds on 2008's Hard Candy wowed both the dance and pop worlds. Perhaps she just wants to make ABBA tunes for the rest of her career (which wouldn't be such a bad thing, really).

No Limit Revival
She could fire everybody, recruit Master P's Beats by the Pound crew and shout along to some late-'90s New Orleans bounce. That probably won't happen, but Silkk the Shocker could use the work.

Madonna & Mercy send Malawi orphans Christmas presents

Source: Daily Mirror - 28 December 2009

Friends of Madonna's adopted daughter sang carols at their orphanage... wearing Crocs sent as Xmas gifts by the star.

The footwear was in a truckload of presents from little Mercy, four, to the children she grew up with at the Kondanani orphanage in Malawi, delivered by an African Santa Claus.

Madonna, 51, also threw a party with fizzy drinks, hamburgers and chocolate at the orphanage and sent a Christmas card. The gifts were handed to more than 80 children with tags reading "Love from Mercy". Orphan Chitsanzo, six, said: "I am very happy my friend Mercy bought us shoes, toys, chocolates and cakes. They are very beautiful." Her friend Happiness, four, added: "I'm so happy I have received Christmas gifts. I have my own toys now."

Carers said it was the most presents the children had ever received.

Mercy moved to London in June to live with Madonna's other children - Lourdes, 13, Rocco, nine, and adopted Malawian David Banda.

Merry Xmas & Madonna recording studio tidbits

25 December 2009

The Mad-Eyes team would like to wish every Madonna fan a great Christmas '09 filled with love and friendship!

Since it's been slow news weeks about Madonna for quite a while, here are some interesting tidbits about Madonna's recording studio past and future by the reliable MadonnaFanzine moderator anna_henstridge:

The basis of the Music album outtake "Run" can be streamed on William Orbit's official site in the form of the groovy "Forbidden Planet" instrumental track [his Streamcast includes a lot of released/leaked Madonna songs and instrumentals]. Recently, Orbit has been asked about working again with Madonna, but it is highly unlikely to happen at this point.

The original version of Give It 2 Me was apparently a Timbaland produced track, which was favored by Warner. This version more or less had the same lyrics as The Neptunes version we're all familiar with, but it was almost a full duet with Justin Timberlake using an entirely different rhythm and style.

The rumour about Madonna teaming up with David Guetta is also true according to anna_henstridge, Madonna is scheduled to hit the recording studio in a few months, she's showing a lot of interest about the Guetta collaboration, so he's definitely a potential producer for her at the moment.

Madonna talks about her Malawi mission on CNN

23 December 2009

CNN has just aired an interview with Madonna about her charity work in Malawi. She discussed her achievements with Raising Malawi, her further plans and how it affected her personally. Watch below:

Madonna crowned most famous celebrity of the decade

Source: Daily Mirror - 23 December 2009

Madonna has been crowned the most famous celebrity of the decade with more articles written about her than anyone else.

The 51-year-old star was the focus of more than 45,000 stories since 2000.

Her nearest rival was Robbie Williams – with just under 28,000 newspaper mentions.

The celebrity of the decade survey was conducted by Liv, the UK’s first online TV channel.

Britney Spears and David and Victoria Beckham make up the rest of the top five.

But this year no one could compete with king of pop Michael Jackson who was easily the most talked about star. The tragic legend was the focus of 6,838 articles – covering both his planned comeback concerts and his untimely death in June.

Meanwhile the award for most-improved celebrity goes to Simon Cowell who garnered just 18 stories in 2000 – but by this year was the written about over 6,000 times.

Billboard honors Madonna, hints at the future

21 December 2009

Billboard magazine has released a special double-issue celebrating the end of the 2000s decade, which includes a segment dedicated to Madonna's biggest achievement of the decade, the record-breaking success of the Sticky & Sweet Tour. She gets a lot of congratulations for the biggest solo tour of all time, including from her own manager Guy Oseary. Her 50 biggest hits on Billboard are also listed, Like A Virgin being in the pole position.

There's also an interview with the manager, Live Nation's Arthur Fogel and a Warner Bros. Recods Chairman/CEO, Tom Whalley. Arthur Fogel says the 2008-2009 tour was executed perfectly, the North American stadium shows drew criticism in advance but turned out to be huge successes, along with the 2009 shows in new markets. All her previous tours this decade had talks about an extension, but it only managed to happen for Sticky & Sweet. He also "feels" that Madonna could do (and probably will do) Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Southeast Asia on the next tour. Beyond that, "it's a question of time we have and what kind of show she's thinking about."

Guy Oseary says the relationship with Live Nation is amazing, because they never put pressure on them and they are friends. Both men claim the long-term LN deal didn't have a direct impact on Sticky & Sweet, and all the synergies in merchandising, branding, licensing and recording are "the future, the next level. That's when we start incorporating our albums into things. We have yet to scratch the surface on what the future holds."

He also says they have no immediate ideas about the next step because "we got off tour not so long ago, we're taking a breath, then we're going to start meeting with people and hearing ideas. The only thing Madonna and I have asked for is not to be limited, meaning, I want to hear everything and anything. We're open to anything. The goal is to reach as many people as possible, that's the prerequisite. We're aiming high."

Warner Chairman/CEO Tom Whalley claims Madonna is the quintessential Warner Bros. artist, selling 200 million albums worldwide. He reveals Warner Bros. is indeed releasing the Sticky & Sweet Tour on DVD (no release date given though) and they are expecting it to do well because The Confessions Tour sold more than 1 million copies worldwide. He calls the parting with Madonna bittersweet but "We always wish her the best and we will continue to do things with her because we have her catalog. Over time, there will be plenty of things to collaborate on between Warner Bros. and Madonna, so we're not completely out of business with her. Any opportunity that comes up where we can work together we look forward to."

Check below for scans of the magazine (you can find all the Madonna pages of this Billboard issue at!

Billboard Magazine Billboard Magazine Billboard Magazine Billboard Magazine

Which millennium year was your favourite?

19 December 2009

In less than two weeks, we'll enter a new decade. We can look back on some wonderful Madonna moments in this past 10 years, which was the 3rd decade of her incredible career.

Just think of the 4 wonderful tours and 4 great studio albums she made for us, on top of other public appearances, campaigns, promotions, etc. We want to know which year was your favourite so head over to our new poll now!

Revolver doing great in Belgium

19 December 2009

Madonna's latest single Revolver in David Guetta's One Love Remix has been chosen by listeners of Radio MNM as the new 'Big Hit', which means it'll be played a lot next week. It's interesting to notice that the audience of the station, which consists of a lot of teenagers, gave very positive feedback to Revolver.

It has reached the #7 position in the MNM 50 (Belgian fans can register on the site and vote it higher for the next coming days!). Because of the good airplay the song is getting, it's #1 in the Ultratip 30 chart, which can be an indication it'll soon be appearing in the official Ultratop chart.

Preview of new Dolce & Gabbana photoshoot

Source: Swide - 16 December 2009

Exclusive in this week's Italian edition of Vanity Fair is the worldwide preview of Dolce & Gabbana's new spring/summer 2010 campaign featuring pop icon Madonna.

Dolce & Gabbana campaign, by Steven Klein

Madonna's private life is seldom out of the papers but this new Dolce & Gabbana campaign is unlike anything you have seen before. Exit the paparazzo, these shots are by Steven Klein no less; revealing much more than a grainy stolen picture, they showcase an intimate, more real aspect to the ultimate icon's life.

In keeping with Dolce & Gabbana's Spring/Summer 2010 collection's emphasis on Mediterranean heritage and classic Italian sensuality, the mood isn't unlike a film from the days of Italian Neorealism. Madonna herself recalls the strong, raw sensuality of the iconic actress Anna Magnani - showcasing when soft sensuality meets bold authenticity.

Madonna shot by Steven Klein features in the new Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign inspired by Italian Neorealism cinema.

Dolce & Gabbana campaign, by Steven Klein

In the Vanity Fair Italy feature, Stefano Gabbana discusses the campaign and why Madonna was the perfect match: "She loved the collection," he says, "...she is passionate and impressively knowledgeable about Italian cinema," (Monica is Vitti her favourite actress and we see the resemblance)."

When asked as to whether Madonna knows how to wash dishes, Stefano Gabbana replies "Certainly...she's a very practical woman..." And does she actually eat spaghetti despite her most enviable figure? "Of course, says Stefano, and she can allow herself too with all the exercise she does!"

Madonna and Lola attend Nine premiere in NYC

16 December 2009

Last night Madonna and her eldest daughter Lourdes attended the premiere of Rob Marshall's Nine in NYC. They posed with Jessica Seinfeld as well.

Madonna & Lourdes with Jessica Seinfeld @ Nine premiere

Madonna & Lourdes @ Nine premiere Madonna & Lourdes with Jessica Seinfeld @ Nine premiere Madonna & Lourdes @ Nine premiere Madonna & Lourdes @ Nine premiere Madonna & Lourdes with Jessica Seinfeld @ Nine premiere

Madonna on Billboard's Decade-End charts

11 December 2009

Official US chart magazine Billboard has published its end of the decade lists, based on chart performances of artists, singles and albums. Here are Madonna's rankings in the 2000s:

Artists Of The Decade [The Top Artists of the Decade ranking is based on artists chart performance on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart and Billboard 200 albums.]

Hot 100 Artists

Billboard 200 Artists

Billboard 200 Albums [The top-selling albums of the decade (2000-09) across all genres, ranked by sales data as compiled by Nielsen Soundscan.]
#159 (Music)

Digital Songs
#44 (4 Minutes feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland)

Dance/Club Play Artists

Dance/Club Play Songs
#1 (Hung Up)
#2 (Music)
#13 (Jump)
#18 (Die Another Day)
#19 (Sorry)

Dance/Electronic Artists

Dance/Electronic Albums
#2 (Confessions On A Dance Floor)

Top Touring Artists
Total Gross: $801,299,671
Number of Shows: 248
Number of Sell-Outs: 244
Total Attendance: 6,387,124

Madonna is the clear winner in the Dance/Club Play category (where she scored 17 out of her 40 #1s in the 2000s) and in the Top Touring Artists category where only 2 bands, The Rolling Stones and U2 managed to beat her, making Madonna the biggest touring solo act of the 2000s!

For the complete Decade-End charts of Billboard, check here.

Physical single formats of Revolver announced

10 December 2009

Turns out Madonna's final single under Warner Bros is going to get a physical release after all. Warner Music Netherlands (via announced the tracklist of Revolver:

Revolver, the single

CD Single (Release Date: January 22nd, 2010)
01 Revolver (Madonna vs. David Guetta One Love Remix (Feat. Lil Wayne) 03:25
02 Revolver (Madonna vs. David Guetta One Love Remix) 03:10
03 Revolver (Madonna vs. David Guetta One Love Club Remix) 05:23
04 Revolver (Paul van Dyk Remix) 08:36
05 Revolver (Paul van Dyk Dub) 08:36
06 Revolver (Tracy Young's Shoot To Kill Remix) 09:30
07 Celebration (Feat. Akon) 03:54
08 Celebration (Felguk Love Remix) 06:38

12" Vinyl Single (Release Date: February 5th, 2010)
A1 Revolver (Madonna vs. David Guetta One Love Club Remix) 05:23
A2 Revolver (Paul van Dyk Remix) 08:36
B1 Revolver (Tracy Young's Shoot To Kill Remix) 09:30
C1 Revolver (Paul van Dyk Dub) 08:36
C2 Revolver (Madonna vs. David Guetta One Love Remix) (Feat. Lil Wayne) 03:25
D1 Celebration (Feat. Akon) 03:54
D2 Celebration (Felguk Love Remix) 06:38

The CD tracklist will also be available as an iTunes digital EP on December 29th, 2009. It is currently not clear whether these formats will be released in the US or not. This decision is going to make Revolver a 2010 single release for Madonna, makes us wonder if the decision was made because currently there's no new Madonna music planned for quite a while.

UPDATE: confirms the US will also get these formats. The digital EP on December 29th, the CD on January 26th, 2010 and the vinyl on February 9th, 2010.

Hung Up & Music among 100 Best Songs of the Decade

10 December 2009

As we're nearing the end of the decade, a lot of best of lists are getting published these days. Latest is the 100 Best Songs of the Decade by Rolling Stone magazine, where Madonna has two entries: the first two songs of the Celebration compilation, Hung Up at #76 and Music at #66. For the latter, they even give a small write up:

Music, the single

Despite all the new pop starlets out there trying to jump her train, Madonna definitely was not slackening the pace. When she dropped Music, she was older than Britney and Christina combined, yet she took them to school with vintage electro-boom, Eurodisco flourishes from French producer Mirwais, and her own inimitable sass.

For the complete list, click here. Unfortunately none of Madonna's 4 albums of the 00s earned a place in the 100 Best Albums of the Decade list...

Celebration vinyl album to be released on December 22

Source: - 10 December 2009

Attention, Vinyl lovers! Madonna's Celebration is to be released as 4-LP Vinyl on December 22! This deluxe vinyl package features 4 120g black vinyl discs pressed at Record Industry in a 2-pocket Stoughton gatefold jacket with expanded pockets (2 discs in each pocket) and includes all of the 36 songs originally available on the 2-CD edition of the album released back in September.

Time to give your favourite turntable the Christmas present it deserves! Just click here to pre-order from Amazon.

Watch GMTV interview part 2

8 December 2009

The second part of the GMTV interview was broadcast this morning, where Madonna unfortunately does not talk about music, only about her children. She mentions how Lola was at the Israel shows and the Celebration video and that David is her biggest fan among her children and he even wants to wear all the dresses, especially the one she wore during the La Isla Bonita performance.

Tom Ford: "We were not waiting for Madonna"

Source: USA Today - 8 December 2009

She was the surprise guest of honor Sunday night at the screening of Tom Ford's drama A Single Man at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. But Madonna was late. Very late. And so, the film rolled without her in the audience.

Madonna @ A Single Man premiere

"We were called at 7:30. And then we changed it to 7:45 and we let everyone know. We always intended to start at eight. And we actually started without Madonna," Ford told USA TODAY's Donna Freydkin today. "She came in after the movie had started. She's a friend of mine and I wasn't going to hold the film for Madonna. We were not waiting for Madonna."

Madonna and Tom Ford @ A Single Man premiere

The superstar walked the carpet solo, posed for photos, and ran into the screening room. She also swung by the after-party at Monkey Bar, along with Anna Wintour and Courtney Love. As for Ford, he and his stars Colin Firth and Julianne Moore ducked out of the screening for their own private party honoring Nicholas Hoult, who plays an amorous college student. "We ran off to celebrate Nick's birthday. He was turning 20," says Ford.

New US Celebration certifications

6 December 2009

Even though Madonna's current greatest hits album Celebration is already out of the Billboard 200, good news is that it has just become another Gold album for her, certified by the RIAA for shipping at least 500,000 copies (in shipments, a double CD counts as two copies). With this addition, Madonna is certified for 64 million albums in the US, which still keeps her at the second place among female artists, between Barbra Streisand (71.5 million) and Mariah Carey (62.5 million).

Moreover, the Celebration Video Collection also gets a certification, Platinum for shipping 100.000 double DVDs, very impressive for a video compilation in this era!

For a complete list of Madonna's certifications, check our charts page and to see Madonna's rank in all artists' RIAA certification list, check here.

Revolver single press release

3 December 2009

Hot on the spurs of Madonna's Top 3 single Celebration, the Queen of Pop releases her brand new explosive and highly energised single Revolver featuring Lil Wayne out December 14th.

Revolver, the single

The track features on Madonna's Greatest Hits Record, Celebration, which charted at No.1 in the UK and brings Madonna level with Elvis Presley's record of eleven UK number one albums. No other solo artist can match this achievement. Only The Beatles, with a total of fifteen, have had more number one albums in chart history.

Celebration has sold over 2 million copies worldwide already, including 300,000 (platinum) in the UK.

Revolver, which was recorded in New York is written and produced by Madonna and features contributing rap vocals by Lil Wayne. Included on the CD are the following indispensable remixes:
Revolver Madonna vs David Guetta (One Love Remix)
Celebration (Akon Remix)

Celebration – the definitive greatest hits CD covers the expanse of the Material Girl's extraordinary career of hits including Everybody, Express Yourself, Vogue and 4 Minutes. The Celebration DVD includes Madonna's best videos including several that have never before been available on DVD.

Madonna has racked up a record-smashing 63 UK Top Ten hits, 13 UK No.1 singles as well as 11 UK No.1 albums. A multi Grammy award winning singer, writer and producer, she has had more UK number 1's than any other female artist and is the most successful female solo artist ever.

Don't miss a rare 2-part Madonna interview with Ben Shephard on GMTV, December 7th & 8th, where she discusses her life and extensive career. (A Warner UK press release)

Celebration gets a Grammy nomination

3 December 2009

Last night the Grammy nominations were announced for the 52nd time and Madonna's Celebration song, which was released before the September 1st deadline, gets a nomination in the Best Dance Recording category. Here are all the nominees:

Boom Boom Pow
The Black Eyed Peas & Jean Baptiste, producers; Dylan Dresdow, mixer
Track from: The E.N.D.
[Interscope Records]

When Love Takes Over
David Guetta & Kelly Rowland
David Guetta & Frederic Riesterer, producers; Veronica Ferraro, mixer
Track from: One Love

Poker Face
Lady Gaga
RedOne, producer; Robert Orton, RedOne & Dave Russell, mixers
Track from: The Fame

[Warner Bros.]

Britney Spears
K. Briscoe, producer; Serban Ghenea, mixer
Track from: Circus

We don't think Madonna has much chance for this award, considering the singles by Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears were all huge #1 hits. For the complete list of nominees, which seems to reflect how 2009 was one of the least diverse years in pop music ever as everything is dominated by Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas, check here. The Grammy Awards show will air on January 31st, 2010.

New Madonna interview to air on GMTV

Source: - 2 December 2009

A brand new Madonna interview will air on UK's GMTV Monday, December 7th and Tuesday, December 8th.

The Queen of Pop is to discuss "Love, music and children" with GMTV's host Ben Shephard, so make sure to watch!

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