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Sorry as the second single?

30 September 2005

After the first listening parties, it seems the song Sorry got the best reviews, so Warner is considering it as the second single from Confessions On A Dance Floor.

In the song, Madonna can be heard saying "I'm sorry" over and over again in different languages.

Possible promo shows

30 September 2005

Wednesday we reported that Madonna will be performing on Wetten Dass on November 5th. That week, Madonna will be promoting her album and new single on several TV shows. According to rumours she might appear on Oprah, Ellen, The Today Show and David Letterman.

As for the EMA in Lisbon on November 3rd: Madonna isn't listed among the official performers, but it is expected there will be a special announcement of her performance soon.

Guy Oseary is Madonna's new manager

Source: Madonnalicious - 30 September 2005

The US music industry trade magazine Hits featured this small piece on the appointment of Madonna's new manager:

"Madonna has a new manager - Guy Oseary. The two have been close since Maverick came into being in conjunction with Freddy DeMann way back at the dawn of the '90s, but this new arrangement is likely to test their relationship as never before considering that it comes at a time when her recording career has peaked.

On the other hand, Madonna's touring business is as big as ever—her last tour was tremendously successful. Warner Bros. has an album scheduled for this fall that is said to be a return to her roots in feel-good dance music, with a new single impacting soon. Oseary's management partner is Angela Becker."

~ Madonna's previous manager Caresse Henry resigned after last year's Re-Invention Tour. Before Henry, Madonna was coached by Freddy DeMann.

Body Of Evidence among Worst Sex Scenes

Source: The Sun - 29 September 2005

Sex scenes in movies are usually criticised for being 'too perfect' - but a new poll names and shames the WORST raunchy moments in film.

Movie buffs at Empire magazine viewed hundreds of steamy films to compile Hollywood's worst attempts at putting sizzling sex on the big screen.

And stars such as Madonna, Sharon Stone, J-Lo and Keanu Reeves have been slated for their embarrassing moments in the sack.

Erotic drama Showgirls, which features Elizabeth Berkley and Kyle MacLachlan in a swimming pool sex scene, came top of the excrutiating poll.

And Empire spokesman said: "It's supposed to be the best sex in the world but, as Berkley thrashes around in the water, it looks more like the first ten minutes of Jaws."

Damage, the 1992 European art-house movie starring Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche, makes it to second place in the damp-squid list.

Madonna in Body Of Evidence

The trysts escalate into ever more ludicrous inter-twinings, and reach a peak during a particularly violent sex scene, when Jeremy expresses his ecstasy by banging his lover's head on the floor.

Madonna features in her film Body of Evidence, in which the pop queen drips a hot candle over Willem Dafoe's body as they embark on their carnal carry-ons.

Sharon Stone, who the magazine dubs "the queen of crap movie sex", makes it to sixth place with The Specialist.

And former real-life lovers Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez claim seventh place for their box-office flop Gigli.

The magazine writes: "When Ben's chauvinistic mobster Larry Gigli gets it on with J-Lo's lesbian assassin Ricki, the scene is cold corny and lame.

"But what really sends it over the top is Ricki's infamous 'It's turkey time, gobble, gobble' as a call to oral foreplay.

"Unfeasibly bad, the pair, while sexy as hell on their own, together here couldn't generate enough heat to toast bread."

2002's 40 Days And 40 Nights makes the Top 10 for being totally unrealistic.

Sworn to celibacy, Josh Hartnett, apparently gives Shannyn Sossamon the time of her life by blowing a petal from a flower across her naked body.

"For a sex scene to be truly sexy, it has to have the whiff of reality, the sense that it could actually really happen - which renders this little knee trembler pathetic," said Empire.

'Secret' to premiere on MTV? *rumour*

Source: MSNBC's The Scoop - 29 September 2005

The buzz is that Madonna's documentary, "I'm Going to Tell You a Secret," may debut on MTV.

Meanwhile, fansite Madonnalicious reports a possible release date for the live DVD of the Re-Invention Tour: april 2006. Although again... nothing is confirmed.

Some enthusiastic reactions after album preview

29 September 2005

As reported earlier, there was an album preview for DJs earlier this week. Fellow fansites have received enthusiastic reactions from some who attended:

"The new music was incredible. First cut was dubby but nice with great buildups and nice energy. It will be #1 on the Billboard dance chart. The second song was along the energy lines of Missing by Everything But The Girl. Very melodic and soothing. Loved it! The third song was #1 across the boards at Top 40 Radio. Lots of potential, lots of energy, lots of hooks, lots of #1's. Dance music has a ray of light and Madonna is it's instrument. Very nice party." (Pete Werner to DrownedMadonna)

"Confessions is indeed completely dance through and through, the slowest song (although still dance) being Isaac, a track that features Madonna chanting back and forth together with a male voice, in a way very similar to the chanting on Donna DeLory's The Lover And The Beloved." (Torontoboy to MadonnaTribe)

"On another track Madonna is reported being literally groaning at the beginning and before the song goes into a proper electro trance beat that was off the hook. "I have good feelings about this album!" (MadonnaTribe)

More on Ellie Lawson track

Source: MadonnaTribe - 29 September 2005

After our item about Ellie Lawson's version of Time Stood Still, Madonnafan Marek mailed us with some more information: "Actually, Time Stood Still wasn't reworked for Ellie Lawson. In fact, she was given some of William Orbit's instrumentals by her manager, including Time Stood Still.

Not knowing of the song recorded by Madonna, Ellie composed and wrote the song "Inside Out" to the Time Stood Still instrumental. When William Orbit heard the result, he liked it. Until this point, Ellie didn't know about the song recorded by Madonna. Ellie was thrilled to hear Madonna's version and seeing how differently they had interpreted the music. Madonna herself liked the result, too, and Time Stood Still was cleared as a sample."

Madonna to perform on Wetten Dass

28 September 2005

Madonna will be appearing on German channel ZDF's Wetten Dass on November 5th. She'll be performing Hung Up on the show.

A Swedish superstar

Source: Aftonbladet, thx to MadonnaTribe - 28 September 2005

Yellow and blue on the new album - and now she may come to Sweden... Red cabins, Falun sausage, Dalecarlian horses - and Madonna. The world's biggest female popstar have never been more Swedish. And now she's heading here.

Made in Sweden. That title would have fit well on Madonna's new album album Confessions On A Dance Floor. Songwriters and producers Christian "Bloodshy" Karlsson, Pontus "Avant" Winnberg and Henrik Jonback have co-written the songs How High and Like It Or Not.

Anders Bagge and Per Åström contributed with the song Get Together.

In addition, ABBA-icons Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson let her sample their hit song "Gimme, gimme, gimme" in the lead single Hung Up.

As if that wasn't enough it seems like Johan "Stakka Bo" Renck will be directing the video for Hung Up.

Of course it's really nice that we've got so many profesionals that she wants to work with them, says Christina Bredberg at Madonna's record company Warner. And now there's alot of talk about her coming to Sweden in November for the first time since the European MTV Awards in Stockholm five years ago.

"We are working on it", says Christina Bredberg.

The article also mentions Madonna wearing the same kind of jewelery as Swedish princess Victoria. She's also mentioned in an article about the return of the 80's in the very same paper.

Time Stood Still reworked for debuting artist Ellie Lawson

Source: Brian Jasinski from MIR - 28 September 2005

Madonna and William Orbit reworked their 2000 song Time Stood Still (from The Next Big Thing soundtrack) into the song "Inside Out" for emerging artist Ellie Lawson. The track is included on Lawson's debut "The Philosophy Tree."

The gorgeous Orbit-produced tune sets the tone for the rest of the 12-track disc that positions Lawson as a gifted singer/songwriter in the vein of Alanis Morrisette, Jem and Dido. The release of the album was postponed after she was dropped in the shuffle at Atlantic Records earlier this year.

However, her luck quickly changed when not only Madonna but also Ellen DeGeneres embraced the artist. The comedian featured Lawson on her day-time talkshow that gave her the chance to be seen by millions.

Lawson includes a range of different styles and moods on the record. From the folky "Gotta Get Up From Here" to R&B on "Friends," to the heartfelt pop balladry on "Never Be The Same" to the tropical-tinged "Hour Of Need." The record concludes with "Why The Fighting" a powerful political statement against violence and war.

You can listen to a clip on Ellie Lawson's website.

Madonna to tour Japan?

28 September 2005

Pop superstar Madonna will launch her new album Confessions On A Dance Floor with her first tour of Japan in 20 years.

The series of gigs will also mark the start of a huge world tour to promote the LP - which is tipped to be a hit - and a heavy promotional campaign, including appearances on the globe's major TV talk shows.

A source says, "They know they are on to a winner. The album has got hit written all over it and they want to make sure it gets as big a push as possible."

The first single will be heard at the MTV European Music Awards in Portugal in November. The release has been delayed so Madonna can dance in the video, following her horse-riding accident last month. Source: TeenMusic

~ Please note that no concerts have been officially confirmed yet.

Faces of the Week: Guy Ritchie

Source: BBC - 27 September 2005

Guy Ritchie's latest movie, Revolver, has been panned by the critics. It seems that, currently, the director can do nothing right.

Poor Guy Ritchie. Two years ago, his reality TV show, Swag, ran into trouble when a cameraman got stabbed in the leg while filming a stunt that backfired.

Last year, a TV commercial he had directed got pulled in the US after he was accused of encouraging children to drive their parents' cars.

His wife broke several bones after falling off her horse, and the couple were roundly booed this week when they wouldn't sign autographs at the premiere of his latest film. Oh, and he even gets chucked out of his marital bed whenever he snores.

Talking of his film, just some of the adjectives the critics have used to describe it are: risible, muddled, impenetrable, convoluted and bewildering.

It's not so much a turkey, according to the Daily Mail's Chris Tookey, more "a pea-brained ostrich that has forgotten to hide its head in the sand at the first sign of attack, and has chosen instead to insert its head all the way up its own firmament".

What makes it worse for Ritchie is that, according to those same critics, his last picture, Swept Away, a desert island romance starring his wife, Madonna, was as bad as it got. It went straight to video in this country.

Madonna and Guy at the premiere of Revolver in London

"There are two levels of bad," Observer film critic Jason Solomons told the BBC. "There's the so bad it's good because at least you can have a laugh-type bad. Swept Away was in this category. Then you have the bad when you have something that thinks it's good but isn't. That's Revolver. Watching it, you could hear the scraping of the bottom of the Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels."

The last reference is, of course, to Ritchie's 1998 movie, set among London's gangland, which became the third-highest grossing British film of all time. It was feted for being fresh and funny. His follow-up, Snatch, was in similar vein.

Ritchie had created a modern British classic of "geezer chic" in which villains became "icons of cool", and its laddish humour chimed with the times.

Guy Ritchie was hot property, yet the curious mix of a privately educated middle-class director being fascinated by East-End hardmen did provoke scepticism, especially with his "mockney" accent.

Guy Ritchie's upbringing was anything but straightforward. He was born in Hatfield, Hertfordshire in 1968 and was the product of more than one broken home.

His father was a successful advertising executive (who devised the Hamlet cigar ads), while his mother was a model. They lived in Fulham, west London.

His parents divorced when he was five and Guy went to live with his mother's new husband, Sir Michael Leighton, at his stately home, Loton Park, in Shropshire.

His mother divorced again when he was 12. Guy Ritchie was sent to various private schools. Dyslexia hindered his education and he attended some 10 schools in all, leaving with just a GCSE in Film Studies.

Today, he employs a private tutor to try to fill the gaps in his formal education.

In the 1980s Guy Ritchie claims he hung out with some real villains without ever becoming one himself. He got into film making via music videos, giving the draft of Lock Stock to producer friend, Matthew Vaughn, husband of Claudia Schiffer.

He was introduced to Madonna by Sting and his wife Trudie Styler. Now, Ritchie and Madge live the English country life for much of the year, in their own stately home in Wiltshire, together with their five-year-old son Rocco, and his stepdaughter Lourdes, aged eight.

It is here that Madonna had her horse-riding accident. The couple are devotees of the Kabbalah, which, he maintains, is not a religion but simply "an extension of the way most of us try and live our lives. It's just about being a decent person".

Its critics describe it as the latest lifestyle cult for the rich.

He does not pray or attend meetings, but contemplates the movement's ideas on life. Some have attributed to Kabbalah the obscure mention of numbers and references in Revolver. Ritchie denies this.

According to Jason Solomons, "Guy Ritchie is trying to grow as an artist; he's trying to say something about the world but he's shown that he's not very good at it, he's not a philosopher."

It's a bit early to write Ritchie's career off, as some have done. But after two successive critical flops, the director is at a crossroads. Or should that be a borderline? Cue a song.

Johan Renck confirmed as director *official*

27 September 2005 has now officially confirmed that Swedish director Johan Renck will be directing the Hung Up video. Fansites have suggested that the filming will take place early October. It's expected to premiere simultaneously on music networks MTV, VH1 and Logo on October 24th.

DJ's get Confessions preview

Source: NY Post - 26 September 2005

Disc jockeys from all across the U.S. converged in a small, chic backroom down at 14th Street's Lotus restaurant last Wednesday afternoon. They were there to listen to three tracks from Madonna's soon-due Confessions On A Dance Floor album, and to meet the CD's brilliant British producer, Stuart Price.

Although it was all very casual, with cocktails and munchies, the music men — and women — listened intently, in their own hectic, head-bobbing way. (And most of them looked like fresh-faced college students!) M's sound went over big time, and Grammy-winner Price, only 30 years old, was mobbed.

There were at least three dozen people in this confined space — Price could hardly move from all the handshaking, shoulder slaps and hearty hugs. He is worshipped in the dance community and uses another name on some work — Jacques Le Cont. He's produced for No Doubt and many others.

Talking about the songs, Price, who also has a very naughty sense of humor, said: "When dance music was young, there was a strong vocal, and the beat was underneath. Now, the vocal is not so prominent.

Madonna and I wanted to make a dance album for today, which would satisfy everybody — those who want to really hear her voice and those for whom the driving thump-thump is the thing. I think we've succeeded."

Music scribe Maggie Stein, who also writes under the nom de plume Odyssey Jones, said, "This is hopeful dance music. It has a positive message, in that it's fun. Just fun. It's what Madonna needed to do."

Guy fails Madonna quiz

26 September 2005

Guy Ritchie appeared on French TV show "Tout le monde en parle" on France2 to promote his "Revolver" saturday night. The british movie maker was interviewed about his new gangster flick, but he also answered to a series of classic questions about The Wife - well actually, he almost didn't answer any. Here's a summary of this very special "Madonna Trivia".

Question "What's Madonna's birthday?"
Guy Ritchie: "I don't know...

"What is Madonna's real name?"
Guy: Madonna... Louise... Ci... (but made it look like as he did not remember the end of her family name)

Question: "How much money did Madonna have in her pockets when she arrived in New York in her early years?"
Guy: "I don't know..."

Question: " Which singer was Madonna a backing vocalist for?"
Guy: "I don't know..."

Question: "What was Madonna's first hit in 1984?"
Guy: Like A Virgin

Question: "Whose role did Madonna play in Desperately Seeking Susan?
Guy: "Susan"

Question: "In which video we find Madonna together with a black saint?"
Guy: Like A Prayer

Question: "How many records did Madonna sell?"
Guy: "130 millions"

Question: "Why was Madonna recovered in a hospital this summer?"
Guy: "For a horse riding accident"

Question: "Who is the designer of Madonna's wedding dress?"
Guy: "... Humm... A French designer... Oops, no It's Stella McCartney"

Question: "How tall is Madonna?"
Guy: "Approximately 1.60 mt"

And as for the rumor "Is it true that Madonna uses a special jewel stone and medecine to become more fertile?"
Guy answered "No... But I'm only her husband..."
Source: MadonnaTribe

Guy: "I KNOW I'm Mister Madonna!"

25 September 2005

Jan Ruysbergh from Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad interviewed Guy Ritchie during the press junket in Paris. Right before the interview, he was asked to limit his questions as much as possible to the movie. In other words, don't ask too much 'bout Madonna. However, there are some interesting facts, apart from the Revolver stuff.

Madonna and Guy at the premiere of Revolver in London When the journalist points out that Guy's movies aren't exactly suitable for the eyes of Lourdes and Rocco and asks if the movie director intends to make a movie that his kids could watch, Guy replies he recently saw many childrens movies and that he's reading a script about a race that could turn into a kids movie.

When Ruysbergh asks about the story that he had a fight with Madonna over Kabbalah, Guy wipes that away as just a rumour. In fact, he calls Kabbalah "interesting", "Fundamentally, it's the study of sciences. It's not about believing or not believing. It just is what it is. [...] I'm making documentary on Kabbalah. It should be finished by february. Then people should get a clearer picture of Kabbalah."

Didn't he mind being photographed for Vogue, exposing his private life like that? "Oh well, it's all part of the game. I just happen to be married to someone who's world famous. For many I'm mister Madonna. I've learned to live with that."

Finally he denounces another rumour: didn't he feel guilty after Madonna's accident? After all it was his birthday present? "It wasn't my birthday present at all!! You know, there's one advantage with having the media constantly spying on you: you realize that nothing in life is what it seems. The only true thing bout that story was that it was indeed a horse my wife fell off of. So, even in every lie there's a small truth!"

Revolver will be out in Belgian theatres on November 9th. Read the article (in Dutch) here.

Madonna sings tribute to Kabbalist Isaac Luria

25 September 2005

I'm sure I wasn't the only Madonnafan who immediately thought of Kabbalah when learning about a song called Isaac, a typically Jewish name, on the new album. Some have suggested that the song might be about Isaac Newton; hence the early rumours about "Defying Gravity".

However, after some research, I've found out about Isaac Luria, a Jewish scholar who lived in the 16th century and who founded Kabbalah in its modern form. In Hebrew, his name is Yitzhak Luria, while we've seen a "Yitzhak Sinwani" appear in the credits of the song - coincidence? I think not. It was also Isaac Luria, also called "The Ari", who designed the Tree of Life, which symbol was used on the Re-Invention Tour.

It seems Madonna has now included a tribute song to the rabbi on her album Confessions On A Dance Floor. Which would make Liz Rosenberg's album descriptive "no messages" a bit less true. You can read a biography on Isaac Luria at Wikipedia and at the Kabbalah Centre website. ~ Bartie

Madonna at EMA?

25 September 2005

Rumours are getting stronger that Madonna will be attending and possibly performing at the 2005 Europe Music Awards, which will be held in Lisbon on thursday, November 3th.

It would be a great way to promote her new single Hung Up. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but stay tuned for more!

Vote Madonna as Most Attractive Woman

25 September 2005

Head over to the website of Hello! Magazine, where Madonna is in the running for Most Attractive Woman of the month, next to Thalia, Liv Tyler, Keira Knightley and Cate Blanchett.

Although the others are all half Madonna's age, our Maddy has no problem topping the list. You can still vote till September 30th.

Press release from Warner Canada

Source: press release Warner Music Canada; thx to Dave Gardner from MIR - 25 September 2005

"I want people to jump out of their seats! My record about having a good time straight through and non stop," says Madonna, still the ultimate disco queen, as she describes the 12 delicious tunes on her album of pure 'unapologetic' dance music.

"She has a dance halo over her head" says Madonna's co-producer and partner in crime, Grammy-award winner Stuart Price "It's in her blood. The music came straight from the gut - no preconceived notions - unencumbered - not over edited - just very spontaneous. We sat in my little studio at home and the songs just flowed very quickly," concluded Price.

With one foot in the early roots of her career as a "dance artist" and the other foot planted firmly into the sound of "future disco", Madonna returns to the clubs with a vengeance Confessions On A Dance Floor is scheduled to be released on Warner Bros. Records, November 15th, 2005.

Recorded in London, Confessions features songs primarily co-written and co-produced by Madonna and Stuart Price, producer, mixer and DJ-supreme ( Les Rythmes Digitales, Jaques Le Cont). Price was Madonna's musical director on her 2001 Drowned World Tour and last summer's Re-Invention Tour.

Additional producers and co-writers include Henrik Jonback, Grammy Award-winning team Bloodshy & Avant, and Anders Bagge + Peer Astrom from Murlyn Music collective. In addition Mirwais Ahmadzai, the producer of Madonna's last two albums American Life and Music, contributed two songs and co-produced one track. The song Jump was co written by previous Madonna collaborator, artist and producer, Joe Henry (Don't Tell Me)

The album's first single Hung Up is scheduled to be released on October 17th.

Madonna in the mix on new dance album

Source: Billboard - 23 September 2005

Madonna has finalized the track list for her new album, Confessions On A Dance Floor. Producer Stuart Price tells Billboard the 12-track set, due Nov. 15 via Warner Bros., is continuously mixed and that closer Like It Or Not was the perfect choice to conclude the album.

"Basically, it's Madonna saying, 'This is who I am. This is what I do. Take it or leave it,'" Price said of the track during a Q&A earlier this week at the 12th annual Billboard Dance Music Summit in New York.

Price -- who was the musical conductor on Madonna's Re-Invention Tour -- said the entire album, including the vocals, was recorded in his home studio in London. Apparently, he has a female neighbor that cries throughout the day and night. So, if you listen closely, "you may hear her on background vocals," Price said with a laugh.

The album's first single, Hung Up, is currently featured in ads for the new Motorola/iTunes phone. The cut is available as a ringtone via and Its accompanying video was to directed by photographer David LaChapelle, but he and Madonna reportedly had creative differences over its concept. It is unknown who has come on board to complete the clip.

Album credits

23 September 2005

Warner France has revealed the album credits! As you can see, Mirwais collaborated only on two tracks, and so did the Swedish duo Bloodshy & Avant. We're happy to learn that Madonna's brother-in-law has co-written one of the tracks (he has previously done the duet Guilty By Association with Madonna and Don't Tell Me is based on his track 'Stop').

Furthermore we see that Bjorn & Benny from ABBA are both credited as song writer for Hung Up. And for Get Together, Madonna worked with Bagge & Peer, making it the third Swedish songwriter duo to appear in these album credits (and remember the rumoured Hung Up video director Johan Renck is Swedish as well! Might Stockholm be included in the tour next year?).

01. Hung Up
Written by Madonna, Stuart Price, B.Anderson, and B. Ulvaeus. Produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.

02. Get Together
Written by Madonna, Anders Bagge and Peer Astrom. Produced by Madonna and Stuart Price. Original production by Bagge & Peer.

03. Sorry
Written & produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.

04. Future Lovers
Written and produced by Madonna and Mirwais Ahmadzai.

05. I Love New York (Album Version)
Written and produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.

06. Let It Will Be
Written by Madonna, Mirwais Ahmadzai and Stuart Price. Produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.

07. Forbidden Love
Written and produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.

08. Jump
Written by Madonna, Joe Henry and Stuart Price. Produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.

09. How High
Written by Madonna, Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winberg and Henrik Jonback. Produced by Madonna, Bloodshy & Avant and Stuart Price.

10. Isaac
Written and produced by Madonna and Stuart Price. Spoken Word by Yitzhak Sinwani.

11. Push
Written and produced by Madonna and Stuart Price.

12. Like It Or Not
Written and produced by Madonna, Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winberg and Henrik Jonback. Additional production by Stuart Price.
Source: Warner France, thx to & Tony

Madonna in Paris, without sling!

Source: AFP - 23 September 2005

Dressed in elegant black, with her shoulders exposed, Madonna greeted her fans before entering the hall of the Gaumont Marignan cinemas in Paris. She didn't then enter the theatre were five hundred priviledged guests were going to attend the screening of "Revolver", her husband's new movie. The reason was that she didn't want to steal attention from her husband director, it was reported.

Madonna and Guy at the premiere of Revolver in Paris

Guy Ritchie, together with one of the producers of the movie, French director Luc Besson, spoke briefly to the audience before disappearing before the projection begun. Mr and Mrs Ritchie left the building from a side entrance.

~ Find some high quality pictures of the Paris premiere at

Madonna rejected from magazine cover for Simpson?

Source: ContactMusic - 23 September 2005

Pop icon Madonna has reportedly been ousted from a magazine cover by Ashlee Simpson.

The Music singer is preparing to embark on a press tour for her upcoming album Confessions On A Dance Floor, and sources say she was supposed to pose on the cover of Blender magazine's December (05) issue.

But publishing bosses have now dropped her in favour of Simpson.

A source says, "Madonna was fuming. She never wanted to do Blender in the first place; she wanted to do Rolling Stone. And then this put her over the edge."

While bosses at the publication have refused to comment, Madonna's representative says, "She's too busy healing from her (horse-riding) accident.

"I was talking to several publications, including Blender. Trust me, you'll see plenty of Madonna in the weeks to come."

~ Meanwhile, fansite MadonnaTribe reports that Madonna will be on the cover of the November issue of Tatler magazine. No doubt she'll appear in many more magazines in the coming months.'s confession

23 September 2005 has updated its flash page Confessions-style, with word descriptive sheets and polaroid pictures, similar to the album cover. The site itself though is still all American Life...

Johan Renck tipped as new video director

Source: MSNBC - 22 September 2005

Madonna may have found a new director to replace David LaChapelle. The two parted ways, citing 'artistic differences' over her video Hung Up. The buzz is he's being replaced by Johan Renck, who worked with Madonna on Nothing Really Matters.

Speaking of Madonna, Guy Ritchie confesses that he was 'always soft' and that his wife is the tough one in the marriage. "She was up and running in no time," he said of Madonna's riding accident. "We went off to France the next day — much against my advice. She's definitely the tough side of the family."

More from Stuart Price Q&A

22 September 2005

Madonnafan 'Madonna Man' has sent a report to fansite madonnalicious after attending the Q&A Billboard Summit that took place in New York City last night, where lots of new information about the new album and tour were also revealed:

Madonna and Stuart during the Drowned World Tour

Stuart Price did an hour-long Q&A at the Billboard magazine dance summit at Union Square Ballroom in New York City. In attendance were a number of music celebrities including Sissor Sisters (who's song Stuart had remixed), Keo Nozari (a recording artist who's big in NYC), DJ/Producer Chris Cox (of Thunderpuss), DJ Ralphi Rosario (who did a Love Profusion remix), and singer Joi Cardwell.

Stuart arrived with a celeb all his own - Madonna's publicist Liz Rosenberg - who later asked him questions of her own! Stuart was very down-to-earth and surprisingly humble and was wearing a pink shirt (that perfectly matched a floral arrangement he was sitting by) and had a mod British haircut.

Interviewed by Billboard's Michael Paoletta, Stuart said Confessions On A Dance Floor was written and produced quickly - Madonna said from the start she wanted an all dance album after being inspired by her last tour. What I thought sounded most cool is he said the whole album was mixed together like a DJ set!

When asked about how they wrote songs, Stuart said the songwriting process was embarrassing because you have to do a lot of bad things to get to the good stuff. So, he said the reason he and Madonna could collaborate so well was she felt very comfortable with him after being on tour for so long. He originally began working with Madonna after she was looking for a keyboard player and Mirwais suggested him (Stuart had remixed one of his songs before).

What was the biggest misconception about Madonna? Stuart said it was that she wasn't involved in the production. He insisted she was an excellent producer and had a great ear for dance music and that she was there working with him day and night. All the vocals he said were done in his home studio on a fairly in-expensive microphone cause they liked the vibe, and that an old lady that lives down the street that cries all day can be heard on some of Madonna's naked vocal tracks!

Liz said the plan was for Madonna to tour next summer but it depended on her recovering from her injuries. Stuart said Madonna had called him four days after the horse fall and was already in pilates class working her legs, as they weren't injured! When asked what was life-long lesson he had learned from Madonna, Stuart said it was 'Shut the fuck up!'

Exclusive album details

Source: Towleroad - 21 September 2005

Friend of Towleroad and dance music maven Matt Kalkhoff attended the Q&A session with Stuart Price (aka Jacques Lu Cont), the producer/collaborator of Madonna's new album, Confessions On A Dance Floor, and has some great details on the forthcoming album.

From Matt's mouth to your ears:

The entire album was recorded in the home studio of his London flat, including the vocals. He said his studio is as small as the stage he was sitting on -- and a lot warmer.

He apparently has a female neighbor who just cries throughout the day, and that you can actually hear her faintly in the background on some parts of the album.

Madonna knew from the beginning that she wanted to do a high-energy dance album. She said, "It's gotta start at 120bpm and only go up."

The album's 12 songs are continuously mixed, by Stuart, like a DJ set.

A full track listing is now available, as well as the cover art, at But he mentioned the last song, Like It Or Not, and said it was the perfect way to end the album – it's a song that basically says, "This is who I am, this is what I do. Take it or leave it."

He chose the Jacques Lu Cont moniker for DJ and production work because it sounds like cunt, and he just wanted to hear someone on BBC get all tripped up while saying it, which apparently happens frequently.

Even after winning a Grammy earlier this year for his remix of No Doubt's "It's My Life," working on two tours with Madonna (as Musical Director of Re-Invention and keyboardist for both it and Drowned World), he still lives in the same flat in London.

He says Confessions is "where pop meets dance" and blurs the line between the two. But it is also very soulful as opposed to techno or minimalist.

Madonna's publicist, Liz Rosenberg, was also in the audience. Even though she helped bring Stuart to the Summit, she said she had a few questions of her own. She started out by saying, "I thought I knew everything about Madonna, but…" She and Stuart basically talked about how Madonna has a DJ's ear and "she knew what she wanted to dance to," so it really was the perfect record for her to make.

Thanks for the missive, Matt. You can read more of Matt's writing at MattUnleashed.

Ring, ring, ring goes the telephone

Source: newsletter - 21 September 2005

Get Madonna's brand new single, Hung Up, as your ringtone now before the track hits radio next month! In the US, the ringtone is available exclusively at and this week (and coming soon to International customers should please check with their local carriers for details.

From MTV for Virgin Mobile subscribers:

• Dial *mtv from your Virgin Mobile phone or go to
From VH1 for Cingular, AT&T, and T-Mobile subscribers

• Visit to purchase the ringtone at or

Fans turn on Ritchie and Madonna

Source: BBC - 21 September 2005

Guy Ritchie and his wife Madonna have been booed by fans at the UK premiere of his new film Revolver after making little contact with the crowd.

Madonna and Guy at the premiere of Revolver in London

The couple walked past most of the 2,000 people in London's Leicester Square without signing autographs.

The gangster film's star Jason Statham spent almost an hour meeting fans.

Ritchie hit back at savage reviews, telling reporters: "The critics have been harsh all the way through my career but it doesn't affect me."

The bad critical reaction was inevitable because the film's concept was "tricky", he added.

Asked why he did not give Madonna a role, Ritchie replied: "Do you think they would let me get away with that? I did that last time, it didn't work."

Madonna and Guy at the premiere of Revolver in London

Ritchie directed his wife in Swept Away three years ago, but the result was derided by both cinemagoers and the press.

But Madonna defended her husband's new work, telling Sky News: "I love it. I think it's a very brave film, a bit macho."

She also said she enjoyed not having to work the red carpet, saying it was fun to just "dress up and show up".

Her sling, a result of a broken collarbone and hand and three cracked ribs, will be coming off in a week, she revealed.

Ritchie made his name with hit gangster films Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch.

Revolver features Statham as a criminal who revives a feud with a gangland boss. It also stars Ray Liotta and Andre 3000 of hip-hop group OutKast.

Madonna and Guy at the premiere of Revolver in London

"After Revolver, Swept Away now looks like Citizen Kane," the Guardian newspaper said.
"Ritchie's new film lands on cinemagoers' collective heads like a sack of wet sand."

Variety magazine has called it "tedious" and "convoluted" while the Hollywood Reporter criticised its "pretentious style".

Madonna defends Ritchie's "Revolver"

Source: Reuters - 21 September 2005

Singer Madonna defended her husband Guy Ritchie's latest film "Revolver" on Tuesday, when the couple attended the London premier after a series of damning reviews.

Madonna and Guy at the premiere of Revolver in London

The film stars Ritchie regular Jason Statham as a man out to get revenge on a mob killer played by Ray Liotta.

It is the director's first film since the ill-fated Swept Away in 2002, which starred Madonna but went straight to DVD in Britain.

Madonna and Guy at the premiere of Revolver in London

"I love it," she told Sky television, referring to the new movie. "I think it's a very brave film, a bit macho."

Ritchie has not had a hit since "Snatch" in 2000, which followed his popular "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" two years earlier.

Madonna and Guy at the premiere of Revolver in London

Ritchie said he had not read the reviews and said the film was made for the audience and not the critics.

"Ritchie's new film lands on cinema-goers' collective head like a sack of wet sand," was the Guardian newspaper's comment.

Too tough to die

Source: ContactMusic - 21 September 2005

British film-maker Guy Ritchie knew his wife Madonna would survive the horrific injuries she sustained in a horse-riding accident on her 47th birthday last month (AUG05), because she is too tough to die.

The singer suffered a multitude of broken bones - including a broken little finger, five cracked ribs and a double fracture to one of her shoulder blades - in the fall at her English country estate.

And when Ritchie arrived at the accident scene he was shocked by how pale his wife was.

Ritchie says, "I was about five minutes away when it happened. I was worried as she was as white as a sheet.

"But I wasn't thinking she would die - I thought she was too tough for that."

But the 37-year-old was not surprised when she refused to follow doctors orders by carrying on working despite being told to rest for two months.

He continues, "Once you know eight bones are broken, you know there's a legacy of pain to pay for the next two months.

"And those bones can't be set, so you just have to sit there for the next six to eight weeks. But there wasn't a lot of taking it easy - she was up and running in no time."

Album tracks revealed! *official*

Source: - 20 September 2005

Speculation from excited Madonna fans has produced tons of rumors about the new album track listing. Fans, Madonna has heard you and now wants to share with you the line up for Confessions On A Dance Floor! The final version of the Confessions On A Dance Floor album tracks are available right here!

Confessions On A Dancefloor albumcover

Confessions On A Dance Floor
1) Hung Up
2) Get Together
3) Sorry
4) Future Lovers
5) I Love New York
6) Let It Will Be
7) Forbidden Love
8) Jump
9) How High
10) Isaac
11) Push
12) Like It Or Not

LaChapelle collaboration called off due to 'artictic differences'?

Source: New York Daily News - 20 September 2005

Madonna and photographer/filmmaker David LaChapelle won't be teaming up on the video for her single Hung Up. The pair confirmed to us yesterday that "artistic differences" foiled the collaboration.

Just Wednesday, at an H&M/Interview party for his film "Romeo and Juliet," LaChapelle told us, "It's going to be major. It's just the hottest Madonna song."

Yesterday, his rep explained that LaChapelle "wanted to approach the video in a documentary style, like he did in 'Rize' [his movie about ghetto dancers]. Madonna didn't see it the same way.'"

Some claimed both talents turned diva. "Madonna had to control every little thing," said one tipster. "She wanted to be shot so she looked very young."

The 47-year-old goddess certainly looks youthful on the Steven Klein-shot cover of her new CD, Confessions On A Dance Floor.

But her rep, Liz Rosenberg, insists Madonna bears no grudge against LaChapelle: "She loves him and said she would work with him again in a minute."

Her Madgesty was in New York last weekend. Besides having doctors check out her riding injuries, she had dinner Sunday at Blue Hill with Christiane Amanpour.

Abba makes exception for Hung Up

Source: Undercover - 20 September 2005

Madonna's new single Hung Up will feature a sample of Abba's Gimme Gimme Gimme.

The sample is a huge win for Madonna who becomes the first artist to be endorsed by Abba to use one of their works as a sample.

Benny and Bjorn from Abba have broken their strict "no sample" rule for this occasion.

Hung Up will be the first single from the album Confessions On A Dance Floor due on November 14.

Madonna shoots over to Paris for hubby's 'Revolver'

Source: AFP - 19 September 2005

Madonna is to scoot over to Paris from her London home to accompany husband Guy Ritchie to the French premiere of his latest movie, "Revolver", the film's press people told AFP.

The US entertainer, who last week travelled to Canada for the movie's showing at the Toronto film festival despite recovering from an August horse-riding accident that left her with several broken bones, was making her appearance in Paris as a supportive spouse, not a sultry superstar singer, they stressed.

"We can confirm that Mrs Ritchie is expected. It's in that capacity she will attend the screening," one of the publicity employees said.

"Revolver", starring Jason Statham and Ray Liotta, exhibits Guy Ritchie's trademark style mixing dark humour and gangster violence, though festival audiences have been cooler towards it than with his previous works such as "Snatch" and "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels".

Ritchie keen to cast Madonna again

Source: ContactMusic - 19 September 2005

Director Guy Ritchie wants to cast his wife Madonna in another movie, despite being stung by their flop collaboration Swept Away.

The 2002 shipwreck movie performed so disastrously upon its release in America, it never made it to British cinema screens.

But Ritchie - back with new movie Revolver - is undeterred.

He says, "Never say never. I like making movies. If I had the scripts I'd just make five films in a row without a break at all. I could go on forever."

McCartney slams Madonna and Robbie

Source: ContactMusic - 19 September 2005

Sir Paul McCartney can't stand the music of Madonna and Robbie Williams, despite respecting the artists as nice people.

The former Beatle shared the stage with the Material Girl and ex-Take That hunk at the London Live 8 earlier this year (02 JUL 05).

After Williams' song Angels was named Best Song of the past 25 years at February's (05) Brit Awards, McCartney says, "I wasn't that convinced by Angels winning the best song of the last 25 years.

"I think for an ex-boy group person, he's done well. He makes pretty good records for his audience. But I'm not a Robbie fan."

Despite admitting he has met Madonna several times, McCartney's is far from enamoured with her music, saying, "I've met her and she's a pretty cool person, but her records have never really turned me on."

Madonna too old for Evita

Source: Irish Examiner - 19 September 2005

Madonna's dreams of resurrecting her role as Eva Peron in a new stage version of Evita have been dashed by the show's creator Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The hugely successful British composer was delighted by Madonna's performance in the 1996 film adaptation of Evita - but he considers the Music singer to now be too old for the part.

Lord Lloyd-Webber says: "She's not right for the part. We are looking for people in their twenties for goodness sake."

This latest setback follows a string of bad fortune for the superstar singer, who recently broke several bones in a horse-riding accident on her 47th birthday.

2005 release still possible for Re-Invention Tour DVD? *rumour*

19 September 2005

David Figueiredo reports in the MIR: "I was told that there is still a possibility that the [Re-Invention Tour DVD] will be out THIS YEAR in time for Christmas. Packaging it together with the doc as a 2-disc set is one option that's still being considered. The concert will NOT be available on DVD alone this year. It will either be with the doc, or not at all until next year.

If it does come out in the set, then technically what Johan at ICON and Madonna's manager said still holds true... the RIT DVD will not be released this year as they said... the doc will be released with the concert as a bonus in a collector's set sort of thing... remember, PR is all a word-game...

Another option, which could be the reason for its delay if true, is to release it on the new Blu-Ray DVD format which is supposed to launch in 2006... if a deal is struck with this new format, the RIT DVD might be one of the lead big music releases to try to promote the format.

Blu-Ray was originally supposed to be ready and out for fourth quarter 2005, which ties in with earlier in the year saying the concert would also be out in fourth quarter 2005. Since the format got pushed back, then perhaps so did the DVD?

To read about Blu-Ray you can go here."

Madonna featured on Mark Romanek's DVD

Source: - 19 September 2005

Madonna is featured in a special DVD series called "Directors Label" that includes 2 of her videos, Bedtime Stories and Rain. Those breathtaking shots of Madonna with the sunflower and the amazing water scenes of Rain were unforgettable.

Check out the Directors Label Vol. 4 from director Mark Romanek and own a part of Madonna history!

~ We're sure that the official site means the video of the song Bedtime Story and not (the album title) Bedtime Stories!

Vodafone customers first to get 'Hung Up' on Madonna

Source: PhoneContent - 19 September 2005

Madonna fans can express themselves big time on Monday with a sneak preview of her new single before it is globally released to radio on October 17th. It's a ringtone, it's only on Vodafone and only Vodafone customers can hear it first. Yes first!

Vodafone customers will be the first in New Zealand and among the first in the world to wrap their ears around the first single from Madonna's 13th album Confessions On A Dance Floor which is due for release in November.

The ringtone of the single - aptly titled Hung Up - will be available exclusively from Vodafone live! from Monday 19th September. It's the first time Warner Music in New Zealand has launched a single exclusively as a ringtone prior to its official release to radio.

"It is such a massive endorsement of mobile music that the world's must powerful female artist is launching her album in New Zealand with Vodafone," said Vodafone's Kieren Cooney. "This gives further evidence of mobiles becoming a prefered way of obtaining the very latest in music."

More than 100 Madonna singles are among the 300,000 full music tracks currently available on Vodafone's MusicStore. Full music tracks from Confessions On A Dance Floor will be added to the Madonna collection on Vodafone's MusicStore for fans to download, buy and listen to directly on their mobiles when the album is launched commercially.

"Customers are going crazy for Vodafone MusicStore because for the first time they can buy their favourite music whenever they want, wherever they are straight from Vodafone live! onto their mobile." Says Cooney, "The way people consume music has gone to another level."

"Thanks to our partnerships with big players in the music industry we have made some major ground in this space," said Kieren. "I can't think of any other place you can get all your music needs met - you can download your favourite songs, watch music videos, be ahead of the game on the latest music news and gossip, and kit your phone out with the best ringtones and backgrounds."

The increasing number of subscribers to the Vodafone Backstage Pass service - which delivers daily alerts with the latest offers, competitions and industry news - represents the growing number of people looking to their mobiles for their music needs.

"Mobile phones are an ideal channel to build the level of demand for a single across a large audience," said Head of Warner Music NZ Jerry Lloyd. "The Crazy Frog phenomenon is a perfect example of how a ringtone can work its way to number one spot on the charts."

Vodafone customers can download the ringtone by going to the Music and Tones section of Vodafone live! The 30 second long ringtone costs $3.50 and can be downloaded onto a mobile phone which can play 'realtone' ringtones.

Go to Vodafone live! or for instructions on how to win two Motorola 3G mobiles which are up for grabs for Madonna fans.

Jump *rumour*

18 September 2005

Another day, another song title. DrownedMadonna has announced a song called 'Jump'. For a complete overview of all the rumoured song titles of Confessions On A Dance Floor, check our album page.

Albumcover revealed! *official*

Source: - 17 September 2005

Madonna wanted her fans to be the first to see the cover art for her new album, Confessions On A Dance Floor. Madonna collaborated with Steven Klein and Giovanni Bianco to create this dazzling album artwork.

Confessions On A Dance Floor will be released on November 14 in international markets, November 15 domestically.

Confessions On A Dancefloor albumcover

Madonna recycling a song title *rumour*

17 September 2005

DrownedMadonna revealed another song title from the Confessions On A Dance Floor album tracklist: 'Forbidden Love'! Track no. 7 on the Bedtime Stories album has the same title. It is the first time that Madonna is using an old song title for a new song.

Latest scheduled dates for France

17 September 2005

According to Warner France and Spotlight magazine, the latest Madonna schedules for France are:

- Hung Up will debut on radios on Monday, October 17th.
- The video will be sent to tv networks on Monday, October 24th.
- Confessions On A Dance Floor will be released on Monday, November 14th.

Hung Up as the opening track *rumour*

17 September 2005

Fansite Madonnatribe reports that Hung Up is going to be the opening track on the album Confessions On A Dance Floor, followed by the songs 'Get Together' and 'Sorry'.

They also mention that a maxi-single of Hung Up for the US is in the works.

Hung Up ringtone on

17 September 2005

On MTV's Madonna profile, you can download a ringtone of Hung Up and also you can listen to a 18 second long clip of the song. It's the same as the first leaked clip, but the tempo is slower.

Stuart Price Q&A set for Billboard Dance Summit

Source: Billboard - 17 September 2005

Internationally renowned producer/remixer/DJ Stuart Price will sit for The Billboard Q&A Sept. 20 at the 2005 Billboard Dance Music Summit in New York.

Price -- who is also known by such monikers as Jacques Lu Cont, Les Rythmes Digitales, Zoot Woman and Man With Guitar, among others -- produced the majority of Madonna's upcoming album, Confessions On A Dance Floor (Warner Bros.) and was the musical director on her Re-Invention tour.

He also produced two songs on New Order's "Waiting for the Siren's Call" (Reprise) and many of the tracks that make up newcomer Juliet's recently released debut "Random Order" (Virgin).

As a remixer, the Frenchman won a Grammy in February for his remix of No Doubt's version of Talk Talk's "It's My Life." He has also remixed cuts for Scissor Sisters, the Killers, the Music, the Faint and Britney Spears.

Set for Sept. 19-21 at New York's Union Square Ballroom, the 2005 Billboard Dance Music Summit will gather the genre's key players and artists for panel discussions and performances. For more information, visit the Billboard Events Web site.

New picture on Japanese Warner site

16 September 2005

The official site of Warner Music Japan has a new picture of Madonna, which is probably from the Steven Klein photoshoot since the site describes it as "latest image from her new album".

New picture from Warner Japan

Future Lovers *rumour*

16 September 2005

Fansite DrownedMadonna claims to have yet another track title from the album Confessions On A Dance Floor; this time for a song named 'Future Lovers'.

Please keep in mind that so far only the titles Hung Up and 'I Love New York' have been confirmed officially.

Official German release dates

15 September 2005

According to Madonna's official German site, Hung Up will be in stores on Friday, November 4th, while the album Confessions On A Dance Floor will be released on Friday, November 11th.

~ It's rumoured that Italian and Dutch fans will find the album in stores on the 11th as well. That would make them the first to receive it worldwide.

New song title *rumour*

15 September 2005

According to DrownedMadonna, there will be a song called 'Sorry' on Confessions On A Dance Floor. This is the 4th revealed title so far (after 'I Love New York', Hung Up and 'Get Together')

Guy turning his back on Kabbalah?

Sources: The National Ledger, The Daily Star - 15 September 2005

Madonna may be a bit ticked off at Guy Ritchie. A report in Britain's Daily Star says that the director is ready to bail on Kabbalah. Madonna is reportedly furious.

The decision, according to the report is the scathing reviews his new film Revolver. The NY Daily News notes two unflattering bites:

"Guy Ritchie shoots a blank with 'Revolver,' said Variety's Todd McCarthy.

The Hollywood Reporter's Kirk Honeycutt derided the filmmaker's "pretentious style and fractured storytelling."

The paper adds, Madonna has been sparing no expense to make her husband, director Guy Ritchie, happy and says--"If only she could buy him some good movie reviews."

A source is quoted by Britain's Daily star newspaper as saying:

"Madonna is absolutely fuming with Guy. Kabbalah is her life and she feels like Guy has rejected her as well as the cult. It took her years to convince him to join the sect. and she was thrilled by his growing enthusiasm for it over the past years."

Guy fears his involvement in the sect even ruined his new gangster film 'Revolver', which has been panned by critics.

The star allegedly believes he should have spend more time on set and less time taking part in the cult's rituals.

He believes he should have spent more time on set, and less time swinging chickens around his head and chanting with Kabbalah devotee Madge.

He also regrets following his wife’s advice and including references to the kooky clan in the film, because critics now view it as a shameless advert for the spiritual following.

The insider revealed: "The horrific reception 'Revolver' has received has undone all of Madonna's good work. Critics hate the Kabbalah plugs. He wants to distance himself from it.

But Madonna is such a staunch supporter; it will make their marriage very difficult."

No word from Madonna or Ritchie's camp of yet.

Possible album cover

14 September 2005

A possible album cover appeared on the website lighthousenews without any further comment. It appears to be a new picture of Madonna, so it *could* be the album cover of Confessions On A Dance Floor, but since we have no idea where they got it from, we'll consider it as a rumour for now... (thx to Michael for informing us)

UPDATE: Madonnafan Trajen has informed us that the cover is NOT real; apparently it was made by a fan on the forum MadonnaVillage. Thx for sharing Trajen!

Even Madge-ic can't help Guy film

Source: New York Daily News - 14 September 2005

Madonna has been sparing no expense to make her husband, director Guy Ritchie, happy. If only she could buy him some good movie reviews.

The other night, we hear, Her Madgesty splashed out close to $60,000 for a birthday bash at London's Momo, where she presented him with several white kabbala robes from Paris.

Stella McCartney was there. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin sent their best wishes, via a video in which the Coldplay star ribbed Ritchie, who, at 37, is a ­decade younger than his wife.

Whatever their age gap, Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie acted like newlyweds at the party. Still sporting a sling after her birthday riding accident, Madonna asked him to cut her food. Taking advantage of her bum arm, playful Guy is said to have smooshed roast lamb in her face.

She retaliated by dumping couscous in his lap. The couple capped the food fight by devouring each other in a steamy makeout session that left some of their Brit guests agog. (The Ritchies may prefer Moroccan restaurants for lovemaking, since Guy admitted recently that Madonna has exiled him to his own bed because of his snoring.)

The good times ended, however, when the couple reached the Toronto Film Festival last weekend for the premiere of Ritchie's "Revolver."

Two years after critics mugged his ­Madonna-starring Swept Away, they gave his latest crime tale another working over.

"Guy Ritchie shoots a blank with '­Revolver,'" said Variety's Todd McCarthy. The ­Hollywood Reporter's Kirk Honeycutt ­derided the filmmaker's "pretentious style and fractured storytelling."

Madonna shrugged off the attacks, saying that it is "definitely" his best film yet. Despite her firm upper lip, she confided to friends that her eight broken bones are still torturing her. Refusing to take painkillers, she's pressing on. Next week, sling or no sling, she's due to shoot the video for her song Hung Up with David LaChapelle.

Food fight for Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie

Source: Monsters and Critics - 14 September 2005

Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie reportedly had a food fight at a swanky London restaurant.

Onlookers claim Guy started the shenanigans at Moroccan eatery Momo when trying to help his wife - who currently has her arm in a sling after breaking her hand and collar bone in a riding accident - cut her food.

He is said to have wiped a piece of roast lamb down Madonna's cheek, which prompted her to tip a bowl of couscous in Guy's lap.

Witnesses claim the couple then proceeded to have a full-blown food fight.

One is quoted by Britain's Daily Star as saying: "No one could believe they were having a food fight in such a posh restaurant.

"The waiters had to shield the other guests and pretend they didn't notice the flying food. But they all received hefty tips from the cheeky couple afterwards."

Madonna shows off sling-style in Toronto

Source: Hello! - 14 September 2005

Ever the queen of cool, Madonna pulled off another fashion first, managing to look chic even with her arm in a designer sling. The Material Girl accompanied husband Guy Ritchie to the Toronto Film Festival in their first joint appearance since the singer broke eight bones in a riding accident on her birthday.

Madonna at the premiere of Revolver

Less than a month after being thrown off her horse, the 47-year-old performer looked pale but animated in a chic black shirt dress with a huge buckle. Despite having suffered three cracked ribs, a broken collarbone and a broken hand in the accident, the star was determined to support her leading man at the world premiere of his latest gangland caper Revolver.

"You would have had to have broken both my arms and both my legs for me to not come here," she quipped to reporters at the screening. The film features director Guy's long-time collaborator Jason Statham, as well as Hannibal Ray Liotta, and Andre 3000 of hip-hop group OutKast.

Madonna confesses to Ellen *rumour*

13 September 2005

Fansite DrownedMadonna has posted following rumour: "A meeting occured two days ago. A very popular talkshow says that they are close to booking Madonna because the HOST dances to disco at the beginning and end of each show.

Here is the catch, the host will interview Madonna while they dance together to her album for the entire show. Get it???? Confessions On A Dance Floor!

The host as well as her advisors have already listened to a test copy of the album which runs short on the length of the 1 hr show (while dancing through commerical breaks), so they might add past songs into the mix - and their copy of Confessions is non-stop (à la '87's You Can Dance).

They aren't worried about playing the entire record and thus losing sales - because the record is top notch, and because they will attempt to talk over it as they dance together. You can't pirate that!

Sound and P.A. were discussed with the host's sound people and Madonna's people, they want Madonna's mic and the hosts mic to feed into an effect that has a special stereo timbral that will disable the ability to entirely "lift" their conversation out of the music which would be broadcast in digital surround accross the United States and Canada - therefore further preventing piracy of the new disc.

Madonna is said to have the final word on this. It's a great idea and sounds like a really cool way to promote her record.

The host is none other than Ellen DeGeneres."

Possible plot for Hung Up video *rumour*

13 September 2005

Fansite DrownedMadonna reports the following scenario that is rumoured to be under consideration for the Hung Up video, directed by David LaChapelle:

"London is the scenario.

Our girl in a english townhouse is bored ("time goes by so slowly") and decides to leave. Her people (even bodyguards) look for her, but Madonna plays a "catch me if you can" game. The sharp angles and the pans of which we told you days ago will be used by cameras to give a feeling of pursuit; a second woman – dressed exactly like Madonna – will be seen stealing into the center of the group.

At one point, Madonna is seen, surprisingly among common people dancing her routine. People from the street will have for sure actual reactions, wich are supposed to be filmed by hidden cameras!

Apparently the club scene is not a must, but a lot of well know places in and outside London will be indeed seen.

Madonna will even jump on top of a double decker.

A wig is under consideration as well as "stopping the music" for few seconds.

In the end a lot of people will dance to Madonna in what looks to appear a sort of big street party, with acrobatic moves.. you know "music makes the people come together".

Keep in mind this is NOT DEFINITIVE."

LaChapelle confirmed as video director *official*

13 September 2005 is pleased to announce that David LaChapelle will be reuniting with Madonna to direct the Hung Up video!

David & Madonna's previous collaborations include a photoshoot for Rolling Stone Magazine in 1998 and the cover of the Video Collection 93:99.

Based on their beautiful past creations, we can be sure that the Hung Up video is going to be a work of art!

Madonna by David LaChapelle (Rolling Stone 1998)

Even Madonna can't save Ritchie from the critics

Source: The Telegraph - 13 September 2005

Hours after Madonna, her arm in a sling following a riding accident, stood alongside her husband Guy Ritchie at the Toronto Film Festival, calling his new movie Revolver "definitely" his best film yet, critics gave it a pasting yesterday.

Screen International's Allan Hunter said that "word of mouth" from fans of Ritchie's crime movies who see the picture "will be a killer", as it was a "convoluted, risibly overwrought muddle".

He predicted that audiences would be left "bewildered and disappointed". He reported that at a preview, some twists and turns provoked "derisive laughter".

The Hollywood Reporter critic Kirk Honeycutt found that the film spun "wildly in circles, continually doubling back on itself, repeating scenes - once even backward - and lines of dialogue until a viewer loses a grip on what is supposed to be real".

Ritchie said in Toronto that his film may be a challenge to cinema-goers. "But I think the audience is ready for that."

Madonna and Guy at the premiere of Revolver

The derision will be a blow to the Hatfield-born film-maker, following the dramatic flop of his last film, Swept Away, which went straight to video in Britain after bad US reviews. It won five awards in the "Razzies" handed out in Hollywood for the year's worst pictures.

In the late 1990s, Ritchie was seen, with his production partner, Matthew Vaughan, as one of the most exciting film industry finds since Quentin Tarantino. Their first film, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, was turned down by 10 British distributors before it got the attention of Tom Cruise. Made for £960,000, it became the third highest grossing British film of all time. Snatch, their second film, was also a success.

However, after Swept Away, with Madonna's performance decried as wooden, Vaughan went on to direct last year's critically acclaimed Layer Cake.

Ritchie said last week of Swept Away: "The idea was that the wife and I would make some sassy little art movie together that would come out and be wonderfully received. I took a punt and got a kicking for it. I've got to say, I think it's a good film and I'm scratching my head about what went wrong."

Madonna's Kabbalah philosophy was influential in the script of Revolver, with Sony Films reported to have withdrawn support when Ritchie refused to tone down the religious references.

In Toronto, Madonna, recovering from breaking eight bones in a fall from her horse at their Wiltshire country house, said that the new film was "more sophisticated" than her husband's previous films.

The often violent story stars Jason Statham as a gambler who falls foul of a crime boss (Ray Liotta).

Ritchie said: "I got too fed up with films that didn't make you think. I liked the idea of one that you'd have to be dancing around with. I like my mind to be engaged when I watch a film."

Usher wants Madonna + Michael for benefit concert

Source: ContactMusic - 13 September 2005

R+B superstar Usher is calling on Madonna and Michael Jackson to join the line-up for his upcoming Hurricane Katrina benefit concert in Houston, Texas.

The YEAH! hitmaker admits he has already been in negotiations with Jackson about the odd couple doing "something together", but he refuses to confirm that will be a duet onstage on 2 October (05).

He says, "We haven't spoken but our people have been speaking."

Showcase of Jewish art - Madonna included

Source: New York Post - 13 September 2005

When you think Jewish musicians, Madonna isn't usually the first that comes to mind.
But at tonight's kickoff gala for the two-week New York Jewish Music and Heritage Festival, songs by the Material Girl now known as Esther will be performed alongside those of Randy Newman, Billy Joel, George and Ira Gershwin and Carole King.

Beginning at 8 p.m., the "Great Jewish Artists Perform Great Jewish Composers" program at the 92nd Street Y features a lineup that includes New York singer-songwriter Regina Spektor performing Madonna and Leonard Cohen's tunes, while reggae artist Matisyahu plays Shlomo Carlebach and jazzman Uri Caine takes on Aaron Copland.

Now in its second year and spread over 14 venues, the fest features 60 performers from around the globe celebrating the diversity and richness of Jewish music — everything from Israeli hip-hop to an all-Yiddish performance of Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance."

This year's highlights include Dave Brubeck's world premiere tomorrow of "The Commandments," the First Annual Jewish Music Awards — where punk legend Joey Ramone will be honored Sept. 19 with a posthumous lifetime achievement award — and a pair of concerts Sept. 22 by London's Oi Va Voi and Balkin Beat Box and Jill "I Kissed a Girl" Sobule.

While music is the major focus of the festival, heritage isn't chopped liver, either. It's being covered by programs like "Klez for Kids," a primer on the sounds of the shtetl, and "Music, Kaballah Study and Wine," a high-end wine tasting.

Also worth checking out is Thursday's performance by Israel's Nalaga'at, a troupe of blind-deaf actors who've found a way to share their dreams and realities with the audience through improvisation, movement and translators.

The festival wraps up Sept. 25 with a freebie: Jewzapalooza at Riverside Park, with Avishai Cohen, Golem, Pharaoh's Daughter and others, preceded by what purports to be the world's biggest klezmer brunch.

For tickets, a complete lineup and venue information, check out

Madonna fears humiliation

Source: emediawire, thx to MIR - 12 September 2005

They may have lots of glitter and glam, but even celebs admit to having strange dreams.

"Everyone dreams," says Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, dream analyst and author of "So, What Did You Dream Last Night?" (The Dream Zone Companies). "Even stars!"

Loewenberg is the writer of "The Dream Zone," a nationally syndicated column which has 2.5 million readers. She has been a guest on numerous radio and TV shows including "Good Morning America" and "The View."

Here Loewenberg shares some of the dreams today's hottest stars have revealed and gives you the scoop on what these midnight messages mean.

Brad Pitt dreamed he found strangers using his tooth brush!

A tooth brush is a very personal item. Brad must have been feeling an invasion of privacy. Tooth brushes also symbolize verbalization. Perhaps he felt someone misquoted him or put words in his mouth.

Pamela Lee dreamed she and husband Tommy Lee were at a party. She spotted President Reagan and began a conversation with him. She soon realized she wasn’t talking to President Reagan and she wasn't really at a party - Tommy had left her at an insane asylum!

Pamela must be feeling like she can't trust anybody! President Reagan symbolizes her leadership ability. Her dreaming mind probably used President Reagan as a symbol because he was a Hollywood actor too. This dream shows that once Pamela thought she had things under control, her life turned into a "mad house."

Madonna dreamed of being humiliated by a knife-wielding dwarf.

Madonna is a big celebrity, with a big career and big goals. This dream shows her fear of being "dwarfed." The knife could be a pun on being "cut down to size." Madonna is a very controversial personality and has suffered endless criticism and "cutting remarks." This dream also reflects her fear of being "wounded" by criticism.

Madonna leads Ladies Day Comeback

Source: AlbumVote - 12 September 2005

November 7th 2005 appears to be a key date in the music industry for women to make their comebacks. Madonna, Kate Bush and Alanis Morissette all have albums slated for release that day.

Madonna is expected to return with her new album Confessions On A Dance Floor whilst Kate Bush is to release her first album in 12 years, which will be a double CD called Aerial, Maverick records have announced a new compilation CD called The Collection from Alanis Morissette.

~ Official sources have always announced November 14 (worldwide) / 15 (US) as the album release date. Possibly the release has been pushed forward one week (unconfirmed so far), or else this website is confusing the album release with the single release (Hung Up will be in stores on November 7th). Stay tuned for more info.

Possible preview of album cover

12 September 2005

Madonna was photographed coming out of the gym in London, holding some album artwork, possibly even the album cover. The sheet has 'Madonna' and the album title written on top and then 'Group Collage Album Cover' under them.

Check fansite for the pictures, but keep in mind that this might not be the final cover. MadonnaMad webmaster Robster made a great sketch of the cover, also available at

Possible preview of album cover

Madonna well enough to travel with husband to Toronto

Source: AFP - 12 September 2005

Broken bones could not keep US pop diva Madonna from travelling to Toronto to support her husband, director Guy Ritchie, in his quest for a distributor for his latest film "Revolver," he said.

"The wife is very good, thanks. Eight broken bones and she's come with me," Ritchie told reporters at the Toronto International Film Festival where his movie premiered.

Madonna and Guy at the premiere of Revolver

However, Madonna shied away from the spotlight while Ritchie went to work pitching the movie he completed only one week ago about con artists, starring Ray Liotta, Vincent Pastore, and Jason Statham.

Madonna fell off a horse in mid-August and suffered three cracked ribs, a broken collar bone and a fractured hand. She was celebrating her 47th birthday with her two children and Ritchie at their sprawling 1,200-acre (485-hectare) country estate in Wiltshire in southwest England when the accident happened.

Madonna at the premiere of Revolver

Specialists expected it would take her three months to make a full recovery.

Ritchie's "Revolver" is reminiscent of his earlier gritty crime thrillers "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" (1998) and "Snatch" (2001), but with many more twists and turns that can easily confuse or entice viewers to watch it several times to uncover its many layers.

Madonna and Guy at the premiere of Revolver

Audiences are encouraged not to blink or risk missing key story elements.

"The script was not easy to digest on the first read," Ritchie conceded. But, too many movies are "designed not to make you think."

Madonna and Guy at the premiere of Revolver

"I think I got fed up with films that don't make you think. I liked the idea of one that you have to be dancing around with. I like my mind to be engaged when I watch a film. So, the idea was really to put five films in one," he said.

The "tricky" action also reinforces the idea that a con is just a slight of hand -- nobody is sure in this movie who is playing who, not even the audience.

No David LaChapelle for Hung Up *rumour*

11 September 2005

According to fansite Drownedmadonna, David LaChapelle is no more considered as the director of Hung Up. Steven Klein is back as the creative mind for the video and the colourful and joyful concept will be used.

Hung Up video tidbits *rumour*

Source: DrownedMadonna - 9 September 2005

A few drafts for Madonna's new video Hung Up are being narrowed down right now. In all of them, she isn't going to be at all nasty or too sexual.

She is going to be very seductive and the video is going to be very colorful -- yes VERY COLORFUL.

She is going to have a leading man in this video and.. no.. it's not going to be Guy Ritchie obviously. There are going to be sharp angles and pans.

Finally rumors coming from MadonnaMad about light resemblances with the Ray Of Light video (club scene) and Substitute For Love (Madonna escaping people) seem to be true.

Don't expect Madonna to sit behind a table or hide from the camera.

Madonna's ringtone return

Source: Yahoo! Launch - 9 September 2005

The new Madonna single is to be released as a ringtone before it comes out as a single, it has been announced.

Hung Up will be available as a ringtone, in a 30-second extract, from September 19, almost a month before it comes out as an official download on October 17.

Madonna's label, Warner Music, have taken the unprecedented step in anticipation that the track, which features an Abba sample, will conquer every format of chart in the UK.

Marketing director Adam Hollywood told Music Week: "People respond to music and want to have access to it immediately.

"This is certainly the first time a major artist has made their music available as a ringtone first, and one of the first times a major artist has allowed the download date to coincide with the radio date."

Hung Up is out in shops on November 7 ahead of new album, Confessions On A Dance Floor, on November 14.

ET clip online

9 September 2005

Yesterday evening, Entertainment Tonight had a short item on the Motorola campaign. They show Madonna on the set, walking into the phone booth, which stands in front of a blue screen (on which the desert was projected).

They say how it's her first public performance since her horse accident. The sling that carries her broken arm was especially designed to blend with her clothes, so it hardly shows in the commercial.

Belgian actrices read from Lotsa de Casha

Source: VRT Nieuws; translated by Mad-Eyes - 9 September 2005

Andrea Croonenberghs & Ann Ceurvels Ann Ceurvels and Andrea Croonenberghs will participate in the festival of literature 'ZuiderZinnen' on september 18th in Antwerp. The Belgian actrices will read a childrens story of Madonna together. They'll bring 'Lotsa de Casha', one of Madonna's childrens books.

"The story is a bit thin and moralistic, but as basis it's perfect. We can take it anywhere we want.", says Ann Ceurvels, who has participated in ZuiderZinnen for years, to Belgian newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen. Ceurvels and Croonenberghs choose a gallery as their location.

"The place is open, light and easy accessible." explains Croonenberghs. "It would be nice if we could interest children in art." 'ZuiderZinnen' has writers, poets, actors, journalists and politicians performing on 20 different stages in Antwerp.

Madonna on Entertainment Tonight

8 September 2005

Tonight, Madonna will be appearing on Entertainment Tonight for a behind the scenes look of the making of the Motorola commercial. Source:

~ Also check for a high quality download of the Hung Up clip that can be heard on the Motorola site.

iTunes splash page on

8 September 2005

The splash page of is updated with a flash animation promoting that all of Madonna's albums are available to download on iTunes.

Hung Up clip on Motorola website

7 September 2005

The website of the new Motorola ROKR phone contains a one minute long sample of Madonna's upcoming single Hung Up!

Madonna got tired of not being able to download her own music

Source: IGN - 7 September 2005

Apple's online music store, iTunes, is a worldwide phenomenon. The digital music distribution hub has eclipsed song sales of competitors thanks to a legion of dedicated and growing iPod owners who are more and more shunning the shackles of the CD format.

Apple is quick to boast that more than half a billion -- yes, with a B -- songs have been sold on its iTunes music store since its inception. And with a continuing 1.8 million songs purchased on a daily basis, the store shows no signs of slowing down.

It's easy to see why. The iTunes music store has a library of some two million songs, making it the biggest online distributor of music in the world. This is a fact that hasn't gone unnoticed by music labels and recording artists. Today, most of the biggest bands, from Coldplay to The Rolling Stones, have their albums prominently featured on the store.

Madonna during the Apple video conference

But even so, not everybody has been quick to jump on the digital bandwagon. Groups like The Beatles and Metallica have stubbornly refused to support the store for fear of in turn lending a hand to the distribution of digital music. Perhaps more discouraging for long-time pop fans, however, is Madonna's reluctance to allow her many albums on iTunes.

There is a bright light at the end of the bandwidth tunnel, though -- at least for fans of the Material Girl. In an Apple-held conference this morning, Madonna revealed that, try as she may to resist putting her work on iTunes, she couldn't hold out any longer. In a staged video conference with Apple head Steve Jobs, Madonna announced that all 15 of her albums would be available on iTunes soon.

"I tried to hold out as long as possible, but I got tired of not being able to download my own music [on iTunes]," Madonna told Jobs over an iChat-enabled video conference.

When Jobs asked Madonna if she owned an iPod, she joked: "Of course I do. That's so dumb! Every time I get a new one, one comes out the next week."

Apple has not announced when Madonna's works will hit the iTunes music store, but it did confirm that browsers will be able to purchase her entire albums or individual songs.

~ Madonna also joked that her new album was going to be titled "The Revenge Of The Broken Arm".

Guy Ritchie kicked out of bed for snoring

Source: ContactMusic - 7 September 2005

British film director Guy Ritchie often has to sleep alone because superstar wife Madonna can't bear his snoring.

The showbiz couple, who married in Scotland in 2001, spend most of their time at their $16.2 million (GBP9 million) country estate in the West of England - but they rarely spend an entire night together.

Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels director says, "She doesn't seem to like my snoring, so she boots me out of bed. It's quite funny. We've got four houses, but in every one of them I end up sleeping in the cleaning cupboard or the corridors because all the other bedrooms are being used."

~ Poor Guy can sleep with me; I snore too! ;-)

Several press articles report how Guy wants more children with Madonna, how he calls his wife a "manifester", etc...; they are all taken from the interview by Robert Crampton (Sunday Times), which can be read at Madonnalicious.

Description of album cover *rumour*

7 September 2005

Dago/Tonyvention gives following description of the album cover: "First things first, her hair. It is definitely light red and 1 solid color. Think I Want You video with that bang thing going over one side but at the bottom it kind of flips the other way. It seemed pretty 'full' too...

Album cover sketch

She was kind of laying on a dancefloor by a chair and there were disco lights all over so her skin was tinted yellow, blue, pink. She had a light colored blouse on that fitted her tits (I don't know all these girls clothes and hair terms lol). Her pants weren't pants but short shorts like NKM RIT and the same fabric/color (the exact color was hard to tell since the lights made everything look different).

She definitely had a lot of make-up on and the pose was very suggestive. It seems to have a very late 70's/early 80's look. You can tell from this shot the shoot is definitely going for sex appeal. It is a very cool photo and she looked half her age. Actually one of the first things that came to mind was Kylie Minogue's "In Your Eyes" video if you know what I mean.

But judging from this shot these are definitely gonna be some of her coolest, most fun album photos yet."

In a mail to Mad-Eyes, Tony further explained: "I'm not sure if that's the album cover... It had no font or anything on it... it may be a publicity photo but either way it's really hot."

Live 8 DVD details

7 September 2005

Live 8 live DVD Check for full details on the DVD release of the Live 8 concerts, that were given around the world on July 2nd, 2005. The 4-disc set will be released worldwide on November 7th, 2005 (November 8th for the US). Madonna's performance of Like A Prayer, Ray Of Light and Music are featured on the second disc.

Madonna on iTunes

7 September 2005

Madonna's new single Hung Up will be available via download from Apple's iTunes Music Store a week before it's sold in retail outlets.

The full album will be released at the Apple iTunes Music Store a day in advance of retail stores with a bonus song that's not to be included on the CD. Source: Madonnalicious)

~ On a side note, all of Madonna's albums are finally available on iTunes now.

Bloodshy & Avant say they worked on two songs

7 September 2005

It was just a matter of time for the Swedish press to start featuring articles about Madonna's Confessions and show their pride and excitement for the special attention the Queen of Pop reserved to Swedish Pop in her upcoming album.

The Swedish Metro starts today with a story also reprised by leading national newspaper Aftonbladet. The article mentions Madonna paying homage to Abba but the most interesting bit comes from two of the producers of the album, Bloodshy & Avant, who talked about their work on Confessions On A Dance Floor.

Bloodshy & Avant say they wrote and produced two tracks with Madonna, and add that as producers they usually just send the artist they are collaborating with the instrumental of the song, but this time around their work was a little bit different as this is their biggest collaboration yet.

They met Madonna and did everything from scratch together with her, and were amazed by her incredible knowledge.

On Confessions-related news, the latest buzz from France mentions that Madonna's new album will feature its tracks mixed one into another with no pause in between, like a continuous dance cd.

Madonna launches The English Roses Fall 2005 collection

Source: Press release, via Yahoo! Financial News - 6 September 2005

The English Roses(TM) Fall collection, based on Madonna's hugely successful children's book The English Roses, is currently available at major retailers such as Neiman Marcus and several leading children's boutiques across the country including Natalie & Friends in New York City and Rag Tattoo in Los Angeles, and will soon be available on, it was announced today.

The English Roses Collection The English Roses(TM) new Fall/Winter girl's apparel, jewelry and a beautifully adorned jewel box will be added to the already existing line of girl's apparel, rainwear, collectable dolls, teas and tea sets, hot chocolate, charm bracelets, charm necklaces and calendars which were originally launched in Fall 2004.

Created by Lipstik, the fashion-forward children's apparel manufacturer, the new girl's clothing collection continues in the tradition of the first collection, basing its motifs on the characters and images in the book.

The collection's vibrant style incorporates zebra-trimmed and rose-embroidered jeans with a smocked cotton bell top or for the sophisticated young lady, a lavender tweed suit with trendy raw edges and jeweled purple flower buttons. This season's must have item for every little girl is the long velvet jacket with hand embroidered flowers and jeweled flower buttons. The clothes retail between $50 - $175.

Little girls all over the country will be following the latest celebrity trend with their English Roses charm necklace and bracelet sets. A teacup, an umbrella, a vintage shoe, a butterfly and a crystal rose adorn silver chain link necklaces and bracelets, and pink beads, crystals, and enamel roses surround a crystal butterfly on a silver link chain bracelet and a pink suede necklace.

The necklaces retail between $15 - $20, and the bracelets retail between $14 - $18.
The English Roses(TM) musical jewelry box is made out of wood and adorned with motifs from The English Roses book. The box opens to reveal a spinning mouse figurine dancing to the music. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $18.

"We're especially happy with the very exciting new additions for the Fall season. I think it's stuff that kids will really love. We look forward to yet another successful season for The English Roses collection," stated Madonna.

Madonna, the author of five children's books, is currently working on the sequel to The English Roses which was #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and was simultaneously released in over one hundred countries.

Madonna's nightclub ambition *rumour*

Source: FemaleFirst - 6 September 2005

Madonna is set to open her own nightclub.

The pop queen, who is currently recovering from her horrific horse-riding accident, has bought a property in Hollywood, which she wants to turn into a trendy nightspot.

A source revealed: "It's on a street called Cahuenga Boulevard, which is just south of Hollywood Boulevard.

"No signs yet as to what it's to be called, but the place will face some stiff competition as the area's becoming quite the late night hotspot".

Although she owns a home in Los Angeles, Madonna currently spends most of her time in the UK with British husband Guy Ritchie and her two children, Lourdes and Rocco.

Abba sample in second Hung Up clip

6 September 2005

A second clip with the Hung Up chorus has appeared on the MadonnaMad forum. Here we can clearly hear the sample from the Abba song Gimme Gimme Gimme, blended in perfectly with the dance beats of the song. This is catchy hit material!

Hung Up sample & lyrics online

5 September 2005

The first sample of Hung Up has surfaced on the internet! For 13 seconds we can clearly hear Madonna sing to a heavy bass dance tune. This is big stuff for the dancefloor! Meanwhile, the full lyrics have appeared on MadonnaMad and other forums.

Read them on our Hung Up page. In one month from now, this is gonna take radio stations by storm! "Ring ring ring goes the telephone..."

Latest buzz for Hung Up video and Confessions LP

Source: DrownedMadonna - 5 September 2005

"The video for Hung Up, Madonna's first single from her Confessions On A Dance Floor LP, is currently set to be directed by photographer/director David LaChapelle. "Principal photography" is TENTATIVELY scheduled for thursday September 15th.

Madonna of course will be there. Two options are still under discussion for the plot, with the definitive to be chosen today in a meeting. The Team is leaning for the one that features a club scene.

As for the photoshoot for Confessions On A Dance Floor by Steven Klein, it has more than a retro-ultra modern theme. It's actually difficult to describe. Very bright and "Happy". This is the most accurate description.

Mo is definitely in the mood to dance, when you hear the first single, you will be as well. When you will hear the album, you will realize that 2005-2006 will be The year for Madonna. It will take quite an LP to surpass this. The buzz around Warner is that it's, without a doubt, her best work yet. If you think you know dance, Madonna has redefined it.

Madonna has changed the face of dance music. This LP is very special. There isn't a bad track to be found. Every song is a potential single. That is the amazing thing about this one.

Usually, fans found her other albums predictable in the sense that it was somewhat simple to pick what songs would be potential singles. But on this one, no one will easily be able to tell which songs will be released after Hung Up."

Madonna among 25 most important pop culture moments

Source: - 3 September 2005

Before there was Must-See TV, there was MTV. The all-music network planted its own flag on cable television in 1981 and changed the music industry forever.

The network became so popular that even politicians couldn't pass up a chance to appear on it.

And while video may have killed the radio star, plenty of pretty-faced musicians skyrocketed to fame when their videos went on heavy rotation on the fledgling network.

The Material Girl herself got a boost from MTV.

Madonna really caught our attention with her controversial tune Like A Virgin, which held the coveted top spot on the music charts for six straight weeks.

The song prompted a Madonna craze in the mid-1980s and made the songstress a household name.

Madonna's videos on MTV helped her Like A Virgin album sales."What Madonna did with that song was to make the visual sell of the song maybe even more important than the song itself. And that was a revolution that has lasted for 20 years and counting," Entertainment Weekly editor Mark Harris said.

Confessions On A Dance Floor available for pre-order

3 September 2005

Madonna's upcoming studio album, Confessions On A Dance Floor is available for pre-order on

Note that they list the release date as November 8th, but the official release is on November 15th, already confirmed by Click here to pre-order it!

Madonna's cover of Imagine to be released

Source: - 3 September 2005

On Oct. 1, Q Magazine will hit stands with a special tribute to John Lennon. In addition to the magazine, a special CD will be released featuring Madonna's cover of Imagine.

Madonna first performed this song live during her Re-Invention Tour in the summer of 2004.

She later reprised the performance in for the Tsunami Benefit in January 2005. Be sure to pick up a copy of Q Magazine!

Live DVD will see light of day

Source: ICON, thanx to - 2 September 2005

ICON editor Johann has finally answered questions regarding the news of the RIT DVD and that it will be released:

"What I can confirm is that both the tour documentary and Live dvd will be released but that the doc will be released first (by the end of the year). You know, Madonna has worked like crazy on the doc and she's so excited about it.

So releasing it first sounds logic to me. No release has been confirmed for the live dvd yet, but it will see the light of day, believe me!"

Madonna shoots Motorola Commercial

Source: - 1 September 2005

Madonna is looking stunning as usual when she was photographed shooting a Motorola commercial in London at Shepperton Studios.

The Material Mom, still recovering from her recent horse riding accident, is also putting the finishing touches on her upcoming new CD "Confessions On A Dance Floor" which is scheduled to be released on Warner Bros. Records in November.

ABBA sample in Hung Up? *rumour*

1 September 2005

Fansite Madonnalicious reports that Madonna's upcoming new single Hung Up will include a sample by the ABBA hit "Gimme Gimme Gimme", not "Ring Ring" which was previously rumoured.

Apparently, the single has been previewed monday by some major UK radio programmers. Warner is also toying with the idea of making a 30 second Hung Up ring tone available from October 12.

Madonna featured on John Lennon cover CD

Source: Madonnalicious - 1 September 2005

In the next month's issue of UK magazine Q, a free disc will be included, featuring covers of John Lennon songs by various artists, including Madonna. Madonna's cover will probably be Imagine, which was performed on 2004's Re-Invention Tour.

Madonna making 'spontaneous' and 'unapologetic' dance music

Source: MTV - 1 September 2005

Madonna's so psyched about her upcoming dance album that she can't wait to see how fans will react to it. "I want people to jump out of their seats," she said.

Though a few lucky clubgoers have already heard a taste of Confessions On A Dance Floor — since Madonna's DJs and remixers like to test out unreleased tracks on actual dance floors — the rest of us will have to be patient. The 12-song album is due November 15, while the first single, Hung Up, hits radio October 17.

Madonna hasn't released a track list yet, but she recently confirmed the title of at least one other song, which is called "I Love New York," a city she once spent a lot of time in.

"The reason I don't spend more time there is because my kids are in school [in London] and my husband likes it in London and, you know, I'm being a good wife!" she told MTV News. "But I get him to come to New York. We make it happen in the Big Apple, don't you worry."

Just as Madonna can't escape New York, she also can't escape her dancing days — she did make her living with her feet first, after all. "She has a dance halo over her head," her co-producer and DJ Stuart Price (a.k.a. Jacques Lu Cont) said. "It's in her blood."

Price, who previously lent his electro-pop sound to American Life by co-writing "X-Static Process," did "a lot" of work on Confessions with Madonna. He said they started "without any preconceived notions" and ended up making "unapologetic dance music". "It was straight from the gut, unencumbered, not over-edited, very spontaneous," he said.

Madonna also worked on her 10th studio album with Swedish producers/songwriters Bloodshy & Avant as well as French producer Mirwais Ahmadzai, who collaborated with Madonna on both Music and American Life.

"It's all about having a good time straight through and nonstop," Madonna said.

Madonna calling

Source: - 1 September 2005

Madonna stepped back into the limelight as she shrugged off her horse riding injury to return to work.

The 47-year-old even ensured she sported a stylish sling to match her thick black coat and boots on one of the hottest days of the year

Madonna back at work

The star was on set at Shepperton Studios in west London where she is shooting a television commercial for Motorola.

Without a hair out of place the singer appeared to be making a remarkable recovery after falling from a galloping horse.

She suffered three cracked ribs, a broken collar bone and a broken hand in the fall on the 485ha estate at her country residence Ashcombe House in Tollard Royal, Wilts.

She had been celebrating her birthday with husband Guy Ritchie and children Lourdes, aged eight, and five-year-old Rocco.

Madonna was treated in the accident and emergency department of Salisbury Hospital before being released the same night.

The 'Queen of Pop' signed a £1 million mega deal to star in TV ads for phone giant Motorola - alongside rock legend Iggy Pop, The Sun reports.

She turned up to shoot the ad in Surrey yesterday.

Madonna, Little Richard to star in Motorola ROKR campaign

Source: Apple Insider - 1 September 2005

Motorola has recruited ten music industry stars for a television ad to promote its forthcoming ROKR iTunes phones, according to an online report.

The much-anticipated mobile handsets will allow users to transfer and listen to music from Apple’s iTunes music store through an embedded version of the iTunes jukebox software on compatible Motorola’s phones.

Filming for the television commercial was completed today at Shepperton Studios, just outside London. It features pop stars from every relevant generation and genre, according to Madonna fan site Madonnalicious.

The cast includes industry veterans Madonna, Little Richard, and Bootsy Collins, as well as pop punk rockers Sum 41, R&B diva Mya, king of crunk Lil' Jon, pop sensation The Pussycat Dolls, The White Stripes duo, and Billie Joe from Green Day. Through impersonators, the ad also features the likeness of the late Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix and Biggie Smalls.

In its report, the Madonnalicious website provided a brief synopsis of the commercial, which opens in a Middle Eastern village and begins with a subtitled phone conversation between a young man and his girlfriend.

Madonna walks up to the phone booth where the teenager is talking and kisses the young man, then asks, "Who's that girl?" His girlfriend is then heard screaming through the receive, followed by an instrumental version of Madonna's new single, Hung Up.

At this point, other characters are introduced and squeezed into the phone booth. First "Beethoven" and "Hendrix" join Madonna and the teenager in the booth. They are soon followed by other stars who arrive and "pack into the booth with various difficulties," the report explains.

Just when it's evident that no one else can fit inside the phone booth, "Biggie Smalls" appears. The commercial reportedly cuts to Madonna's face, now pressed against the glass, as she yells "Biggie....Noooo!"

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