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Preview Dance Chart: Nothing Fails drops to #3

Source: Absolute Madonna - 31 January 2004

After one week at the top, Nothing Fails eases down from number 1 to 3 on Billboard's Hot Dance/Club Play chart for the week ending February 14, 2004. Me Against the Music drops from 34 to 47, and Nobody Knows Me exits the chart.

Madonna to support British Conservatives?

Source: SFGate - 31 January 2004

Liberal singer Madonna is considering lending her support to right-wing British political party the Conservatives, by attending its annual winter ball in London on Tuesday.

The Material Girl and husband Guy Ritchie are expected to go to the Grosvenor House Hotel as guests of Guy's dad John and stepmother Shireen, who is the chairperson of the exclusive Kensington and Chelsea Conservative Association.

It's thought the celebrity couple are keen to align themselves with the opposition party after becoming annoyed with a Labour government decision that ruled land on their $15 million Ashcombe Estate near Salisbury in Wiltshire, south England, will be open to ramblers.

The 45-year-old singer hopes to quash the decision that their land falls under British Right to Roam laws. An insider says, "There are several very high-profile people tipped to come to the ball, Madonna being just one. "It would be fantastic if she showed and we would be delighted to see her. She's a natural Conservative -- an independent, hard-working self-starter.

"And she's developed an interest in country affairs since she met and married Guy and they moved to Wiltshire. "It would undoubtedly be a sensational celebrity coup for the Conservatives, and one in the eye for Labour if Madonna lends her support to the event."

US single release for Love Profusion confirmed

Source: - 31 January 2004

The remixes are all in and the track listing is final! Look for the maxi single of Love Profusion in your record stores in March.

Here is the track list:

CD Maxi
1. Love Profusion (Blow Up Mix) 6:08
2. Love Profusion (The Passengerz Club Profusion) 9:34
3. Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario House Vocal) 7:29
4. Love Profusion (Craig J's "Good Vibe" Mix) 7:14
5. Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario Big Room Vox) 9:25
6. Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario Big Room Dub) 8:57
7. Nothing Fails (Peter's Lost In Space Mix) 8:36

12" Vinyl Maxi
A1 Love Profusion (The Passengerz Club Profusion) 9:34
A2 Love Profusion (Blow Up Mix) 6:08
B1 Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario House Vocal) 7:29
B2 Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario Big Room Dub) 8:57
C1 Love Profusion (The Passengerz Dub Profusion) 8:04
C2 Love Profusion (Craig J's "Good Vibe" Mix) 7:14
D1 Love Profusion (Ralphi Rosario Big Room Vox) 9:25

Nothing Fails tops Dance Chart

Source: Billboard - 30 January 2004

Madonna scores with Nothing Fails another #1 on the US Hot Dance / Club Play chart.

Court sets trial date for Swept Away lawsuit

Source: Yahoo! Launch - 29 January 2004

A lawsuit alleging that Madonna and her director-husband, Guy Ritchie, stole the idea for the 2002 film remake of Swept Away will go to court May 4.

In the suit, self-described singer, songwriter, director and actor Vincent D'Onofrio alleges Madonna and Ritchie took his idea for a remake of the 1975 Italian comedy and then cut him out of the credits and compensation.

The movie, directed by Ritchie, stars Madonna as a wealthy woman stranded on a desert island with a sailor. It bombed at the box office and was panned by critics.

D'Onofrio sued Madonna, Ritchie and Sony Pictures in Superior Court in October 2002, claiming he pitched the idea to Madonna in April 1997 and had several meetings with her and Ritchie.

Attorneys for Madonna and Ritchie have said D'Onofrio does not have proof of a contract with the female singer or Sony.

D'Onofrio's attorney said he would seek $10 million in damages.

D'Onofrio is not the actor of the same name who portrays Detective Bobby Goren on NBC's "Law & Order: Criminal Intent."

Nomination for Dance Star Awards

Source: MadonnaTribe - 26 January 2004

Madonna is nominated as Best Chart Act in the 2004 Edition of The Dance Star Awards.

The DanceStar nominations are formed by The Dance Music Academy. All participants are based in the US and work in the dance music industry. The category Madonna is listed in is reserved to US artists, and her competitors include Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Kelis, Sarah McLachlan, OutKast, P. Diddy, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

Web voting for DanceStar USA 2004 will commence on today, Monday Jan 26, approx 5.00 pm EST.

SMS voting details will additionally be announced shortly to enable worldwide voting via cellphone.

Love Profusion in the US

26 January 2004

Fansite MadonnaPolis reported earlier about a possible single release for Love Profusion in the US.

Fansite MadonnaTribe now claims the release date for that single is set for February 3rd. No tracklisting has been confirmed as yet.

Adriano Giannini on Madonna

Source: Il Corriere Della Sera, thanx to MadonnaTribe - 26 January 2004

Adriano Giannini, co star of Swept Away, has now made a tv film with french beauty Laetitia Casta. In an interview to Italian newspaper Il corriere della sera he speaks about his friendship with Madonna. "Madonna has suprised me for her "normality".

I expected her to be a diva but she is simply a woman that has children, a husband and her work. She is strict, her strictness sometimes can turn into bitchiness."

He also adds that "Madonna has fascinated me for her fragility".

Madonna receives career award at NRJ Awards

Source: Herald Sun - 25 January 2004

Madonna made a brief appearance at a French music awards show this weekend, accepting a career award from Britney Spears and thanking France's fans for two decades of support.

Madonna kisses Britney after accepting her award

Madonna, wearing a demure green polka-dot dress, didn't perform at NRJ radio station's awards ceremony today, but she still got a standing ovation.

"My ambition may be American, and I may have married a Brit, but my heart belongs to France," Madonna told Spears and the crowd. Christina Aguilera attended too.

Madonna during her acceptance speech in Cannes Madonna on the red carpet in Cannes

The pop divas didn't exchange kisses, unlike at the MTV Video Music Awards in August 2004 which prompted inevitable cracks from French presenters later in the show.

Other performers included Seal, Dido, Kylie Minogue and Beyonce Knowles. France's rock quartet Kyo won the most prizes, including best French-language group.

Details and covers of 'Yakov' and 'Lotsa de Casha'

25 January 2004

Earlier we reported that the release of the book 'Yakov and the Seven Thieves' is postponed to the end of 2004 and that 'Lotsa de Casha' will be the next childrens book. Amazon now lists both books for pre-order, with following details:

Cover of Lotsa de Casha

Lotsa de Casha
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Hardcover: 48 pages
Publisher: Callaway Editions; (June 2004)
ISBN: 0670058882

Cover of Yakov

Yakov and the Seven Thieves
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Viking Childrens Books; (October 2004)
ISBN: 0670058874

"Sometimes, upright deeds come from crooked criminals... Yakov, a kindly cobbler desperate to find a cure for his dying son, seeks advice from the wise old man at the edge of the village. This sage enlists the help of seven thieves, who humorously prove that miracles can occur if we renounce our wicked ways and embrace good behavior."

Madonna to perform on NRJ Awards? *rumour*

21 January 2004

Madonna has been confirmed to attend next saturday's NRJ Awards in France, but is she also going to perform? AFP seems to think so:

"Madonna, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Dido and Seal are among artists expected to perform in this Riviera city next Saturday for France's annual NRJ music awards.

The awards are held as the international music industry descends on Cannes for the annual MIDEM trade jamboree, the music world's premier trade show, and will be broadcast live both on France's TF1 television and on NRJ radio network.

The pop music station's awards are based on a public vote, with around 50 artists competing for 15 awards, among them also Robbie Williams, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake as well as French-language artists Florent Pagny, Kyo, Pascal Obispo and Helene Segara.

Last year votes from more than 900,000 people put Colombian singer Shakira out tops, while the Latino sensation Las Ketchup took a prize for "international revelation of the year" -- and Robbie Williams and Mariah Carey looked on in the audience.

NRJ is a popular commercial FM radio network whose name, when pronounced in French, makes the word "energy"."

Madonna confirmed for NRJ Awards

19 January 2004

Warner Music France has confirmed that Madonna will attend the NRJ music awards ceremony in Cannes on Saturday January 24. The show will be broadcasted live on both NRJ radio and TF1 tv channel from 20.50 pm cet.

Madonna is nominated in 3 categories this year:
Best international Album,
Best International Female Artist,
and Best Internet Official Website (

TK7: How important is this journey to France for the NRJ Music Awards to you?

Madonna: I adore France. There's a phrase I know by heart: Vive la France!

I must say that I'm not fluent in French anymore because I don't spend as much time with french people as I used to. When I used to work with Mondino and Gaultier, we used to speak french. I can't wait to be there at the end of January, after the NRJ Music Awards I plan to go round about Europe to take part to several TV Shows.

TK7: Will your seven year old daughter travel with you?

Madonna: Of course! She comes with me everywhere. Lourdes loves to travel. She has already visited the Louvre museum in Paris. I think she has a gipsy soul just like me. I adore Paris, it is a true architectural treasure. I've also visited Saint Germain-en-Laye once, and I have a wonderful memory of it. As an american, I could not imagine to wake up in the morning in such a marvelous environment. There's no more than five architectural masterpieces in New York, and none in Los Angeles.

TK7: What are you dreaming of doing right now?

Madonna: I'd like to shoot a movie as passionate as Evita. I turned down several movie projects this year because they were not as good or as strong as I wanted them to be. After working with great people like Alan Parker, I don't want to be involved with a movie with a theme that doesn't move me completely. You know, after driving a Rolls Royce, you don't like going back to a Volkswagen.

TK7: Now that you're a mother, what else is still missing in your life?

Madonna: I feel fulfilled at the moment but as anybody else you always feel there's still something missing in life. I'd like to be part of a Circus and to paint. These are my fantasies of the moment, and I think I will have the time to do that because life is long. I'd also like to sing Italian Opera and I'm really looking forward to visit Palais Garnier in Paris. I'm obsessed with Maria Callas and I've listened to everything I've found of her.

TK7: Will you be back on stage this year?

Madonna: I always have ideas for shows in my head, I'm waiting for the best time to step into a world tour. If this can happen this year, it will be cool, if not, it will happen later.

Release update for NKM book

19 January 2004

Those of you who've ordered the exclusive Nobody Knows Me book will have received following release update:

"We wanted to give you an update, because we know you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your publication. Nobody Knows Me is currently at the printer having the finishing touches applied before we can ship out orders.

We expect it to be done by early next week at which point it will come to us so we can get your orders out. We expect to start shipping orders out the week of the 26th.

Thank you for being patient so far and we are sure you will be happy when you get Nobody Knows Me in your mailbox."

Another R&R review

Source: ABS-CBN News - 19 January 2004

They forgot about Your Honesty, and they clearly don't know the origin of Into The Groove, but anyway: here's another review of Remixed & Revisited:

"The one and only Madonna, the pop culture icon and the epitome of what a pop diva is, has decided to take a trip down memory lane with her newest album, Remixed and Revisited.

The hot new album is a refreshing look at her classic and most recent songs, given a few new touches by block-rocking DJs such as Jason Nevins. In fact, she does it so well that unlike most remixes of other songs from other artists, Madonna makes these babies shine without making them pale compared with their original versions.

The seven-track compilation features four hits from her previous chartbuster American Life with a few enhancements added to give a new feel to the already enticing tracks. The tracks included in the revised lineup are Nothing Fails (Nevins Club Mix), American Life (Headcleaner Rock Mix), Nobody Knows Me (Mount Sims Old School Mix) and the mesmerizing Love Profusion (Headcleaner Rock Mix), a song that has been getting lots of heavy airplay on MTV and MYX, and is used for the Estee Lauder ad campaign, with Madonna as its endorser.

Another song to look out for is the controversial remake of Like a Virgin, featuring Madonna with pop princesses Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in a controversial live performance during the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

Then, there is her collaboration with Missy Elliot in Into the Hollywood Groove (Passenger Mix), an upbeat and rocking medley of the hit song from the 1987 album Now You Can Dance combined with Elliot’s rapping genius."

Release dates of other childrens books changed

19 January 2004

Seems Callaway has changed their mind about the release order of the remaining three childrens books. Currently, the next dates have been set up:

june 2004: Lotsa de Casha
september 2004: Abdey's Adventures (?)
december 2004: Yakov And The Seven Thieves

Tour rumours

19 January 2004

The past few days there have been rumours circulating that Madonna will embark upon a world tour in the summer of 2004.

According to The Las Vegas Sun Clear Channel sent out a press release this week announcing that Madonna will kick off the 32-city U.S. leg of her world tour June 1st in San Francisco. The release concludes:

"Presenting Sponsorship for either the U.S. dates or the entire tour is available at $5M and $8M (million) respectively. Aligning your brand with a proven talent such as Madonna offers a unique platform for your brand and your consumer."

However, this supposed press release can't be traced. So don't get your hopes up just yet...

Love Profusion US single

Sources: MadonnaPolis, MIR #1073 - 8 January 2004

Love Profusion is going to be released on January 27th, in the US, according to Peter Rauhofer's site. With Nothing Fails not gathering any momentum, Madonna's camp is looking to push Love Profusion, which had its video released a couple of weeks ago.

This will coincide with the Estee Lauder commercial (which uses Love Profusion as its theme), being shown in February.

This is the tracklisting from Rauhofer's site:
1) The Passengerz Club mix
2) Ralphi Rosario House Vocal mix
3) Ralphi Rosario Big Room Vox
4) Camaione and Cilione blow-up version
5) Ralphi's Big room Dub
6) Into the Hollywood Groove(Peter Rauhofer club mix)
7) Hollywood Express (a mash-up of Hollywood with Giorgio Moroder's "The Chase." (Classic electronic disco song.)

Photographer Scavullo dies at 82

Source: Planet Out - 8 January 2004

Francesco Scavullo, the American fashion photographer who helped shape the look of Cosmopolitan's distinctive magazine covers, died Tuesday as he prepared for his next photo assignment. He was 82.

Madonna phtographed by Francesco Scavullo

His companion of more than 30 years, Sean Byrnes, said that Scavullo had died of heart failure and had felt weak before collapsing on Tuesday morning in New York.

Scavullo was one of the world's most sought-after fashion photographers, shooting covers for Seventeen, Vogue and Glamour. He also worked for Rolling Stone, Life, Time and Town & Country.

Madonna phtographed by Francesco Scavullo

Besides magazine covers, Scavullo was known for his enamel-on-canvas photo silkscreens, including portraits of numerous celebrities, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross and Madonna.

His work now hangs in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, Texas.

Madonna's wedding song

Source: Evening Mail - 8 January 2004

We still know hardly anything about Madonna's wedding with Guy Ritchie, but now at least we know she had someone write her a wedding song:

"A top songwriter, who penned superstar Madonna’s wedding song, has stepped in to help his threatened old school. Rob Ellis, 25, who wrote All I Ever Needed for the pop star’s big day, is busy working on an anthem for Lowick School, near Ulverston.

The new song, called Be Somebody Today, is expected to be premiered at a teacher and pupil reunion in February. Mr Ellis describes the song — which will feature Lowick pupils — as nothing like the usual charity song."

Pink "I'm a die hard Madonna fan"

Source: ITV - 8 January 2004

Feisty pop star Pink has spoken of how she would love to follow in Britney's footsteps and share a kiss with Madonna. The singer - currently promoting her third album Try This - admitted Madonna was one of her all-time favourite stars.

Britney Spears famously drew gasps from the crowd when she briefly snogged Madonna on stage at an MTV awards bash recently.

Pink said: "I love Madonna. I'm a die-hard fan. She was my god when I was eight. "If Madonna came to me with her mouth open I wouldn't know what to do."

Pink, whose new album is out on November 10, also announced a string of arena shows in the UK and Ireland early next year.

Madonna to support Kabbalah event

Source: Jerusalem Post - 8 January 2004

The ancient Jewish mysticism of Kabbalah is known for attracting celebrity devotees and on Thursday many of them will be out in force at the Tel Aviv Kabbalah Center's 'Spirituality for kids' ceremony.

The event will feature a live broadcast from superstar Madonna via satellite from Europe, among a line-up of local political leaders, actors and artists.

'Spirituality for Kids,' is a ten-year-old intiative that aims to show children how to make the most of life. Madonna has been an active member of the Kabbalah community for some years.

Her recent children's book Mr Peabody's Apples is inspired by a 300-year-old story taught to her by her Kabbalah instructor, about choosing one's words carefully so as not to cause harm to others.

Other celebrities slated to attend include actress Yael Abkasis, heart-throb actor Aki Avny, and his wife, the model and presenter Sandy Bar.

They will join the parents and children, business leaders, political representatives and spiritual leaders in blessing the project and the work of the Kabbalah center.

Madonna writes Clark support letter to fans

8 January 2004

Madonna has taken up her support to Democratic presidential candidate Wess Clark very serious; she has written a letter of support and placed it on her website:

"I've never done this before. But life is about taking risks is it not?

I know that people seem to pay attention to everything I do. Big or Small. Ridiculous or Sublime. So I am hoping they pay attention to this: I am supporting General Wesley Clark for President.

Not only as a "celebrity" but as an American citizen and as a mother. I want my children to grow up with the same opportunities that I had – to know and understand what's going on in the world and to travel that world safely and with pride. Now I'm asking you to join me."

Continue reading at

Launch also writes: "Madonna has posted a letter in support of Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark on her official website Wednesday (January 7). The letter marks the first time the music icon has publicly thrown her support behind a candidate for president.

In the letter Madonna includes a link to Clark's Website for people to contribute to the retired general's campaign. The singer, who currently resides in London, is also planning to hold a fundraiser for Clark at her Los Angeles residence later this year.

Madonna's distaste for the Bush administration was evident early last year. In April of 2003, she decided to withdraw her controversial music video for her new single American Life, out of respect for the armed forces fighting in Iraq.

The video showed Madonna wearing military fatigues next to dancers in military attire on a fashion runway. Those scenes were intercut with images of war. The clip ended with Madonna throwing a grenade in the direction of a President Bush look-alike. "

Chart update

Sources: Ultratop, Absolute Madonna, Dotmusic - 6 January 2004

Australia: in its third week, the Love Profusion single moves from #34 to #30 in the singles chart and from #5 to #6 in the dance chart. Me Against The Music is at #5 in the singles chart and has been holding the #1 position in the dance chart for 8 weeks now!

Belgium: the Nothing Fails/Love Profusion single has entered the Ultratop 50 (Flanders) at #50. Me Against The Music drops from #15 to #18 (Ultratop 50 Flanders) and from #6 to #8 (Ultratop 40 Wallonia).

France: the Nothing Fails single drops further to #61, while Me Against The Music moves again two places up towards #22.

UK: the Love Profusion single has dropped out of the airplay chart. Me Against The Music moves up to #38 in the singles chart. The American Life album and Remixed&Revisited move up the dance album chart to respectively #10 and #32.

Q Mag and Rolling Stone rate Remixed & Revisited

Source: Madonna Information Report #1072 - 6 January 2004


Rock and electro remixes give Madge the kiss of life.

For remixed/revisted read odds and sods, this seven-tracker comprising some American Life retoolings, a wholly unremarkable new track, the Missy Elliot collaboration from the much-maligned Gap ad, plus the MTV video music awards medley.

While the latter is notable mainly for the awkward whooping during her much publicised kiss with Britney and Madonna's own out-of-breath panting during the last verse, some of the remixes here are actually pretty good, American Life becoming a convincing nu-metal headbanger and Nobody Knows Me scrubbing up nicely with a Pet Shop Boys style makeover.

Rolling Stone
** (out of 5)

A short disc of very unmemorable outtakes and remixes

Instead of the twenty-year retospective originally planned for the holiday season, Madonna fans get a measly half-hour of mishmash marginalia. Of the four remixes from American Life, only one clicks: Headcleanr's rock mix of Love Profusion, which replaces Mirawis' electrofolk with Strokes-like guitars and druims that flatter an overlooked but fantastic song.

The live medley of Like a Virgin and Hollywood, with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, falls flat wit out the infamous kisses, and the Gap commercial with Missy Elliott just sounds cheap and nasty.

Your Honesty, an outtake from 1994's Bedtime Stories, recalls the post-disco funkiness of Madonna's 1983 debut. But it would've worked better in a box set.
- Barry Walters

Madonna's Hottest Hits

6 January 2004

I read this article by JimmyRad in the Madonna Information Report # 1071 and thought many of you would find this interesting too:

"I think the calculations for Madonna's hits are correct. I've done this before, but here's an update through the 1/10/04 charts.

A few notes:

1. The point system is based on Fred Bronson's for his Hottest Hot 100 Hits book (though instread of limiting it to just top 30 for Hot 100 Hits, it's for full chart run). For Hot 100 Hits, tracks get points based on weekly position (500 pts. fopr each week at #1, 400 for #2, 300 for #3, 200 for #4, 100 for #5, 95 for #6, and so on, until ya get down to 1 pt. for #100. Singles receive 50 bonus pts. for each week at #1.

2. Now, this is what I implemented. For airplay-chart-only hits, I'm looking just at top 40 runs- 40 pts. for each week at #1 (doesn't apply to Madonna here, but 10 bonus pts. for each week at #1), down to 1 pt. for #40. For sales-chart-only hits, I decided that the top 20 was only worth looking at- hence, 20 pts. for each week at #1, down to 1 pt. for #20. For each week at #1, 5 bonus pts.

3. Into the Groove's stats are from Radio & Records, whose airplay chart was nearly interchangeable with Billboard's (give or take a difference of 1-3 positions at times).

1. Take a Bow- 6,374 pts.
2. Music- 5,810 pts.
3. Like a Virgin - 4,353 pts.
4. Vogue- 3,719 pts.
5. I'll Remember- 3,716 pts.
6. Crazy For You- 3,478 pts.
7. Justify My Love- 3,154 pts.
8. Like a Prayer- 3,059
9. This Used to Be My Playground- 3,039
10. Papa Don't Preach- 2,819
11. Live to Tell- 2,788
12. Open Your Heart- 2,443
13. Who's That Girl- 2,408
14. Frozen- 2,305
15. Secret- 2,253
16. Material Girl- 2,218
17. Causing a Commotion- 2,062
18. Express Yourself- 2,017
19. Don't Tell Me- 1,860
20. Cherish- 1,801
21. True Blue- 1,752
22. Borderline- 1,641
23. La Isla Bonita- 1,483
24. You'll See- 1,295
25. Ray of Light- 1,295
26. Rain- 1,290
27. Erotica- 1,274
28. You Must Love Me- 1,273
29. Lucky Star- 1,245
30. Deeper and Deeper- 1,209
31. Angel- 1,186
32. Holiday- 1,139
33. The Power of Good-Bye- 1,128
34. Dress You Up- 1,077
35. Die Another Day- 1,052
36. Beautiful Stranger- 952
37. Keep it Together- 901
38. Don't Cry For Me Argentina- 811
39. Oh Father- 782
40. Hanky Panky- 656
41. Human Nature- 608
42. Rescue Me- 566
43. Me Against the Music- 540*
44. American Pie- 522
45. What it Feels Like For a Girl- 501
46. Bad Girl- 460
47. American Life- 260
48. Into the Groove (AIRPLAY-ONLY)- 249
49. Bedtime Story- 216
50. Love Don't Live Here Anymore- 114
51. Hollywood (SALES ONLY)- 45
52. Nothing Fails (SALES ONLY)- 45*
53. Spotlight (AIRPLAY ONLY)- 32
54. Nothing Really Matters- 10

*- still charting

NRM was just totally screwed by WB, delaying the single and all. But had it not been released, it wouldn't even be tracked, since it didn't crack the top 20 in sales (a healthier market back in 1999, when it scanned 15,500 its first week to rank #27)."

Love Profusion single in US

Source: MadonnaTribe - 1 January 2004

Some Love Profusion Single News from Peter Rauhofer's message board:

The single could see a release as early as January 27th, Nothing Fails now being considered a thing of the past. It is being rushed to radio to coincide with the Estee Lauder campaign to start in February. The cover will be a picture from the video, and NOT from the GAP shoot like the one used for the UK single. Tracklisting to be confirmed soon, but this is what i was given so far:

Love profusion
1) The Passengerz Club mix
2) Ralphi Rosario House Vocal mix
3) Ralphi Rosario Big Room Vox
4) Camaione and Cilione blow-up version
5) Ralphi's Big room Dub
6) Into the Hollywood groove(Peter Rauhofer club mix)
7) Hollywood Express

Madonna in Donna top 2003 (part 2)

1 January 2004

The Mad-Eyes team wishes all of you a fantastic 2004; may all your Madonna and non-Madonna related dreams come true!

Here's the second part of Madonna's positions in Radio Donna's Top 2003 (click here for positions between 600 and 2003)

100 Music
125 Like A Prayer
227 Frozen
326 La Isla Bonita
415 Like A Virgin
484 Me Against The Music
491 Vogue
553 Ray Of Light
590 The Power Of Good-Bye

Madonna scored a total of 26 entries this year (compared to 22 last year), but the highest position was only no. 100 (Music). In last year's Top 2002 Like A Prayer hit no. 33.

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