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  • Management: Philtainment
  • Bookings: Live Entertainment
  • Label: Warner Music Belgium

  • Bio

    Frantzis is a young Belgian singer songwriter. He got his musical roots from his family: his great-grandfather was comedian, his grandfather played in a band, and his father and uncle are hardrock lovers. Frantzis runs the music store Puissance, which specializes in acoustic guitars. Himself, he is schooled in classical piano, and as multi-instrumentalist he also plays guitar, keyboards and drums.

    In 2016 he participated in the pre-selection for Eurovision and scored second place with I'm Not Lost. A few months later he was signed by Warner Music Belgium.

    His single Facing Changes - written by himself and Will Knox and produced by Luuk Cox - was released in January 2017. She's Her Own followed in May 2017, which takes a critical look at social media perceptions on beauty and self-image. Most recent single is Talk About You, released in February 2018.

    Released singles

    Frantzis - Talk About You Talk About You (2018)
    Written by T. Frantzis, H. 'Hank Solo' Salonen, M. Clarke
    Produced by H. 'Hank Solo' Salonen
    → Listen

    Frantzis - She's Her Own She's Her Own (2017)
    Written by T. Frantzis
    Produced by L. Cox
    → Listen

    Frantzis - Facing Changes Facing Changes (2017)
    Written by T. Frantzis, W. Knox
    Produced by L. Cox
    → Listen

    Frantzis - I'm Not Lost I'm Not Lost (2016)
    Written by T. Frantzis, Y. Gaillard
    Produced by L. Cox
    → Listen

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