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30 November - Something to remember: All the world is a stage
Take A Bow, the single...and everyone has their part. With that Shakespearean line as the centerpiece of the song's bridge, Take A Bow signals a very special period in Madonna's career. The closing track and also the second single of the Bedtime Stories album, Take A Bow received exceptional video treatment from Madonna, and the final result of that premiered on MTV exactly 15 years ago, on November 30th, 1994.

Madonna flew to historic town Ronda in Spain with the direction of Michael Haussman and created a videoclip that would serve as her plea to get her dream role as Eva Peron. Executed in a 40s style, the video showed Madonna at her classiest yet, in a Galliano dress she shone as the mistreated lover of a famous bullfighter, eventually running away from him. The storyline is interspersed with scenes of bullfighting and Madonna showing her assets in bed, not entirely abandoning the explicit Erotica years. The gorgeous video would go onto winning the Best Female Video at the 1995 VMAs and yielded a follow up in the form of the You'll See video where Madonna has the higher hand and escapes from her stalker.

While the video undoubtedly gave the single the push to become a classic, the ballad also stands on its own merits with its Oriental-tingled instrumentation (which is also inspired by the Paul Robeson version of the classic poem "Trees"), Craig Armstrong's amazing string arrangement and Madonna's silky smooth vocals backed by co-writer/co-producer Babyface, one of the most famous hitmakers at the time.

But it's the song's chart performance that made it a remarkable entry in Madonna's career. All formats of the single were released days after the video premiere and both sales and airplay would slowly and steadily climb until the end of January, when Madonna gave her first and so far only live performance of the song at the American Music Awards (the only time she sang at this show). Dressed in a Chinese gown, Madonna gave a simple but effective performance backed by an orchestra and Babyface himself, which gave great exposure to the song in the US and soon after it would climb to #1, kicking the Dallas Austin produced "Creep" by TLC from the top spot and holding it for seven weeks, which would be the longest ever for a Madonna single.

While the sales of Take A Bow exceeded 600,000 copies in the US which earned it a Gold certification, it failed to reach the Platinum status of her other megahits as it was airplay where the track was really shining: it was the most played song of America for nine straight weeks. The success of the single also helped the album to stop falling down the chart and it managed to stay in the Top 20 during the Christmas season, which would eventually become the only reason why Bedtime Stories outsold Erotica in the US, as after Take A Bow started its slow descent on the charts, the album went with it and subsequent single releases didn't have much effect.

Take A Bow, the videoOutside the US the single also became a big hit in Canada, Japan and Australia, her other main markets of the 90s. In Europe, however, Madonna got some of her worst chart positions ever when this single got lost in the Christmas shuffle, like in Belgium, or in the UK, where it was her then-lowest peaking single and is one of the six Madonna singles that failed to reach the UK Top 10. Madonna gave 2 lip-synced performances of Take A Bow at Germany's Wetten Dass and Italy's San Remo which gave better chart performances in those countries.

The success of Take A Bow allowed it to become one of the 4 songs in Madonna's discography that can be found on 4 different Madonna albums. Featuring on all the compilations released after the single itself, proves that among all of Madonna's ballad hits of the mid-90s, Take A Bow is the pinnacle.

Unfortunately Take A Bow has never been performed live on a Madonna tour and is the only one out of the 34 hits of the Celebration compilation that was not used on a tour in any form. It is speculated that Madonna intentionally refuses to perform songs on her tours that have a "goodbye" theme. Maybe Madonna is saving Take A Bow to be her last ever live performance? Time will tell...

26 November - Revolver single cover, tracklist
Revolver, the singleWarner Netherlands via announces the tracklist of the Revolver digital single, which is now billed as "Madonna vs David Guetta", indicating that his remix is going to be the main version. Strangely, Akon is also slated to feature in one of the versions, just like he does in the Celebration remix. The single cover is also revealed, which is another variation of the now-famous Mr. Brainwash artwork.

1 track (all digital stores)
1. Revolver [One Love Remix]

1 track (iTunes only)
1. Revolver [One Love Remix] feat. Lil Wayne

2 track (iTunes only)
1. Revolver [One Love Remix]
2. Revolver [Feat. Akon]

Currently there's no physical release scheduled, and if there is, it'll be limited to the UK. The release date for the digital single is December 14th.

23 November - David Guetta to produce new Madonna album?
David GuettaDigital Spy interviewed famous French DJ David Guetta coinciding with his new single release, and he got asked about his ideal collaboration. His answer:
"I would love to work with Madonna. It will probably happen very soon actually. It's all in the early stages and I'm not allowed to speak about it yet!"

David Guetta is easily the most successful producer of 2009, not only he helmed the trans-European summer hit "When Love Takes Over" but also the Black Eyed Peas megahit "I Gotta Feeling" that pretty much dominated the charts everywhere this year and became the longest running #1 hit on Billboard since 2005, and his track "Sexy Bitch" featuring Akon also scored big.

Working with Guetta is the logical next step for Madonna. He's the latest on a long list of DJs who submitted remixes to her (he has just recently remixed both Celebration & Revolver), similar to the likes of William Orbit or Paul Oakenfold. Both "I Gotta Feeling" and "When Love Takes Over" were prominently included in Oakenfold's preshow set at the Sticky & Sweet Tour and Guetta opened the August 28th Confessions Tour show in Paris.

Madonna in recent interviews said she'd continue making electronic dance music and David Guetta is the #1 man for that at the moment. Producers are probably submitting tracks these days so she could start writing and recording early next year, to have a fall 2010 release for the new album, to keep the usual 2 and a half year gap between her studio albums.

19 November - Revolver sent to radio, no video planned
Warner Music Netherlands confirms via that the David Guetta remix of Revolver was sent to Dutch radio today, but just like Guy Oseary confirmed last month, no video will be filmed for the release.
It is currently unknown whether Revolver is going to be released as a physical single or digital-only, but it's listed for December 14th in UK's Music Week magazine. This date is not confirmed by Warner, neither any other airplay or release date for other countries.
While Revolver, featuring the biggest selling hip hop artist of 2008 definitely has hit potential, fans should not expect any notable chart action for this catchy song as it's been available as an individual download on iTunes for 2 months already and it's unlikely that gets considerable airplay, which means Madonna's very last Warner single will be a "for the fans" release with several remixes.

19 November - Sticky & Sweet wardrobe details revealed
Michael Schmidt, the mastermind behind a lot of Madonna wardrobe pieces throughout her career has revealed all of the costumes on his official site. Most notable are the eye-catching accessories used in the Futuristic Rave segment of the Sticky & Sweet Tour.

Performing 4 Minutes in HelsinkiThe list includes:
- Sticky & Sweet Tour (Futuristic Rave segment 4 Minutes): Football pads with Swarovski crystal and metal-scale embellishment
- Sticky & Sweet Tour (Futuristic Rave segment): Metal scaled and Swarovski crystalled bustier
- Sticky & Sweet Tour (Futuristic Rave segment Ray Of Light dancers): Metal scaled helmet
- Sticky & Sweet Tour (Human Nature electric guitar): Crystal-mesh guitar strap (& Keith Haring inpsired for Borderline)
- Hard Candy Promo Tour (acoustic/electric guitar): Crystal-mesh guitar strap
- Sticky & Sweet Tour tourbook: Swarovski crystal-mesh boxing shorts
- W Magazine 2006: Crystalled bridle and bit
- Drowned World Tour (Cyber-Punk segment): Clothing and jewelry
- Sorry video: Crystal corset
- Fever video: Silver chain-mail dress
Check out the pictures here!

18 November - New Celebration Remix featuring Akon now available
A new remix of Madonna's Celebration single featuring Akon is now available for download from most online retailers.
Just click here to download from iTunes or here to buy on Amazon. (source:

16 November - Madonna raises $11 million for Malawi charity
Madonna in BrazilMadonna has raised 11 million dollars from Brazilian millionaires for her Raising Malawi Foundation, the daily Rio O Dia reported on Monday.
The US pop star, who visited Brazil to stroke the country's wealthy into giving, notably won an unspecified pledge from the country's richest man, mining magnate Ike Batista, who has an estimated fortune of 7.5 billion dollars.
Madonna, 51, was accompanied during her fund-raising by 22-year-old Brazilian model Jesus de Luz, whom US and British gossip pages have referred to as her "toy boy".
Her Raising Malawi Foundation, started in 2006, finances humanitarian projects in Malawi, the southern African country where Madonna has adopted two children. (source: AFP via Yahoo)

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