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30 June - More Vuitton pictures appear online
Here are even more cool pictures from the new Louis Vuitton photoshoot. Shot by Steven Meisel, the pictures are set to appear in magazines around the world very soon!

Louis Vuitton photoshoot Louis Vuitton photoshoot Louis Vuitton photoshoot Louis Vuitton photoshoot Louis Vuitton photoshoot Louis Vuitton photoshoot

27 June - Leaked: Madonna for Louis Vuitton Part Two
Madonna by Meisel for Louis Vuitton A first peek at what's being called "Part Deux" of Madonna's campaign for Louis Vuitton was leaked onto the Web yesterday and we've got the scoop: Apparently the pop star looks to be wearing ... that's right ... bunny ears.
Madonna's first collaboration with Marc Jacobs was a publicity sensation, from the maybe-it's-too-sexy (the Daily Mail actually used the term "raunchy") Moulin Rouge-inspired looks she wore in a Parisian cafe to the reported $10 million dollar paycheck she earned, so it's no surprise that once rumors started circulating that the Material Girl was getting ready to shoot a second series for the label, everyone was quick to pick up the story.
Her manager, Guy Oseary, confirmed the rumors in a simple Twitter posting that read "on my way to Madonna/Louis Vuitton shoot ... part deux," and now the photos are finally here. And yes, those are the same bunny-ears-like headpieces that came down the runway at the LV Fall 2009 show. Specifically, they're the same bunny ears that she wore to the Costume Institute Gala (the subject of some mockery within the fashion community, to be sure). Are bunny ears the new turbans? Who will be headgear champion: Madonna or Kate Moss? We'll just have to wait and see... (source: NBC New York)

26 June - Madonna was planning surprise appearance at Jackson shows
Madonna and Michael at the 1991 Oscar Awars Madonna was making plans to take to the stage for a one-off performance with Michael Jackson at his 50-date London residency. Despite a reportedly frosty relationship following a planned duet that never materialized, Madonna was desperate to join the late King of Pop onstage at the 02 Arena in London. Dates were due to start in July, and Madonna was all set to be a special guest, according to her manager Guy Oseary. In a post on his page, Oseary says, "[The moment that never happened:] A month ago Madonna told me she wanted to do a surprise performance at one of Michael Jackson's UK shows." Jackson was pronounced dead at UCLA Medical Center on Thursday after suffering a fatal heart attack. The Material Girl, who is the same age as 50-year-old Jackson, became the female equivalent of the "Thriller" superstar as they were propelled to phenomenal levels of fame in the 1980s. The pair accompanied each other to the 1991 Oscars, with Madonna dressed in full Marilyn Monroe attire, famously leading a less-confident Jackson down the red carpet. Rumors even suggested that the pop supercouple were an item, but Madonna killed that story by romancing Warren Beatty. (source:

26 June - Michael Jackson is dead: Madonna and Britney Spears lead tributes
Madonna and Britney Spears were among dozens of celebrities who paid tribute to Michael Jackson, admitting she could not stop crying.
Jackson died Thursday after suffering a cardiac arrest, sending shockwaves sweeping across the world and tributes pouring in for the tortured music icon revered as the "King of Pop." The 50-year-old singer collapsed at his rented mansion in the exclusive Los Angeles neighborhood of Holmby Hills and was rushed to hospital by paramedics before being pronounced dead at 2:26 pm (2126 GMT).
Madonna said in a statement: "I can't stop crying over the sad news. The world has lost one of the greats, but his music will live on forever!"
Spears said in a statement: "I was so excited to see his show in London. We were going to be on tour in Europe at the same time and I was going to fly in to see him. He has been an inspiration throughout my entire life and I'm devastated he's gone!" (source: Daily Telegraph)
~ Michael was only 13 days younger than Madonna. The two of them formed the two biggest icons in pop history, rightfully earning the title of King and Queen of Pop. The Mad-Eyes team sends its condolences to Michael's family and his fans all over the world. His soul will live forever through his music.

25 June - Madonna set to wear Louis Vuitton shades on tour
Madonna is said to be demanding cool shades for the European phase of her Sticky & Sweet tour this summer. Word has it the headstrong popster has already raided Louis Vuitton's entire collection of runway visors to wear during her concerts. The singer is said to be taken by the makeup effect the visors' colored lenses are meant to create over the eyes. (source:

25 June - Madonna is the top-earning musician of the year
Thanks to her tour and endorsements, Madonna made more than anyone else in music over the last 12 months.
It's time to stop lamenting the dearth of digital and physical album sales. Even in today's economy, musicians--at least top acts--are making more money than ever.
Consider Madonna. According to Forbes earnings estimates, the incomparable Material Girl, who tops our list, has hovered between $40 million and $50 million dollars in annual earnings since 2002. In the last year, a sold-out worldwide tour, impressive international sales of her latest album, Hard Candy, and lucrative endorsement deals put her earnings at $110 million. (source:

21 June - New setlist surprises
More details emerged on the new Sticky & Sweet Tour setlist: check out our spoilers page to find out more!

20 June - William Orbit reflects back on the Music days
While Madonna fans are currently experiencing the silence before the storm in Madonna-land, fortunately longtime Madonna collaborator William Orbit makes us tide over the slow news days as he reflects back on the era when he last shared the studio with Madonna. On his own blog, while responding to a fan comment, giving us his opinions on the tracks, on fellow electronica producer Mirwais and of course on Madonna herself:

Music, the albumHey William,
I see that youre responding to questions and I have one that ive been wondering for quite sometime. What songs have you done with Madonna that you havent released and that hasnt been online? Also, do you ever plan on releasing anything else you did with her? I think Madonna worked best with you. I think MOST people feel that way. I remember when Music was coming out and she said she played some of her work she did with Mirwais and said u said you were jealous. I had to laugh afterwards because even tough it was good, it was FAAAAARRRRR from the "amazing" (hehe) work you did with her. Amazing, Runaway Lover, and Gone were incredible. Too bad Liquid Love didnt make it because it's the best track I think you ever did with her (besides Drowned World). Actually, that would be incredible if you made an updated version of Drowned World that sounds like the original but is an updated version. Id melt because the 1st time I heard that sound (as well as Power Of Good-Bye), I had tears in my eyes from how powerful and beautiful it was! Well, I hope you respond. Youre my idol when it comes to electronic music. Keep up the AMAZING work!

Hi Dave
Well, It's Music (the track) that I play at deejay sets the most, albeit my own slightly tweaked version. I love it and never tire of it and think that what she and Mirwais accomplished together was fantastic! I do get a great response when I play Ray Of Light however, even though it's not a bad-ass demented techno tune, my favourite style to play. This is probably because of general goodwill and fondness towards her from my audience. Everyone has a good memory to go with that song.

Did I really say that I was 'Jealous'? I never get jealous. But 'envious' maybe, And I only put it that way as a tribute to the man. I cannot sound the way he does even if I try and I truly appreciate that kind of musicality when it's done as well as that! I would be interested to know what he is up to these days. Meanwhile, I'm very happy in my own sonic world, although still pushing away at the borders.

I had to listen to the Music album tracks on which I'd participated the other day for something that Warners had requested. I cringed when I heard American Pie. A song that truly deserves it's place at the top of the 'worst-ever-cover-versions' roll of dishonour! What were we thinking?

But Runaway Lover sounded so good. It has stood the test of time very well and has a superb vocal from M. She very much sculpted the way that it sounds on the album. I was a bit spaced out during that one I recall and Mark (Spike) Stent did an excellent mix.
What really got me thinking is that the song Amazing did not ever reach its full potential. i would love to mix that one again. There are elements that didn't make it to the final. What else?, ... Gone is sort of alright.

BTW, there are vocals that she did in the late nineties that have particular strong emotional power. Not all of it released. Much has been written about her dramatic activities but she is capable of mining greater dramatic depths in her vocals than most singers today. It just isn't always in the obvious way. You have to be open to it. Plus there is always a lot of ear candy too. That combination is part of the fascination.

Interesting the you mention a reworking of Drowned World. That could be very good, I was speculating on that just the other day. The original demos sound magical and golden. But I'd only do it as an exercise in musical possibilities for myself. M doesn't look backwards readily and there are, naturally, Warner Bros considerations which are way above my head.

I don't often go into detail about past work but since I'm sitting here in a nice garden in LA, surrounded by friends and their animals and snacking on tasty morsels, with my laptop in front of me, I can take the time to reflect.

There's have been a lot of requests for interviews from various online Madonna fan sites over the years and I've always declined, but having my own blog is a good place to start jotting down a few notes. And it is over ten years on now.

(btw, was just checking and there are so many Madonna sites now. some of which are absolutely superb in terms of detail and dedication!)
But although there is a lot of unreleased material, some of which is exceptional, the question of its release can only be answered by her. And she has a lot else going on in her world at any one time! I always look at it this way, you cannot fault her sense of timing and change so there's not much pointed in trying to second guess her. She'll be going strong for another 50 years, what's the rush?
Best wishes,

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