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30 September - Madonna gets a MTV Europe Music Awards nomination
Madonna is nominated for the Best Act Ever award at this year's MTV Europe Music Awards, which will take place at Liverpool's Echo Arena on November 6.
The "Best Act Ever" category includes 40 new, established or legendary artists that fans love the most.
Please visit your local MTV website for more info. (source:

29 September - Sean Penn texts Madonna over gay film snog
Sean Penn was so chuffed about snogging a bloke he sent a text to ex-wife Madonna to brag. The star plays a gay man in new movie Milk and has to kiss actor James Franco. James said: "After our kiss Sean texted Madonna and said, 'I just popped my cherry kissing a guy. I thought of you. I don't know why.' (source: Daily Mirror)

29 September - Miles Away promo CD sent to US radio stations
Fansite MadonnaTribe reveals that the promo CDs of the 3rd single of Hard Candy, Miles Away are being sent to US radio stations, starting today. They also provide us with scans of the promo, which does not have Madonna on it, but includes all of the European Sticky & Sweet Tour dates in the form of passport stamps. This is just in time for the kick-off of the US leg of the tour, but we wonder if there is going to be a physical single for this fantastic song anytime soon.

  Miles Away US Promo CD Miles Away US Promo CD Miles Away US Promo CD  

27 September - Madonna fined for breaking Wembley Stadium curfew
Pop superstar Madonna has been fined $249,750 (GBP135,000) by Wembley Stadium officials for breaking the venue's curfew during the London stop of her Sticky & Sweet world tour earlier this month (Sep08).
The Material Girl's show overran the 10.30pm curfew by 40 minutes when she played there on 11 September - her only date in [the city].
And she has now been charged $92,500 (GBP50,000) for every 15 minutes she overstayed her welcome.
A Wembley Stadium source says, "The concert was meant to start at 8.30pm but Madonna didn't come on stage until 9.10pm. The gig ended at 11.10pm so she was quite a bit over.
"Her people knew about the possible implications for going over the curfew but this is a pretty hefty fine, even for Madonna." (Source: ContactMusic)

27 September - Timbaland & Madonna pushed Pharrell to produce more songs
Pharrell, fansite of Pharrell Williams & co, posted an interview with Pharrell, who mentions that Madonna created a friendly competition between her superstar collaborators to push him for more songs: "Timbaland was pushing me, he was like 'I like that one song you did' and I was like yeah? And he was like 'You gotta hear the album I did almost the whole thing' and I was like 'Yeah?!' Then Madonna kept teasing like 'Tim Got More Sooongs Than You, Tim Got More Songs Than You' and I was like... 'Okay you aint gonna like me when I start turning green...'"
The first track Pharrell did with Madonna for Hard Candy was of course Candy Shop. Madonna & Pharrell ended up having several recording sessions through 2007, the last one taking place in late October/early November when they reworked the leaked track Beat Goes On, which ultimately resulted in Pharrell's songs making up more than half of the CD. We assume that the demos of Heartbeat & Ring My Bell, that were leaked months ago, were done by Pharrell especially for Madonna herself after he got this push. His quote proves that the Timbaland sessions yielded several outtakes, and maybe by the end of the making of Hard Candy, Madonna herself preferred Pharrell's style more? Click here to watch the interview, that also features Shay from Pharrell's band N.E.R.D with both of them discussing their latest album 'Seeing Sounds' with its lead off single 'Everyone Nose (All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom)' playing in the video.

25 September - Tiny Montenegro town gears up for Madonna's big gig
The coastal town of BudvaMore than 65,000 Madonna fans are expected to visit Montenegro's small coastal town of Budva for the pop diva's concert on Thursday, the biggest-ever event to be held in the small Adriatic republic.
Media reports have revealed the singer's various requests, such as kosher food to be prepared by a Belgrade rabbi and her stay at a luxurious hotel's penthouse with a swimming poll on a balcony under banana and palm trees.
Organizers have unveiled that Madonna requested two rooms and a big bathroom in the 50-room backstage area.
"The rooms should be without air conditioning and fluorescent lights and colors," said public relations officer Aleksandar Rados. "Smoking is forbidden..."
The event on the Jaz beach, famous for its turquoise water and golden sands, will cost some $7 million, according to the Russian Mirax Group, which is the concert's general sponsor.
The beach was picked as the concert site after the last year's Rolling Stones concert and other musical events including a Lenny Kravitz concert this summer. (source: Reuters via Yahoo)

25 September - Something to remember: "Brothers, sisters, why can't we learn to accept we're different?"
While Madonna is currently on the road with the Sticky & Sweet Tour, today we take the opportunity to celebrate the 15th anniversary of one of her old tours. The Girlie Show kicked off exactly one and a half decade ago, on September 25th, 1993 with a sold-out date in the old Wembley Stadium of London. The schedule of the trek was very special, Madonna did only a handful of dates in Europe & US and focused mostly on LatinAmerica, Australia and Japan. This immediately brings a comparison with the Sticky & Sweet Tour, as Madonna is finally going back to Latin America this year.
The Girlie Show had one of the slimmest Madonna tour setlists: only 15 songs performed in a show divided into only 3 segments (not counting the encores), the only "elaborate" Madonna tour that does not have at least 4 distinctive sections. Half of the setlist consisted of tracks from her then-current Erotica album and the rest of the setlist contained some of Madonna's biggest hits reinvented, all of her albums were represented by at least one song (something she'd repeat on future tours). Most notable were the Eastern-tingled Vogue, the disco rendition of Express Yourself and a West Side Story-esque remake of La Isla Bonita. The core of the show was the 1970s section where Madonna stood up against discrimination in race, gender and sexual orientation, and made a moving speech about Aids. The concert also borrowed from the best of Hollywood, with Madonna paying homage to stars like Marlene Dietrich from The Blue Angel & Morocco, which idea was approved by Gene Kelly himself. The live extravaganza was recorded in Sydney, Australia, and is available on DVD.

24 September - New compilation only in 2009?
UK music industry publication Music Week revealed the following in their upcoming releases summary: "...and the anticipated Madonna best of, which was to provide a welcome shot in the arm via the Warner Bros release schedule – bringing her long-running partnership with the label to end – has also slipped back." We are puzzled by this decision, as a Madonna compilation would have had its best shot in the holiday season, just at the same time the Sticky & Sweet Tour is still showcasing some of her biggest hits on the road...

24 September - Madonna's tour towels confiscated by border guards
Madonna's Sticky & Sweet tour is set to get a little stickier after Eastern European border guards seized her entire stock of towels.
The Queen Of Pop travels with 300 expensive designer towels for her and her dancers to use when they come off stage.
But officials in Montenegro confiscated the lot because they were suspicious about the number she was taking into the country.
A source said: "The customs people had never come across that kind of volume of towels for personal use before, or the cost given for them. People in Montenegro just aren't used to spending that much on a towel."
Her Madgesty is due to perform in the Budva city stadium tomorrow. (source: The Sun)

23 September - Buenos Aires gets a fourth show! *official*
The Sticky & Sweet Tour itineary has just been expanded with an unprecedented 4th date in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In fact it's the kick-off show in the Latin American country, set to Wednesday, December 3rd. Ticket sales are expected to happen this Thursday, September 25th. Buenos Aires is the only city on the tour schedule that has four stadium concerts scheduled (Madonna will perform in the River Plate Stadium). Madonna's success in South America is simply incredible! This date is obviously the very last addition to the itineary, which now has a grand total of 58 dates, just 2 concerts shy of equaling the Confessions Tour, that had the most dates ever for a Madonna tour. Congratulations to the Argentine fans!

22 September - No music video for Miles Away?
According to French music portal Musique Radio, Warner has confirmed that the 3rd single of Hard Candy, Miles Away is not going to be accompanied by a promotional music video. While this is very disappointing because it's yet another great song after Nothing Fails that won't have a video, it just shows that record labels are so weak nowadays that they can't afford 3 music videos from the same album by such an important artist like Madonna, and of course further evidence for the 'music video era' being long gone...

22 September - Nathan Rissman to film Brazil show for DVD?
French fansite Absolument Madonna claims that Nathan Rissman, director of the Malawi documentary I Am Because We Are, is supposed to film a Sticky & Sweet show in Brazil for the DVD release. He would be in charge of directing the show and the DVD would be packed with behind the scenes stuff. Keep in mind we have no official confirmation about a DVD release or a tv broadcast, so keep checking our newspage in the upcoming weeks for more info, if emerges.
Official Madonna 2009 calendar

22 September - Official Madonna 2009 calendar cover revealed
The cover picture of the official Madonna calendar of 2009 has just been revealed. It's a picture from the Give It 2 Me video, shot by Tom Munro. You can pre-order the calendar @, which will be released on October 1st.

19 September - Share your tour experiences with Mad-Eyes!
The Mad-Eyes team would like to have your Sticky & Sweet tour reviews and pictures. Please send us your photos, positive and negative experiences to! You can also use our contact form. We promise to post them! Do also check out our press reviews and tour diary pages for more coverage on Madonna's current live extravaganza! Thanx a lot in advance for your contribution!

18 September - Madonna to become Lego
M-Dolla as LegoMadonna, Amy Winehouse and Cheryl Cole are amongst the pop culture stars to be immortalised in Lego.
The iconic range of plastic figures have been created to mark the 30th anniversary of the famed toy building block company.
David Beckham and Spice Girl wife Victoria are amongst the other celebrities chosen, alongside Cliff Richard and other international showbiz figures.
"X-Factor" judges Simon Cowell, Danni Minogue and Louis Walsh have also been made, alongside Girls Aloud singer Cole.
The figures are not expected to be put on official sale to the public. (source: Yahoo Launch UK)

18 September - Madonna gets Latin VMA nomination
South America fans! Madonna is nominated for the "Best International Pop Artist Award" at this year's MTV VMAS Latin America.
The ceremony will take place on October 16 and you can already vote for your favorite artist.
Make sure to cast your vote by visiting MTV's website now! (source:

17 September - Warner Music Netherlands confirms Miles Away as 3rd single
News just in from Warner Music NL, confirming that the 3rd single of Madonna's latest album Hard Candy is definitely going to be Miles Away. This isn't actually a shocker, since long before the album release, we did know the song was already mentioned as a possible single release by Madonna herself and it was used as the theme song of the Japanese tv show Change. We think that this breezy track is a great follow-up to the 2 previous massive dance hits, as it gets a great response and audience involvement on the Sticky & Sweet Tour! The release date is rumoured to be next month, according to UK's Music Week publication.

16 September - Madonna is the all time #1 solo & female Billboard Hot 100 artist is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and they compiled a list of the 100 biggest Hot 100 artists. Madonna astonishingly came in at #2, behind only The Beatles, which means she's the all time #1 solo and female artist of the Billboard singles chart! Congratulations to Madonna! You can find Madonna's Billboard peaks on our charts page.

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