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30 January - Madonna Fanclub to be relaunched tonight
Madonna's Fanclub ICON announced that tonight it's going to be relaunched as a brand new site, with special features and contests. Members of the former version of the club already received a newsletter, which revealed that now Madonna's Fanclub is run by Ultrastar Entertainment, which is a member of the Live Nation family. In our opinion, this means that now Madonna's Live Nation contract is in effect and it's only the upcoming album that's still under Warner, otherwise Madonna has moved to her new home-company, which could mean a possible tour this year already...

~ In other news, Madonna's new buddies Timbaland & Justin Timberlake were spotted in London yesterday, so the video shoot is indeed happening this week. Next week, Madonna will be back in NYC to host the Gucci fundraising event.

30 January - Madonna tops high-earners list
Madonna has topped a new list of high-earning female stars, beating off challenges from Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion. The Material Girl's $72 million (GBP36 million) 2007 fortune places her at number one on the new Forbes highest grossing female musicians countdown. Streisand comes in second with $60 million (GBP30 million), while Dion is third with $45 million (GBP22.5 million) The new top 10 is: 1. Madonna 2. Barbra Streisand 3. Celine Dion 4. Shakira 5. Beyonce 6. Gwen Stefani 7. Christina Aguilera 8. Faith Hill 9. Dixie Chicks 10. Mariah Carey (source: Contactmusic)

26 January - 'Ray' & 'Confessions' are favourite albums
Weeks before the release of Madonna's new studio album, Mad-Eyes has surveyed its visitors on their favorite Madonna album. Disco album Confessions On A Dance Floor and 10 year old Electronica album Ray Of Light took the lead, together representing more than half of the votes. Third place went to Erotica (11%), closely followed by Like A Prayer (10%) and American Life (9%). We're curious how the new album will shake up this ranking! Check the poll results here.
Our current poll wants to know what you think Madonna should do in 2008; cast your vote now!

26 January - reports on Sunsilk commercial
Sunsilk adMadonna, together with Marilyn Monroe and Shakira, will front the first global advertising campaign for Sunsilk. The campaign aims to convince twenty-something girls around the world that "Life Can't Wait".
These three powerful fashion and beauty icons embody the spirit of living life with passion and urgency. They have made their lives happen and Sunsilk hopes millions of girls will be inspired to do the same.

Due to launch during the American Super Bowl on February 3rd, the Life Can't Wait campaign aims to encourage women to live their lives to the full by making the most of every minute.
The new Sunsilk campaign tells each icon's unique story through the lens of their changing hair - each look inspiring a new chapter in their lives, revealing the power of hair as a tool of self-expression.
For more info, visit (source:

26 January - Timberlake, Timbaland to appear new video
Justin Timberlake and Timbaland are off to London to appear in Madonna's new video for the song 4 Minutes To Save The World. The two cowrote and coproduced the track, which is the first single off her forthcoming album (the last full LP she'll release for Warner Bros.), due out this April. Queen M also recently shot the cover art for the album (believed to be titled Give It To Me) with renowned fashion photographer and frequent collaborator Steven Klein. As fans clamor for a glimpse at the superstar's latest reinvention, details are starting to emerge about her new look and sound. Madonna's stylist, B. (yes, she just goes by the initial), told Women's Wear Daily at Chanel's couture show on Tuesday that "Madonna's look is going to be more edgy, more fresh - no more disco." And Warner Bros. staffers who heard the record at a listening session last month describe it as "very now." Says an insider: "For the first time, [Madonna's] not chasing the next new sound. She's embracing what's happening today." (source: Hollywood Insider)

25 January - Madonna to premiere 'Filth And Wisdom' on February 13th in Berlin
Fansite Drownedmadonna reports that Madonna is going to premiere her directorial debut Filth And Wisdom on February 13th at the Berlinare Film Festival. Madonna is going to be there with Gogol Bordello's Eugene Hutz, the star of the movie. An afterparty will follow at the Bangaluu Club.

24 January - 2007 US catalog sales update
The Confessions TourThanx to HolidayGuy @ MadonnaNation, we get to see Madonna's American catalog sales in 2007 [sales of Who's That Girl & Evita are excluded]:
2007 releases
1. The Confessions Tour (CD+DVD): 123,715

Catalog albums and videos
1. The Immaculate Collection: 102,455 (-28%)
2. Confessions On A Dance Floor: 55,700 (-89%)
GHV23. Like A Virgin: 16,675 (-2%)
4. GHV2: 12,360 (-55%)
5. Ray Of Light: 10,005 (-40%)
6. I'm Going To Tell You A Secret (CD+DVD): 7,575 (-89%)
7. Madonna: 7,545 (-46%)
8. The Immaculate Collection (DVD): 7,220 (-36%)
9. Something To Remember: 6,260 (-41%)
10. True Blue: 5,500 (-37%)
11. Music: 4,340 (-49%)
12. The Girlie Show (DVD): 4,065 (-16%)
Bedtime Stories13. Like A Prayer: 4,040 (-44%)
14. Erotica: 3,970 (-31%)
15. Ciao Italia (DVD): 3,810 (-40%)
16. Drowned World Tour (DVD): 3,050 (-53%)
17. American Life: 2,955 (-54%)
18. The Video Collection (DVD): 2,875 (-51%)
19. Bedtime Stories: 2,590 (-31%)
20. You Can Dance: 2,055 (-52%)
21. Remixed & Revisited (EP): 1,900 (-70%)
22. I'm Breathless: 1,780 (-29%)

~ Remarks: 2007 was the least eventful year regarding Madonna projects in a decade, so it's no surprise that most albums suffered a huge drop. The music industry is also experiencing its lowest sales ever. The Immaculate Collection will probably see an increase in 2008 with all the upcoming projects, but it is believed that the new greatest hits set (to be released at the end of 2008) is going to eat most of its sales. The SoundScan totals did not change significally since 2006 (click here for the totals from the end of 2006) and apart from the aforementioned compilation album, no other disc seems to be eligible for a new certification...

23 January - A hint at Madonna's new style
Madonna's stylist, who goes by the name of B., was also in the audience. Having just wrapped up working on Madonna's next album cover, shot by Steven Klein, the trendsetter said she was returning to London the next day to style a music video featuring Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. "Madonna's look is going to be more edgy, more fresh-with no more disco," she said. (source:

22 January - Madonna tops Most Elegant Woman list
Madonna has topped Hello! magazine's list of "The Most Elegant Woman."
The troubled singer took top spot with a well over a third of the 61,800 votes cast, reports the mag.
Hello! stated that the singer's "finely toned body that helps her carry off the freshest styles" was what vaulted her to the numero uno spot.
Coming in at second place on the list was new mum Christina Aguilera for turning "every appearance into a show of A-list maternity fashion."
Third spot went to Sarah Michelle Gellar for a "look all about easy glamour."
Rounding off the top five were Denmark's queen-in-waiting Princess Mary andicole Kidman, who came in fourth and fifth on the list respectively. (source: People's Daily)

18 January - New single in March, album in April? *rumour*
Fansite Drownedmadonna is now reporting that the new album (still with the working title 'Give It To Me') is tentatively scheduled for April 11th (15th in the US), while the new single 4 Minutes To Save The World will be available in March.

16 January - Madonna to feature in Superbowl commercial
While it's highly unlikely that Madonna is going to perform at the Superbowl Halftime Show, she will be present as part of a new commercial of hair products:
A hair-care brand is hoping to generate some attention through a worldwide campaign that gets under way with a star-filled commercial during Super Bowl XLII on Fox on Feb. 3.

The commercial will present three famous, fabulous females - Madonna, Marilyn Monroe and Shakira - to promote the Sunsilk line of hair products sold by Unilever. The 30-second spot is scheduled for the fourth quarter of the game.
Unilever has capitalized on the female viewership during previous Super Bowls, advertising its Dove brand of skin- and hair-care products. Now it's time for Sunsilk, which the company brought out in the United States in mid-2006, 50 years after it was introduced in its first market, the Netherlands.
"We felt like a campaign of this magnitude deserved a very big stage," Sarah Jensen, marketing director at the Unilever hair-care division in Chicago, said Monday.

The campaign carries the theme "Life can't wait" and urges women to "make your hair happen." The commercial will direct viewers to a Web site (, which is scheduled to go live on Feb. 1.
Visitors to the site will be asked to share personal stories about how they - like Madonna, Monroe and Shakira - try to live life to the fullest.
Or, in the case of Monroe, who died in 1962, lived life to the fullest.
The commercial features snippets of songs associated with each star. Madonna sings Ray Of Light, Monroe sings "I Want to Be Loved By You" and Shakira sings "Whenever, Wherever."
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