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28 February - Madonna's weight fear
Superfit Madonna has admitted even she worries about her weight. The Queen of Pop revealed she sometimes feels overweight despite hitting the gym six days a week. The 48-year-old said: "I run longer on the treadmill and don't eat as much the next day, so then it evens out. "But I'm sure it's all in my head." In an exclusive interview, Madonna - winner of ELLE's Style Icon Award - told the magazine her punishing exercise regime. She said: "I mix it up - Pilates, gyrotonics and yoga. I do it six days a week with Sunday off. Actually, Sunday is a day of horse-riding. There's no such thing as a day off."

From March 22, women will be able to buy her latest look. She has designed a new range for high street chain H&M.
The full interview appears in the April issue of ELLE magazine, on sale today. (source: Daily Record)

26 February - Madonna and Guy at Oscar after-party
Madonna at the Oscars Madonna at the Oscars Madonna at the Oscars Madonna at the Oscars Madonna at the Oscars

Yesterday evening, Madonna and Guy Ritchie attended the annual Vanity Fair Oscar party at Morton's in West Hollywood, California. (Pix courtesy of AP Photo/Danny Moloshok). Madonna looked stunning in a strappy black satin gown by Dolce & Gabbana with a reported $10 million in diamonds from Neil Lane. Guy kissed her in front of the cameras, not showing any sign of the reported marital problems.

24 February - The Confessions Tour chart update
In its third week on the charts, Madonna's The Confessions Tour CD/DVD is holding up in several markets. It's still top 10 in France (#8), Germany (#8), Italy (#3), Belgium (#4 in both territories), Hungary (#1), Spain (#9), Netherlands (#5), Switzerland (#5), Denmark (#7), Portugal (#1), Czech Republic (#1), Austria (#2), Mexico (#1) & Australia (#1). In the Euro Top 100 albums, the package slips 2-3, while on the United World Chart, it drops to 12 with 104,000 copies sold (428,000 total sales). Unfortunately in Ireland it fell to #47 in the third week, #44 in UK & #99 in US.

The CD/DVD reached #1 in the following countries: Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Spain. It also reached #1 in the following DVD charts: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden & USA. A total of 20 countries!
~ For a detailed chart page dedicated to the release, check out!

24 February - Details on H&M TV commercial
Fansite MadonnaTribe reports details on the tv commercial for the H&M campaign:
"The full lenght commercial is 1 and half minute long and it's basically a short comedy skit which is used to show H&M clothes in a funny, unconventional way, with Madonna plays a fashion guru that has to restyle the look of a 20something girl, a charachter between a punk gal and an harajuku girl. (braids, asian look, short kilt skirt, red sleeveless jacket and huge headphones).

M by Madonna Escorted into Madonna's white office by two models/assistants, a blond and a brunette, passing through white rooms with huge doors, the girl is presented to the Queen of Fashion awaiting behind her desk with 4 assistants behind her. A close shot of an incredibly beautiful Madonna's is then shown, saying to the girl: "How can I help it". Then the girl's left sock goes down by its own and the girl puts down the other one. Madonna says: "I Like It".

Change to another sequence. Madonna beats with her black whip a huge screen with the word "FASHION" projected on it saying: It, it, it. She then asks to the girl: "What is it?"
The girl says: "I think..". Madonna interupts her saying: "Don't think it, you need to know it".
Then Madonna's two fashion stylist, (a tall and shorter one who are indeed very stereotyped - French accent included), are introduced in the next sequence, taking place in a dark room from which the three of them are looking at the girl through a see-through, police station-like mirror while she is waiting in the next room, wondering what they can do to rescue the girl's image.

Then the sylist take care of the girl, trying different looks on her. The right one of course will end up being the same H&M style Madonna wears in the final sequence. When the girl comes out of the room Madonna is satisfied with the result and says:"You made it". The shorter stylist bows to Madonnas feet saying: "No, you made it".
Madonna then takes the girl under her arm and leaves the room with her saying: "and I love it", while one of stylists dances with the girl's old punk wear on.

The commercial is really great and uses most of the same settings you've seen in the campaign images - or we should better say it's actually the other way round. This also explains why you also have a picture of Madonna in a dark room, with a black scratched table, while she has been posing for all the other images in white, glaring and hi-tech scenarios.
Obviously all the female characters in the commercial proudly sport their H&M looks, everything in simple black, white and neutral colors - just like the entire collection designed by Madonna."

24 February - Pix from the Ariake commercial
Ariake commercial Fansite MadonnaTribe reports that the new commercial for the Brillia Mare Ariake new high rise on the Tokyo bay front has premiered on Japanese television this morning. In the 15 second clip, directed by logtime collaborator and partner in crime Steven Klein, Madonna is seen wearing a blond wig and a great bustier-style dress, holding a guitar. Here is a transcript of what Madonna says in the commercial, that will air until February 26 - possibly in the Tokyo area only.

"Beyond race - Beyond gender - Beyond religion - Beyond language - Beyond culture - Beyond tomorrow - Just perfect - Brilla Mare Ariake"
Check MadonnaTribe for some other screengrabs or check the entire commercial on YouTube.

24 February - Madonna gets two International Dance Music Awards nominations
After the win of a new Grammy Award for Best Electronic Dance Album earlier this month, Madonna is now nominated in two different categories for the upcoming International Dance Music Awards. The Material Girl is nominated for Best Dance Video, Jump, but also for Best Dance Artist Solo. Click here to cast your vote. (source:

23 February - Timbaland wants to work with Madonna
Top producer Timbaland gave an interview to Billboard about his upcoming solo album next month. He mentions Madonna among the people he planned to collaborate after his album is out:
Next up on Timbaland's production docket are "Eve, M.I.A., Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Missy Elliott and Madonna," he says. "Missy and I still talk. She's like a sister to me and I'm with her till death do us part. I haven't gone into the studio yet with Madonna. I need to call someone now to talk about that further."

~ Now it's possible that Madonna will end up working with him for her new album. Moreover, there are rumours floating about other producers, including Felix Da Housecat (remixer of Die Another Day & American Life) and Dallas Austin (Bedtime Stories). The latter one is quite weird, considering Madonna worked with him almost 15 years ago and it's not often that she goes back to previous collaborators...

23 February - Madonna's dating ban for daughter
Madonna has banned her daughter from dating until she is 18.
The singer got worried when ten-year-old Lourdes attracted a lot of attention at the premiere of new animated film Arthur and the Invisibles - in which Madonna voices a character - and has warned her to stay away from men until she is an adult.

A source told the National Enquirer magazine: "It must come from her strict Catholic upbringing.
"Everyone told Lourdes how gorgeous she is at the Arthur and the Invisibles premiere, which sent a red alert to Madonna!
"It made her nervous to think that in just a few years guys would be hitting on her only girl."
Madonna has previously admitted to being a strict parent.

The 48-year-old singer has banned Lourdes and her younger brother Rocco from watching TV and eating junk food, makes them earn their treats, and if they leave clothes on the floor they end up in the trash.
Madonna - who is married to British film director Guy Ritchie - said: "My kids don't watch TV. We have televisions but they're not hooked up to anything but movies. TV is trash. I was raised without it. We don't have magazines or newspapers in the house either.

"My daughter has a problem picking things up in her room. So if you leave your clothes on the floor, we put them in a trash bag. She has to earn them back by being tidy. I'm a disciplinarian. Guy's the spoiler." (source: AZcentral)

22 February - Calling All Gay Icons
Do you know what shocked me most about the Madonna concert (Madonna: The Confessions Tour Live from London) recently aired on NBC? It wasn't the multi-faceted, multi-talented entertainer's fabulous physique, and it certainly wasn't the much maligned sequence depicting her hanging from a cross. The thing that sent shivers down my spine was coming to the realization that Madonna, on the brink of turning 50, is our most current and active "gay icon."

Now, I'm not implying some up-and-coming pop tart should pull an All About Eve on the singer-affectionately-known-as-Madge across the pond and knock her ABBA-esque butt to the curb (on the contrary!), but it's pretty obvious Madonna won't be hoofing it on stage to Lucky Star for a whole lot longer. And as her career eventually winds down, someone has to step into her rainbow spotlight, right?

The problem is, I don't see anyone preparing to step into Madonna's pricey Manolo Blahniks anytime soon. Actually, scratch that - there are plenty of girls looking to take her place as a "gay icon," but I'm not sure many of them deserve the title (I'm naming myself head of the nominating committee, in case you didn't already know).

Here's a shortlist of the ladies I see as either contenders or pretenders to the "gay icon" throne currently comforting Madonna's amazingly gym-toned ass (and which previously hoisted a few gals who go by the names of Judy, Babs, Bette and Cher, among others):

1. Kylie Minogue - It seems strange to list the Aussie pop princess as one of the women most likely to take Madonna's spot as the premiere gay icon, partially because in the eyes of many gay men she's already bested her musical muse.
That said, Ms. Minogue is hardly a household name in the U.S. (outside of the clubs, of course) and isn't getting any younger (she'll turn 40 around the same time Madonna turns 50). Kylie certainly has the sex appeal and camp factor required to pull it off, and her most recent tours are even gayer than their Madonna counterparts, which is no easy task!

Madonna snogs Britney 2. Dannii Minogue - I'm guessing more than a few people read that name and thought, "huh? Kylie's got a sister?" Yep. She's quite a hot little number, too, and sings the same kind of fizzy dance-pop for which big sis is known around the world. Unfortunately for her, she can probably wander wherever she wants here in the States, as the only real hit she's had was 2003's I Begin to Wonder. I'm beginning to wonder why I put her on this list...

3. Britney Spears - Now that the former Musketeer has pushed her way back into the spotlight (stumbled drunkenly into it sounds more like it), Britney Spears may just make that run to the top of the gay music charts that she was never quite able to accomplish earlier in her career. Hell, she can call on that video of Madonna tongue-kissing her for years to come, if she wants. Not sure how the whole Sinead O'Connor look-alike thing is going to work out, but it definitely got her back into the headlines, something her matronly mentor has always been good at as well. Who cares if she can sing as long as she can titillate, right?

4. Christina Aguilera - Madonna snogs Christina I feel like I'm on a roller coaster when I contemplate Christina's spot on a list like this. She's blond, leggy and pretty enough (when she's not dressing like Twisted Sister's Dee Snider, as she did during that whole Lady Marmalade phase. Eeek!). And we all know she has the pipes.
Her problem is that, like her Musketeer sister mentioned above, she isn't really known for her wit. Hey, say what you will about Madonna, but no one's calling her dumb! Britney and Christina, on the other hand, may be challenged to spell Mensa, let alone know what it is.

5. Paris Hilton - I know, I know. How the hell could I put Paris Hilton on here? Well, she's young and blond and pert and all those traits that have suddenly become prerequisites for entering the "Gay Icon Hall of Fame" (Judy, Babs, Bette and Cher certainly didn't fit that bill!). And she has attitude to spare - always an important trait when you're trying to woo the gays. What about her music, you ask? Eh, some people liked it well enough, others didn't - and the worst most of it can be called is boring. That sure didn't stop Madonna at the beginning (early detractors said her voice sounded like "Minnie Mouse on helium"), did it? I'm not betting she'll be pushing Madonna around in a wheelchair anytime soon, but I'm sure she has the bucks to take a stab at it if she wants to.

Looking back at that list makes me gag a little bit. Christina brings some artistic credibility to the list (especially her most recent transformation into a vampy, va-va-va-voom crooner), but that's about it as far as depth goes. At least we know Madonna - when she eventually decides to hand over her well-deserved rainbow-colored crown to the next gay-icon-in-waiting - will be leaving us pop music fans in some expensively manicured, if not altogether musically accomplished, hands. (source: GayWired)

22 February - More on M by Madonna collection
The new M By Madonna collection, which was designed by the Material Girl herself, will be available in H&M stores next month. Some publicity pictures from the Steven Klein photoshoot were released earlier in February. The whole collection including clothes and accessories can now be viewed on the website of Norwegian magazine Detnye.

20 February - British play 'Madonna and Me'
Mad-Eyes has received a message from Tommy Kearney, a British playwright who has written a play called Madonna and Me. It is to be staged at the Union Theatre in London and starts in April 2007, running for three weeks. The play is set in Liverpool and it tells the story of three Madonna fans and their mates, and shows how a simple song and video can change a person's life. It centres around friendship and loyalty. Be sure to check it out when you have the chance! More info here.

Talking about theatre plays: Alicia Silverstone is starring in David Mamet's play 'Speed the Plow' in Hollywood, in the same role that Madonna created on Broadway in 1988. More info here.

19 February - Robbie's video inspired by 'Bloodhounds of Broadway'
Robbie in 'She's Madonna' Madonna in 'Bloodhounds of Broadway' We already knew that the song 'She's Madonna' was inspired by a conversation Robbie Williams had with Guy Ritchie about the way Guy left his ex-girlfriend for Madonna. Apart from the references to Madonna songs in the lyrics, there appears to be yet another Madonna-related inspiration:

From The Sun: Robbie Williams' 'She's Madonna' video - which sees the troubled star in drag - was inspired by the picture on the right. The snap shows Madge playing a Twenties lounge singer in 1989 movie Bloodhounds Of Broadway. Robbie wanted Madonna to star alongside him in the video, but hubbie Guy Ritchie had other ideas. A source revealed: "Guy realised the song was based on the line he used to dump Tania Strecker for Madge - 'I love you, baby, but face it, she's Madonna. "So he put his foot down." Guy was mentioned in the single and threatened to sue if the lyrics weren't altered - causing yet more stress for poor Rob.

18 February - David's first trip to Hollywood
Madonna went hell for leather through Heathrow airport yesterday as she took adopted son David Banda on his first trip to Hollywood.
And the star. dressed in a full-length black leather coat and shades, was all set for departure even before putting on her seatbelt - with a cap bearing the legend "Take Off".

Little 15-month-old David - whom she adopted in Malawi last October - looked comfortably at ease in his mum's arms in spite of fans who gathered to see the Material Girl. An onlooker said: "Madonna looked incredibly relaxed with him."
But it was strictly mum and new son only - as director husband Guy Ritchie, 38, and their other children, Lourdes, 10 and Rocco, six, stayed at home in London. (source: Sunday Mirror)

17 February - CD/DVD press review: Madonna always comes back
Future Lovers / I Feel Love Madonna never goes away and yet she always comes back. The woman of a thousand icons is a self-inventor and recreator on a never-ending scale. One minute she's flopping around in a white dress to Like A Virgin at the 1984 MTV music awards, then she's a solid supporting actress in A League Of Their Own, and next she's a Kabbalah-thumping, protective mother who knows when to relinquish her wild side.

A little background first: I always viewed Madonna as the bane of my existence. As the only boy growing up in a house with four women, Madonna had a prominent role in that matriarchy. When the Dirty Dancing VHS tape needed a rest from overheating in the VCR, Madonna was surely booming out of the stereo. I thank you for your sympathy.

So, surely you can understand where some initial animosity might register with me whenever someone merely mentions the singer's name. However, it's time to put all bias aside and embrace the reality that Madonna is one of the biggest stars of all time for a reason—female liberation and empowerment to the utmost degree.

The Confessions Tour concert CD/DVD takes all the themes of Madonna's career and meshes them on a big plate of fun. Performing songs both classic and new (mostly new), the former Material Girl owns the London crowd on a night where she swears she didn't even know it would be filmed. I, for one, believe her, because you don't get that big without giving it your all every night.

The festivities kick off with a horse-oriented video on the stage's jumbo screen for Future Lovers/I Feel Love. After a daunting sequence of the horse galloping in various locations, Madonna bursts onto the scene in complete horseback attire. Men prance around the stage while she has a whip in hand, suggesting a dominatrix-like assertion to the crowd that she is in control.

Live To Tell The show's screen images bounce from politically charged and socially aware to just plain weird, sometimes even taking up the whole TV screen with persistent flashes, leaving me wondering if I might develop epilepsy. This is definitely the weakest and most artificial piece to an otherwise eclectic concert.

For Like A Virgin, the tune that made her a household name, she rides a horse saddle attached to a pole. I'm still not sure what the horse theme is all about, but it seems to resemble the star's carefree, wild spirit. She wails on the guitar to I Love New York and while she is no Hendrix, it's astounding to see her harness a musical instrument. And when she yells on stage, "New York is not a place; it's a fuck you attitude," it's magnificent.

Now, on to the blown-up controversy surrounding the event: the mock crucifixion. This is done during the song [Live To Tell] and there is nothing to it. Some breakdancers do their thing and Madonna rises up at the back of the stage strapped to an enlarged, blue-checkered cross. There is nothing obscene like fake blood or wounds, so any true controversy cannot be found by me (she doesn't say this is what it was like when Jesus actually died or anything).

My favorite parts of the concert are whenever Madonna is on stage. Due to the fact she has to change clothes a lot, the intermediary segments between songs with either breakdancers or other expressive artists had me thinking, So where's that Madonna chick? On one of the occasions she returned, to perform Ray Of Light, I'll admit that I caught myself singing along in a high-pitch tone. Which is extraordinarily awkward even for me.

The exalted one is every bit as charismatic, charming and lively as ever. I recommend the DVD more than the CD because she's more interesting to watch than to listen to, but The Confessions Tour is a great way to relive another event that put the one-name icon back on the map, yet again. Madonna, I confess: You rock, girl. (source: Cinema Blend)

17 February - Second-week worldwide chart performance of CD/DVD
Madonna's latest release, The Confessions Tour has been enjoying quite a nice success worldwide. But being a live album/DVD combo, it's obvious that it won't have a big staying power on the charts (as it's mainly for fans and the single DVD version takes away some sales). So its second-week chart positions are usually big drops, though there are some nice holds too (last week-this week):

The Confessions Tour CD/DVDUnited World Chart: 2-6 (total sales: 324,000)
European Top 100 albums: 2-2
United Kingdom: 7-26
United States: 15-66
France: 2-3
Netherlands: 2-3
Italy: 1-1
Belgium (Flanders): [19-]3-3
Belgium (Wallonia): [8-]1-2
Hungary: 1-1
Germany: 2-8
Czech Republic: 1-1
Poland: 13-5-10
Portugal: 1-1
Spain: 1-6
Sweden: 8-20
Switzerland: 2-3
Ireland: 10-28
Austria: 1-2
Canada: 2-9
Australia: 1 (DVD)

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