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26 February - Sony plans new 'EyeToy' with Madonna music
Like to groove to the smooth sounds of Jamiroquai? Enjoy shaking your hips like Elvis? Want to rock with Fatboy Slim? Sony Corp. Wednesday said it would release a new game for its EyeToy interactive camera later this year allowing players to dance along to 28 songs licensed from those artists and others, including Madonna and Jessica Simpson. Sony said "EyeToy: Groove" would be released in the spring for $29.99, or $49.99 bundled with the camera, which connects to Sony's PlayStation 2 video game console and lets players move around and have those motions translated into actions on screen. First released last year, the EyeToy camera has sold more than 3 million units worldwide, largely bundled with a package of minigames. "Groove" players will score points by following prompts on the screen and following a song's beat. The game will offer both single and multi-player modes. (source: Reuters/Forbes)

25 February - Madonna items to be auctioned
One of the auction items Auction website Cooper Owen has informed us about the auction of two Madonna items, which will take place tomorrow, Feb. 26th. Commission bids can be left at until 5.00pm on the 26th February. The auction will then be completed from 6.00pm at
- Lot 106: Madonna signed photograph: A colour portrait photograph signed Love Madonna in gold pen. Measures approx. 8 x 10 inch (20 x 25 cm) Estimate £ 90-100
- Lot 107: Madonna / Nick Kamen acetate, 'Like A Virgin' promo standee and posters: A one-sided 12 inch acetate for the Nick Kamen 1987 single "Each Time You Break My Heart" which was produced by Madonna, with a copy of the single sleeve featuring both artists sold with a US poster for the film Desperately Seeking Susan and a Who's That Girl soundtrack promo poster together with a rare promo display for Like A Virgin featuring the album cover image together with Who's That Girl Tour drinks vouchers and Like A Virgin promo standee. Estimate £ 100-150.

25 February - Kevin Costner ends feud with Madonna
We mentioned the Costner-Madonna incident in our previous news item, but it seems the feud between the two has been resolved:
"Hollywood actor Kevin Costner has made up with pop queen Madonna after she humiliated him in her 1991 documentary In Bed With Madonna (Truth Or Dare). The Open Range star, 49, was "initially hurt" when he saw Madonna's furious reaction to Costner telling her he enjoyed her "neat" show, when he visited the superstar backstage. But the showbiz feud came to an end when Costner decided to take his daughter along to one of Madonna's concerts. Costner explains, "A lot of people thought it was strange that I'd want to go to her concert. But my daughter Lily is a singer and I didn't want to keep my kids from seeing Madonna because I had my feelings hurt, or I was semi-embarrassed or whatever. "We were sitting in the audience and Madonna dedicated a song to me. I thought it was very classy." The Oscar-winner has never thanked the Material Girl for her offering, but regards it as concluding their dispute. He continues, "I've never talked to her about it or written her a thank you note. I thought it very brave on her part and I respected it. "What was really cool was that my kids heard that dedication from Madonna. They knew we were going to see someone that in one moment in time, there was some difficulty between us. Madonna didn't make a big deal about it but it was a big deal to me and I appreciate it. "I like her and I think she is an important person in our entertainment history. Maybe some day we will chat together." (source: Celebrity Gossip, thanx to MadonnaTribe)

25 February - Blond Ambition extravaganza
As Elton John prepares to unveil the Las Vegas show that will help bankroll his lavish lifestyle, Chris Roberts showcases the most overblown extravaganzas from the annals of rock follies [...]
Madonna For the Blonde Ambition tour - immortalised by the Truth Or Dare documentary in which Kevin Costner's much-lampooned comment of "Er, neat" now seems like a masterfully wry put-down - Madge, as she wasn't yet known, sported those unforgettable Jean-Paul Gaultier conical breasts, prompting many of the zillions of on stage dancers to observe, "Jesus, woman, you nearly had my eye out." Also here, radical feminist pioneer Madonna challenged the status quo on religion, sexuality and gender politics by, um, simulating masturbation. Now that's expressing yourself. (source: The Guardian)

25 February - Today dance auditions in LA
Los Angeles auditions have been announced for Madonna Project TBD. Director is Jamie King. Professional pay. Performance commitment is from March through September with travel in the United States and in Europe. Must have valid work visa, current passport and social security number. Be aware that you will need proper photo identification to travel in Europe (current passport). Must be available beginning March 8 through September 15, no exceptions. All persons auditioning must sign a Talent Release and present government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver's license or passport). All persons under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who also must present government issued photo ID and sign the Talent Release. Caretakers, nannies, babysitters, etc. are NOT legal guardians. Dancers MUST be willing to cut or change hair drastically. Number of dancers to be hired - TBD. Please bring 2 pictures & resumes to audition. Looking for individuals. Strong & versatile dancers. Choreography will be unpredictable...anything goes! Dancers should be prepared with everything from knee pads to different shoes... costume changes optional! Should be comfortable doing most any style of choreography in whatever they choose to wear while still showing their unique personality. Dancers will be asked to showcase their own freestyle in addition to learning the choreography (Looking to see anything from acrobatics, breaking, popping, locking to ballet, reeling, riverdancing & tango). Audition date is: Wed, Feb 25, 2004. (source:

25 February - New cover for Love Profusion US maxi
Love Profusion maxi single The street date for the [Love Profusion] CD Maxi is 3/16 and the 12" vinyl Maxi street date is 3/23. The CD Maxi will include an Estee Lauder Love Profusion scented blow in as a marketing tie in from the commercial in the US and key European markets. We will not have a sticker that mentions this so it will simply be a extra when you buy the CD maxi and open it. (source:

25 February - DVD release for Bloodhounds Of Broadway
On May 4th, the DVD (region 1) of Bloodhounds Of Broadway will be released. This film, directed by Howard Brookner, was released in American theatres in 1989 and sees Madonna in the role of Hortense Hathaway. Check Mad-Films for more details.

23 February - Australia hopes to see Madonna tour
Madonna is set to announce a world tour. But Australia does not figure in her plans. Yet. Local promoters are quietly confident Madonna will visit, with an arena show, later this year. A spokeswoman for the Frontier Touring Company, which toured Madonna in 1992, said the performer has not yet offered Australian dates. "Needless to say, we are not even at the bidding stage," the spokeswoman said. Madonna will open her tour, rehearsing under the working title Whore of Babylon, in San Francisco on June 1. She will play shows in 32 US cities, 15 European centres and four dates in Israel. This week, Madonna put out word on the streets for dancers. She will hold auditions in New York and Los Angeles. "Choreography will be unpredictable: anything goes," her advertisement said. "Looking to see anything from acrobatics, breaking, popping, locking, to ballet, reeling, riverdancing and tango. Madonna's last visit to Melbourne was three sellout nights in 1993 for her Girlie Show at the MCG. (source: Herald Sun)

23 February - Rumoured tour concept: a journey through time *rumour*
A journey through time is the rumored theme of Madonna's latest extravaganza of a tour. Madonna will kick off the journey in the roaring 1920's all the way through the present, performing Madonna classics of the 80's up through the present. Fans will be thrilled to hear that Like a Virgin is indeed part of the setlist; the decade that it will represent is yet unknown, but be well aware that it will be like nothing you have ever experienced. Madonna's musical collaborators on the tour are Pat Leonard and Joe Henry. If you recall, Madonna spoke earlier in 2003 about a musical she was writing. Well, this tour is rumored to be losely based on that very musical. Tour dates are yet unconfirmed but look for a similar schedule as The Drowned World Tour with more European dates. (source: Drowned Madonna)

23 February - Madonna is 4th Ultimate Pop Star
Veteran singer Cliff Richard has beaten the Beatles and Elvis Presley to the title of Britain's Ultimate Pop Star as the biggest selling artist. Channel 4's The Ultimate Pop Star, broadcast on Sunday, said Richard had sold more singles than any other artist in the last 50 years, ahead of the Beatles in second place and Presley in third. Madonna was in fourth place as the only female to make the top ten. She was followed by Kylie Minogue at number 13 and The Spice Girls at 15. Elton John was named in fifth place, ahead of Michael Jackson in sixth and Queen in seventh. Swedish group Abba were placed eighth and Paul McCartney made the top ten twice, as a solo artist in ninth position. David Bowie closed out the top ten. The program said Richard, the eternally youthful 63-year-old singer with a squeaky-clean image, had sold almost 21 million singles in his career of over 40 years. (source: Reuters)

23 February - Lotsa released in June
Cover of The Adventures of Abdi Cover of Yakov Cover of Lotsa de Casha'Lotsa de Casha', the next children book from Madonna, will be released in June is now available for pre-order at
'Yakov and the Seven Thieves' was originally the next book released, but it has been pushed back to October. However, you can still pre-order it at (source:
~ Release date of the fifth book 'The Adventures of Abdi' has yet to be determined.

22 February - Madonna attended callbacks? *rumour*
"According to MadonnaTribe's very informed sources Madonna herself attended today's callbacks, joining her manager Caresse Henry and choregrapher and tour director Jamie King, who have already supervised yesterday's auditions at S.I.R Rehearsal Studios in the heart of Manhattan.
Our informers tell us that a very relaxed Madonna made her appearance in the studio and watched the dancers' routine, seeming very interested in how the bases of the new choreographies she created with Jamie King, worked on the dancers. Apparently she looked more interested in that than on the skills of the dancers themselves, as Jamie King is in charge of that.
Another call for dancers will take place in Los Angeles in a few days. Selected dancers from the New York audition, along with some others that have already been contacted before, will be part of the final selection.
Full choreography of the new world tour numbers will be [taught] to the chosen dancers at official rehearsals beginning March 1st.
Madonna is being reported attending Trudie Styler's new movie premiere tomorrow in Los Angeles. It is very likely that she will then follow the completion of the dancers selection process."
Meanwhile, Madonnalicious reports that 30 female and 40 male dancers were selected for today's callbacks in NYC. These call backs have just finished; 9 guys and 6 girls made it through and will be flown to Los Angeles for the final auditions on Thursday, and on Friday the dancers will know the results.

22 February - Reports from dance auditions *rumour*
Here are some reactions of people who attended the dance auditions for the tour:
"[...] Hollywood is definitely a biggy on the tour because they were practicing it with sticks and there was a lot of hip hop, breakdancing, free style choreography . Jamie King is the tour director whom I met out the door and Caresse was there whom I met and shook hands with too. This tour is very free almost like the Girlie Show . I was asking Caresse questions but she said she didn't know yet of the dates, name of tour etc. Madonna was rumored to be in a "secret room" watching the whole thing was video taped in a documentry form for madonna to watch all the dancers. This tour especially is very secretive and no one in Madonna's camp wants anything to be leaked out." (source: Dana, via MadonnaTribe)
"The men audition was not very crowded, there were only 100 in the guys call, they were asked to dance to the "Thin White Duck Mix" of Hollywood, really fast combo, very 90's style of dancing and then freestyle. Choreographer and Drowned World Tour director Jamie King was there, rehearsals were mentioned to start March 1st, Tour from June to September. Dancers should be free the first week of March for a foot shoot in Los Angeles." (source: jul2002, via MadonnaMad & MadonnaTribe)

21 February - Did 'Like A Virgin' change the world?
In his book 31 Songs, released last year, English author Nick Hornby wrote about the tunes that changed his life. Such inspiring songs can lift the mood of their singer's fan base every time they are played. Songs have also been made scapegoats for everything from subverting culture to inspiring school shootings. They have provided a soundtrack to the anti-war movement, raised awareness of famine in Africa and highlighted women's liberation. But does a song really have the power to change the world? A new nine-part American documentary series, Impact: Songs that Changed the World, analyses the power of song and in particular a song's lasting impact on music styles, fashion, mores, culture and society. Screening each Wednesday on SBS at 7.30pm from next week, the hour-long show will analyse the power of nine songs, starting with Chuck Berry's Maybellene. Rock commentators claim the image of a duckwalking Berry introduced rock'n'roll to the mainstream while breaking down racial barriers and symbolising freedom to postwar teenagers. Other songs chosen for their influence include Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel, Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees and Madonna's Like A Virgin. (source: The Age)

21 February - Madonna-Britney kiss keeps stirring homophobia
Gary LaRoy has canceled his subscription to his local newspaper and is encouraging others to do the same because of the paper's failure to "reflect the values and morals of the community it serves." "There is a fiduciary responsibility that the news media has to be reflective of the community, and I don't think our local media -- specifically The Tennessean -- is for the most part," LaRoy said, speaking of the Nashville, Tenn., newspaper owned by Gannett. Specifically, LaRoy was upset when The Tennessean ran a picture of Britney Spears and Madonna kissing at the MTV music video awards show. The newspaper placed the photo on the front of its Living section Feb. 14, Valentine's Day. The photo was part of a feature about kisses, including what the paper dubbed Best Kiss, Most Infamous Kiss, Longest Kiss and Largest Kiss. The Spears-Madonna incident was tagged Most Infamous.
"I am sick and tired of the gay and lesbian agenda taking over our media," LaRoy wrote in an e-mail circulated among his friends and also sent to The Tennessean. "While I cannot influence the national media, I believe you and I can send a strong message to The Tennessean that we are tired of that which is abnormal being portrayed as normal." LaRoy told friends he was canceling his subscription and asked them to prayerfully consider their own response. "I believe it is high time the silent majority begins to roar," he wrote. (source: SBC Baptic Press)
~ I've read many similar articles in the past months, following the innocent VMA peck shared by Madonna and Britney. I haven't run them in this news section, as not only the Madonna value is pretty low but as well I do not want to give these people another place to voice their retarded opinion. However, I'm posting this one now to raise some awareness. Jesus Christ's main message is to love one another and accept everyone the way he or she is. Madonna has given the same message in many of her songs ('Why's it so hard to love one another, love your sister, love your brother,...'). Many people saw that VMA kiss as another example of Madonna's "way to shock", but all she was saying was "it's just a simple kiss. Nothing shocking, just tenderness. Get over it already." And yes, mister LaRoy, it IS something absolutely normal. And maybe there's a silent minority sick and tired of your homophobia.

21 February - Madonna to play at Slane? *rumour*
Speculation was mounting today that Madonna could play her first ever Irish concert at Slane later this year. It is understood the Queen of Pop is in talks with promoters in Ireland to perform at the annual summer concert in Co Meath. If the show is confirmed, the American superstar will be the first female to rock Slane Castle. Madonna has been approached by promoters MCD/Wonderland Promotions in the past, but has as yet to bring a tour to Ireland. A spokesman for MCD/Wonderland today said it was too early to confirm acts for the concert. But he did not rule out that Madonna was in discussions with them. "Various acts are being considered but nothing has been confirmed yet," he said. "We never comment on an artist until they have been confirmed."
Madonna revealed during a television interview last year that she is planning to tour in 2004. She has not yet announced details of the tour but it is believed she is hoping to stage 32 shows in the US as well as 12 to 15 shows in Europe. Dance auditions are being held soon in New York and Los Angeles and details are posted on the official Madonna website.
If Madonna does choose to play Slane, she may also take time to check out convent schools for daughter Lourdes. Earlier this year she revealed she is hoping to send Lourdes to an Irish convent school. (source: Belfast Telegraph)

19 February - Madonna seeks dancers for May tour launch
The tour rumours are getting stronger, with an open call for dancers. Here's the report from MTV:
"Madonna wants you — for her upcoming world tour. The pop star has hinted for months that she would hit the road to support her album American Life, and now the trek is set to launch in May, over a year after the album's release, according to an open call notice for dancers. Madonna is looking for "strong and versatile" dancers in the New York area, according to a notice in the dancing trade Web site Though the number of people to be hired remains to be determined, tour director Jamie King is interested in seeing a variety of styles, as dancers will be asked to showcase their own freestyle moves as well as learn choreography on the spot. "Looking to see anything from acrobatics, breaking, popping, locking to ballet, reeling, riverdancing and tango," the ad reads. "Choreography will be unpredictable ... anything goes!" Dancers are asked to bring not only two pictures and résumés, but also kneepads and different shoes. And if they're picked, dancers should be willing to "cut or change hair drastically." Auditions will be held at 310 West 52nd Street in New York City on Saturday at 10 a.m. for male dancers, and at 2:30 p.m. for female dancers. Callbacks will be held on Sunday. Rehearsals begin in March in Los Angeles."
More tour rumours: according to MadonnaTribe, Madonna has contacted acclaimed photographer Steven Klein for a brand new photoshoot to be used exclusively for the tourbook. This photo shoot is going to happen on March 4th, 2004 and it will be taped so that footage of it can be used on screens during the concert. Expect a unique Steven Klein concept for both the tour and the tourbook.

19 February - Storyline of 'Yakov'
MadonnaTribe can reveal more details about Madonna's book, Yakov and The Seven Thieves. This enchanting tale takes place in the 18th century, in a small Russian village, in which Yakov is the the kindly cobbler. Yakov and his wife Olga are heartbroken as their only son Mikhail is dying. Unfortunately no doctor can't help them, so then Yakov and Olga, anxious to find a cure for Mikhail, seek the advice of a wise old man that lives at the edge of their village. The wiseman, who is believed to talk to angels, tells them that the life of his dying child can only be saved by the help of seven local thieves, who humorously prove that miracles can occur if we perform good deeds.

19 February - Maverick Films to produce cell block drama
The Material Girl can't resist the lure of prison. Madonna's Maverick Films is getting ready to produce a feature based on the shocking real-life university scandal known as the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In the early '70s, Professor Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University set out to examine the psychology of evil by placing a dozen college students into a prison setting - with half playing the guards and half playing the inmates. The experiment was brought to a screeching halt when it was discovered that the subjects were becoming too involved with the mentality of their roles in a surprisingly short time. It is unclear whether this project is associated with the Lee Tamahori-directed "The Stanford Prison Experiment" currently in production at 20th Century Fox. Madonna also serves as executive producer for the teen spy adventure sequel "Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London," which opens nationwide on Friday, March 12. (source: Kansas City Star)

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