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Movies (as director)

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W.E. 2011
Director: Madonna
Filth And Wisdom2008
Filth And Wisdom
Director: Madonna

Movies (as actress)

Arthur and the Minimoys2006
Arthur And The Minimoys
Director: Luc Besson
Madonna's role: Princess Selenia (voice)
Die Another Day2002
Die Another Day
Director: Lee Tamahori
Madonna's role: Fencing instructor Verity (cameo)
Swept Away2002
Swept Away
Director: Guy Ritchie
Madonna's role: Amber Leighton
Director: Guy Ritchie
Madonna's role: A superstar
The Next Best Thing2000
The Next Best Thing
Director: John Schlesinger
Madonna's role: Abbie Reynolds
Director: Alan Parker
Madonna's role: Eva Peron
Girl 61996
Girl 6
Director: Spike Lee
Madonna's role: Boss #3 (cameo)
Blue In The Face1995
Blue In The Face
Director: Wayne Wang
Madonna's role: Singing telegram (cameo)
Four Rooms1995
Four Rooms
Directors: Q. Tarantino, A. Anders, A. Rockwell & R. Rodriguez
Madonna's role: Elspeth
Dangerous Game1993
Dangerous Game
Director: Abel Ferrara
Madonna's role: Sarah Jennings
Body Of Evidence1993
Body Of Evidence
Director: Uli Edel
Madonna's role: Rebecca Carlson
A League Of Their Own1992
A League Of Their Own
Director: Penny Marshall
Madonna's role: Mae Mordabito ('All the way Mae')
Shadows And Fog1992
Shadows And Fog
Director: Woody Allen
Madonna's role: Marie
Dick Tracy1990
Dick Tracy
Director: Warren Beatty
Madonna's role: Breathless Mahoney
Bloodhounds Of Broadway1989
Bloodhounds Of Broadway
Director: Howard Brookner
Madonna's role: Hortense Hathaway
Who's That Girl1987
Who's That Girl
Director: James Foley
Madonna's role: Nikki Finn
Shanghai Surprise1986
Shanghai Surprise
Director: Jim Goddard
Madonna's role: Gloria Tatlock
Desperately Seeking Susan1985
Desperately Seeking Susan
Director: Susan Seidelman
Madonna's role: Susan
Vision Quest1985
Vision Quest / Crazy For You
Director: Harold Becker
Madonna's role: Nightclub singer (cameo)
A Certain Sacrifice1979/1985
A Certain Sacrifice
Director: Stephen Jon Lewicki
Madonna's role: Bruna

Tour documentaries

I'm Going To Tell You A Secret2005
I'm Going To Tell You A Secret
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Madonna's role: Herself
Truth Or Dare / In Bed With Madonna1991
Truth Or Dare / In Bed With Madonna
Director: Alek Keshishian
Madonna's role: Herself

Ads & Commercials

Versace2015 - US/Europe
Truth Or Dare By Madonna2012 - US/Europe
Truth Or Dare By Madonna
D&G2010 - US/Europe
Dolce & Gabbana
Louis Vuitton2009 - US/Europe
Louis Vuitton
Sunsilk2008 - US/Europe
H&M2007 - US/Europe
Ariake2007 - Japan
Bella Mare Ariake
H&M2006 - US/Europe
Versace2005 - US/Europe
Motorola2005 - US/Europe
GAP2003 - US/UK
Oxygen2002 - US
Max Factor1999 - US
Max Factor
Ebel1998 - US
Ebel watch
Versace1995 - US
Takara / June Legend1995 - Japan
Takara/June Legend
Elephant1991 - Japan
Spa1990 - Japan
Pepsi1989 - US
Panasonic1987 - Japan
Mitsubishi1987 - Japan