Re-Invention Tour - Crew

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Madonna: Vocals & Guitar
Donna DeLory: Backing Vocals
Siedah Garrett: Backing Vocals

Stuart Price: Musical Director, Keyboards & Guitar
Marcus Brown: Keyboards
Mike McKnight: Programmer & Keyboards
Monte Pittman: Guitar
Steve Sidelnyk: Drums
Lorne Cousin: Bagpipes


Daniel "Cloud" Campos: Dancer
Reshma Gajjar: Dancer
Mihran Kirakosian: Dancer
Paul Kirkland: Dancer
Tamara Levinson: Dancer
Valerie "Raistalla" Moise: Dancer
Dawn Noel Pignuola: Dancer
Marilyn Ortiz: Dancer
SeanAries Smith: Dancer
Seth Steward: Dancer
Zach Woodlee: Dancer
Jason Young: Dancer
Sergie Ventura: Skateboard Artist


Jamie King: Show Director, Set Designer & Choreographer
Stefanie Roos: Assistant Director & Choreographer
Talauega Brothers: Choreographers
Liz Imperio: Choreographer
Allen Dekko: Drill Specialist
Dreya Weber: Aerial Choreographer
Armando Orzuzo: Tango Choreographer
Daniela Amoruso: Tango Choreographer
Karen Dyer: Fire Specialist
Jason Lewis: Consultant
Stephen Kilbride: Drum Consultant

Costume designers

Stella McCartney
Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel
Christian LaCroix

Arianne Phillips


Caresse Henry: Artist Management, Caliente Entertainment
Shari Goldschmidt: Business Management Richard Feldstein
Richard Feldstein: Business Management Leeann Hard
Liz Rosenberg: Publicist
Angela Becker: Assistant to Madonna
Jordana Steiner: Ticket Coordinator
George Tortarolo: Ticket Coordinator
Kelli Frazier: Ticket Coordinator
Angie Edgar: Tour Assistant

Roy Bennett: Lighting Designer
Peter Aquinde: Lighting Designer
Sean Spuehler: Sound Design
Mirwais Ahmadzai: Music Design
Gina Brooke: Artist Make-up
Andy LeCompte: Artist Hair & Wig Stylist
Chris Lamb: Tour Production Director
Benny Collins: Production Manager
Tony Villanueva: Wardrobe Supervisor

Giovanni Bianco: Artwork, logos & designer tourbook
Steven Klein: Photography tourbook and video projection
Craig McDean: Photography
Dago Gonzalez: Video projection
Chris Cunningham: Video projection

Special thanks to: 
Yves Saint Laurent, Prada/Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Julien D'Ys, Eugenia Kim, Jimmy Choo, Gina shoes of London, Joeboxer, Capezio, Louis Verdad, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Jeremy Scott, Converse, Hanes, Asics, Harbinger, Banana republic, Henry Rose, Kangol, Rocky Roeger, USA Kilts, Juicy, Gap, etc.

Numbers & Figures

110 People travelled on the road with the tour
58 Minutes for Madonna to get hair and makeup completed before show
56 security guards backstage
55 Tons of above ground equipment including sound, lights, videos and speakers
40 Tons is the weight of the stage
30 Trunks carried wardrobe of entire touring company
25 Cases of Kaballah Water provided backstage nightly (backstage beverage of choice)
18 Semi Trucks carried equipment including special 'Turntable' stage
18 Dressing Rooms in each venue for touring entourage
12 Tons of sound equipment in air
12 Dancers
8 Minutes for Madonna to do warmup on Pilates stretch ball
6 Madison Square Garden Shows sold out in one day
5 Costume changes
5 Musicians
4 Wembley Arena Shows sold out in one day
3 Toronto Shows sold out in one day
3 Ricola cough drops consumed by Madonna prior to start of show
2 Background vocalists
1 Full truck to house Madonna's wardrobe and makeup
1 Skateboarder
1 Large cup of Throat Coat Honey Lemon Tea consumed by Madonna prior to start of show
1 Children's Play room backstage
1 Bagpipe player

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