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WTG dancer and choreographer Shabba Doo has passed away

31 December 2020

Sadly, we heard that Adolfo "Shabba Doo" Quiñones passed away yesterday, at the age of 65. He choreographed and danced at Madonna's 1987 Who's That Girl Tour.

More from Variety:

Adolfo "Shabba Doo" Quiñones, the dancer-actor who rose to fame starring in "Breakin'" and its sequel "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo," died Wednesday. He was 65.

No cause of death has been announced. Just a day before he was discovered unconscious, Quiñones had posted a photo of himself smiling and giving the peace sign in bed, writing, "Good news y'all! I'm feeling all better, just a wee bit sluggish from my cold, but the good news is I'm Covid 19 negative! Woo hoo!"

Besides appearing in the "Breakin'" films, both in 1984, he had a featured role on the big screen in "Lambada" in 1990.  Prior to taking to the movies, Quiñones was already a part of pop culture history for choreographing and appearing in Lionel Richie's "All Night Long" video.

Shabba Doo choreographed and danced on Madonna's Who's That Girl Tour

Rumour: Has madonna recorded an EP with The Weeknd?

Source: Online rumours - 23 December 2020

Social media has been buzzing for a while about a possible collaboration between Madonna and The Weeknd, possibly related to the latter's Super Bowl performance in February 2021. Today, this rumour was extended that the pair had recorded six tracks together, which would be released as an EP.

Has madonna recorded an EP with The Weeknd?

Our opinion? We're sceptical. There's been no indication whatsoever that M has spent time in a recording studio. The past few years, she has always documented her every move on Instagram and the past few weeks, the only content we got were selfies and videos of her kids at home in L.A.

And some parts of the rumour - especially the rumoured track title SOD - has us raising our eyebrows. But judge for yourself.

Madonna is preparing to release a new EP with six new songs. The first single is the title track and features The Weeknd. Both will perform the song at the next Super Bowl on February 7 in Tampa, Florida.

"Your touch has me on fire / Your kiss makes me perspire / Will you dance with me on the golden floor?" the Queen of Pop whispers in a sexy voice that will remind fans of the same Madonna who released "Justify My Love" 30 years ago.

In fact, the song sounds like something that Madonna and Michael Jackson could have recorded if they worked together in 1991. Madonna's voice sounds very young, and when she actually sings (most of the music is her whispering) in the end, her vocals layers like the 1985 hit "Into the Groove". Expect this song to be a big hit.

In a move that will shock fans, but it shouldn't, the new EP features a remake of Yvonne Elliman's 1977 hit "If I Can't Have You". She sings with such confidence that we don't even think about the 1977 version. It sounds like a song that could easily have been on Madonna's first album.

"SOD" is the Queen of Pop's response to "WAP", but even more dirty, literally and figuratively. Madonna sings seductively to her lover - she doesn't want him to worry about putting his feces on his penis during anal sex. The song is a lot funnier than sexy (it's supposed to be that way), and the increasingly loud farts at the end of the song prove it.

"Like Poison" is the only angry song on all the new tracks, and Madonna is fed up with media misinformation.

"You want to hide behind your divide / You want to fill us with your lies / Congratulations, you won for now / You're like poison."

In a surprise move, the fifth track is a digitally remastered version of her 2015 non-hit, "Rebel Heart". But it is not the one included in the album; is produced by the late Avicii and has a more country sound. It is much better than the album version, and the fact that this version has not officially seen the light of day so far is a musical crime.

The final song, and perhaps the best thing Madonna has done in years, is a remake of Mac Davis' 1970 hit "I Believe in Music". Madonna has always been a big fan of Davis, who unfortunately passed away a few months ago. Her remake is very commemorative, musically intense (it contains many tambourines), and the children's voices in the music may well be hers.

The Golden Floor EP really leaves the listener wanting more. It is a real provocation. This could have led to Madonna's best album in decades. However, at least we have the Madonna we love back - finally. Hopefully it will never go away.

2020 HD upgraded videos & digital single releases

Source: - 19 December 2020

During the past few months, some of Madonna's singles and remixes from the 90s and 00s were digitally released and a selection of her videos upgraded to HD. Watch, stream and/or download them all from the below list and get ready for more coming in 2021!

Digital single releases:

Human Nature:
Hanky Panky:
Justify My Love:
Rescue Me:

HD upgraded videos:



Hung Up:


Music (TV Edit):

World of Madame X awarded Best Documentary

Source: Madonna - 8 December 2020

Madonna's "World of Madame X" directed by Nuno Xico and documenting the making of her Madame X studio album has won the Best Documentary award at the 2020 Buenos Aires Music Video Festival. Congratulations Madonna ! Watch it now on her Youtube channel.

Inked for the very first time: M gets kids' initials tattood on wrist

Source: Billboard - 8 December 2020

Madonna posted on Instagram about getting her very first tattoo. "Inked for The Very First Time", she wrote, referring to her hit Like A Virgin. In a series of photos, she shares her experience at the tattoo shop Shamrock Social Club on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles.

Madonna gets her first tattoo

A close-up shows a tattoo on her wrist, consisting of the letters L, R, D, M, S and E. These are of course the initials of her children Lola, Rocco, David, Mercy, Stella and Estère. It seems she used the typewriter font of Madame X.

The tattoo consists of the letters L, R, D, M, S, E, which are the initials of her kids

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