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Martha Graham created Madame X for young rebellious Madonna

Source: Facebook - 22 April 2019

IN a new teaser clip, Madonna talks about the time when she moved to New York and went to the dance school of Martha Graham. As she rebelled against the many rules, Martha Graham gave her a new identity 'Madame X'.

In the background we hear a few lines from Extreme Occident:

Came from the Midwest and I went to the Far East. I tried to discover...

Life is a circle

The very first album teaser also contained a line from this track:

The thing that hurt the most was that I wasn't lost

More song releases, performances & appearances in the coming weeks

Source: iTunes - 20 April 2019

Good news: before the album release on June 14th, another 4 tracks will be made available. They serve to further promote the album, although it doesn't necessarily mean they will be promoted as singles.

May 3: I Rise
May 10: Crave
May 17: Future
June 7: Dark Ballet

The month of May is also turning out very interesting:

May 1: Madonna and Maluma perform at the Billboard Music Awards
May 4: Madonna is honoured at the GLAAD Media Awards
May 6: Madonna will likely make an appearance at the MET Gala
May 18: Madonna performs at the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv

Madame X promotion in May/June

Behind the scenes of the Medellin video

Source: Facebook - 19 April 2019

Madonna and Maluma to perform 'Medellin' at 2019 Billboard Music Awards

Source: Billboard - 19 April 2019

Madonna and Maluma are bringing the worldwide television debut performance of their single 'Medellin' to the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. The appearance, announced on Friday (April 19), will be Madonna's first performance of new music on TV in more than four years. The pair will take the stage on May 1 at the Kelly Clarkson hosted show, which will air on NBC at 8 p.m. ET/PT. 

The first taste of Madonna's upcoming 14th studio album, Madame X (June 14), is a mid-tempo Spanish pop burner that finds the pair flirting over a skittering cha-cha beat, with Maluma telling the pop superstar, "Excuse me, I know you are Madonna/ But I'm going to show you how this perro (dog) will make you fall in love." Madonna last performed at the BBMA's in 2016 during a tribute to Prince.

They join a previously announced group of performers at this year's show, which include: the Jonas Brothers, BTS with Halsey, Kelly Clarkson, Lauren Daigle, Khalid, Panic! at the Disco and Sam Smith and Normani. The show from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas will also feature a special performance from 2019 ICON Award recipient Mariah Carey.

'Medellin' translated: Maluma promises to be Madonna's Colombian King

Source: Billboard - 19 April 2019

In her new song, 'Medellin', Madonna sings about a dream she had of being 17 years old and somehow landed in Colombia. There, she is greeted by Latin urban artist Maluma, who assures that she is safe in his hometown of Medellin.

The flirtatious Spanglish single, which officially dropped Wednesday (April 17), is a cha-cha electronic song fused with Latin flavors.

With lyrics such as, "Si quieres ser mi reina pues yo te corono / Y pa' que te sientes aquí tengo un trono," Maluma is letting Madonna know that he'll be her travel companion, he can protect her and love her forever if she agrees to be his queen. 

Check out the full English lyrics translation for 'Medellin' below.

One two, one two, one two, cha cha cha
One two, two one, two one, cha cha cha

I took a pill and had a dream (Me too)
I went back to my 17th year
Allowed myself to be naive (Tell me)
To be someone I've never been (I love it)

I took a sip and had a dream
And I woke up in Medellín (Do you like it?)
The sun was caressing my skin (Tell me)
Another me could now begin (Woo)

Relax, baby, I got you
We don't have to talk much to get things started
If you want to be my queen, I'll crown you
And here's a throne for you to take a seat
You like to ride, that's clear
If you feel that I'm going fast, I'll take it down a notch
Excuse me, I know you're Madonna
But I'll show you how this dog makes you fall in love

Come with me, let's take a trip
I'll take you to a far away place
Come with me, I'll be so good for you
You'll fall for me, You'll fall for me, mami (Ay-ay-ay)
Come with me, let's take a trip
Give me some of what you're drinking
Come with me, I'll be so good for you (Ay-ay-ay)

Sipping my pain just like champagne
Found myself dancing in the rain with you
I felt so naked and alive (Show me)
For once I didn't have to hide myself (Say it)

Hey mamacita, what's wrong? (Tell me)
We're already at my place (Yeah)
If you feel that there's a trip in your mine (woo)
Maybe it's because of the Aguardiente (tell them)
But baby, relax, enjoy the moment
We are in Colombia, there's a party in every corner
And if you want, we'll go to Detroit (You know)
If I know where you come from, then I know where to go

Come with me, let's take a trip
I'll take you to a far away place
Come with me, I'll be so good for you
You'll fall for me, You'll fall for me, mami (Ay-ay-ay)
Come with me, let's take a trip
Give me some of what you're drinking
Come with me, I'll be so good for you (Ay-ay-ay)

You'll fall for me (If I fall for you)
In less than a year, no, no (Hahaha)
We're going, we're going to Medallo (Oh, how sweet)
You'll fall for me (If I fall for you)
It's what I love, no, no
Then mami, mami, mami, we'll get married

One two, cha-cha-cha (x3)
One two, slow down, papi (Woo)

One two, cha-cha-cha (x3)
One two, ay-ay-ay

We built a cartel just for love
Venus was hovering above us (Oh, yeah)
I took a trip, it set me free (My queen)
Forgave myself for being me (Ay-ay-ay)

Come with me, let's take a trip
I'll take you to a far away place
Come with me, I'll be so good for you
You'll fall for me, You'll fall for me, mami (Ay-ay-ay)
Come with me, let's take a trip
Give me some of what you're drinking
Come with me, I'll be so good for you (Ay-ay-ay)

You'll fall for me (If I fall for you)
In less than a year, no, no (Hahaha)
We're going, we're going to Medallo (Oh, how sweet)
You'll fall for me (If I fall for you)
It's what I love, no, no
Then mami, mami, mami, we'll get married

One two, cha-cha-cha (x3)
One two, slow down, papi

One two, cha-cha-cha (x3)
One two, ay-ay-ay

One two, two one
One two, two one
One one, two two
Cha, cha-cha-cha

Official press release for 'Madame X' release

Source: PR Newswire - 18 April 2019

Madonna's highly-anticipated 14th studio album Madame X will be released on June 14th globally from Live Nation, Interscope Records and Maverick. The first track from the album "Medellín," with Colombian superstar Maluma, will be Zane Lowe's World Record today on Apple Music's Beats 1Madame X is now available for pre-order. Album pre-orders include a download of the first track which is available across AppleSpotify (pre-save), Amazon and all DSPs. Select additional tracks will become available before the album release.

Madonna will exclusively unveil the world premiere of her video and single "Medellín" with Maluma, during a globally televised MTV music event, "MTV Presents Madonna Live & Exclusive: 'Medellín' Video World Premiere," on Wednesday, April 24 at 9:00 pm BST / 4:00pm ET/ 1:00pm PT. Madonna will join British DJ Trevor Nelson and fans live from London for a conversation about the influences of her new album, and the creative forces behind her transcendent career.  "Medellín" collaborator and Colombian pop star Maluma will join live from Miami. Madonna will also take questions during the global event via satellite from MTV's Sway Calloway and fans in New York City, with additional MTV-hosted events in Milan and São Paulo.

Influenced creatively by living in Lisbon, Portugal over the past several years, Madame X is a collection of 15 new songs that celebrate Madonna's career-long affair with Latin music and culture as well as other global influences.  Singing in Portuguese, Spanish and English, highlights on the album include "Medellín," which was co-produced by Mirwais and captures the spirit of Maluma's hometown, the anthemic song "I Rise," the Jamaican dancehall vibes of "Future" featuring Quavo, and co-produced by Diplo, as well as the sonically innovative Mirwais produced "Dark Ballet." Recorded over 18 months in Portugal, London, New York and Los Angeles, Madonna collaborated on Madame X with longtime producer Mirwais, as well as with producers Mike Dean and Diplo, among others.

"Lisbon is where my record was born," Madonna says. "I found my tribe there and a magical world of incredible musicians that reinforced my belief that music across the world is truly all connected and is the soul of the universe."

Madame X will come in a standard and deluxe version of the album. A Target CD version will feature the deluxe version of Madame X plus an additional two tracks.  Pre-order the Target deluxe at Target stores or online at A variety of special bundles of Madame X with one-of-a-kind limited merchandise, as well as special vinyl and cassette versions of the album, are available now for pre-order as well HERE. Further details regarding the album, videos and appearances will be announced in the coming weeks.

The manifesto of Madame X

Maluma's reaction when hearing the premiere of 'Medellín'

Source: - 18 April 2019

Maluma shared a video of his emotional reaction when hearing the premiere of Medellín. The English translation of his message reads:

"Impossible to hold the tears and the emotions after listening to this... You people don't know how much this means to my LIFE and how happy it makes me! #Medellin available on every platform @madonna IT'S WORTH DREAMING... I TOLD YOU!"

Notice Madonna's reaction in the comments:

"Thank you ♥️🇱🇹 Madame ❌"

Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram

Imposible contener las lágrimas y la emoción después de escuchar esto.. no saben mi felicidad y lo que representa esto para mi VIDA! #Medellin disponible en todas las plataformas digitales @madonna SE VALE SOÑAR... SE LOS DIJE!

Een bericht gedeeld door MALUMA (@maluma) op

Madonna on working with Maluma on 'Medellín'

Source: - 18 April 2019

Madonna sat down with Beats 1 / Apple Music to talk about her new record Madame X. In a teaser clip we hear what she thinks of Maluma.

Medellín video teaser + MTV contest

Source: - 18 April 2019

Madonna has posted a small teaser for the 'Medellín' video, which will premiere next week, April 24 at 4pm (NYC) / 9pm (London).

Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram

#MadameX ❌ @Maluma ❌ #Medellin ❌ 4/24 at 4pm ET on @MTV #MADONNAxMTV

Een bericht gedeeld door Madonna (@madonna) op

Meanwhile, has organised a contest for the video premiere:

Madonna will officially unveil the world premiere of her 'Medellín' music video during a globally televised MTV music event on April 24th at 9:00pm BST / 4:00pm ET ! 

The live conversation with Madonna, along with the video world premiere and fan Q&A will take place in London. We also will be hosting official fan viewing satellite premiere events in New York, Milan and São Paulo. 

If you are in London on April 24th and would like to be a part of the studio audience with a chance to ask Madame X a question about her new music, then this is your opportunity!  

Now that you got to discover her journey to Medellín, please answer the following question:  Where is Madame X going next? 

Share your vision and interpretation in visuals, music or text by e-mailing it, along with your RSVP to before 11:59pm BST on April 20th. 

Medellín review – a shapeshifting return to form

Source: Guardian - 17 April 2019
4 stars out of 5

The disarming first song from the singer's 14th album has some lyrical clunkers but acts as a potent reminder of her genre-mashing skills

If any artist has shown her ability to code-switch between styles, it's Madonna, who's adroitly shifted from dominatrix to disco queen to Earth mother with previous album cycles. Her latest reinvention is Madame X: the title of her forthcoming 14th album (out 14 June), and also the name of a chameleonic character that she will play across the record. She announced it last week in a cinematic, enjoyably OTT video featuring a panoply of guises that included multiple eye patches and the singer wearing a hooded bonnet as if preparing for Gilead.

In a voiceover she details 15 identities – dancer, prisoner, nun and whore among others – and explains: "Madame X is a secret agent. Traveling around the world. Changing identities." And it seems that Madonna's gaze is reaching just as wide for Madame X, which features the American rap artists SwaeLee and Quavo, as well as the South American superstars Anitta and Maluma, the latter of whom is featured on the album's iridescent lead single, 'Medellín'.

Promo picture for Medellin, posted on Instagram

Co-produced by Madonna's American Life collaborator Mirwais, 'Medellín' is quite unlike anything we've heard from the singer before, and her most subdued lead single since 1998's stately Frozen. The most initially disarming thing about it is its balmy sense of ease. "I woke up in Medellín," she sings over airy synths, before slyly adding, "Another me could now begin." A rhythmic reggaeton beat kicks in for a fiesta-starting chorus, with lovey-dovey call-and-response between the duo. At nearly five minutes, Medellín's pacing feels refreshingly relaxed, though it wouldn't be a Madonna co-write without a few lyrical clunkers ("pain" rhymed with "champagne"). It doesn't exactly do much to dispel stereotypes of Colombia either ("We built a cartel just for love," she sings).

But those are minor quibbles: Medellín is a potent reminder of Madonna's deft history of meshing genres and a convincing addition to the roll call of western megastars like Beyoncé and Justin Bieber linking up with Spanish-language artists. And unlike the occasional trend-chasing of her most recent albums, MDNA and Rebel Heart, Medellín proves that Madonna is well equipped to weather the demands of today's listening trends while bringing global styles into her own world. For Madonna, it seems that the streaming age may just speed up her shapeshifting.

Madonna’s Latin-pop 'Medellín' has left us gagging for the 'Madame X' era

Source: NME - 17 April 2019

The first taste of new music from Madonna's Madame X is a surprising, self-reflective gem of a pop song.

Madonna is back, bitches. It's been four years since our lady released Rebel Heart – her EDM influenced thirteenth record – and after a week or so of mysterious social media teasers trailing upcoming album Madame X, the first new music from the OG queen of pop is here.

"One, two, one, two, one two, cha cha cha", a breathy Madonna whispers as she kicks off 'Medellín', and suddenly we're in a sticky Colombian dance studio. The track is a duet with reggaeton megastar, Maluma, a 25-year-old who is yet to make major gains in the western music market, but trust me when I say that in South America, he is a Very Big Deal.

In this collaboration, we find Madge in a reflective mood

"I took a pill and had a dream/I went back to my seventeenth year," she sings, "Allowed myself to be naïve/ to be someone I've never been".

In the four years that have passed since Rebel Heart, Madonna has relocated to Lisbon, Portugal, the act of a "Soccer Mom" hoping to help her son David fulfil his dreams of becoming a professional footballer. In October, Madonna shared photos of herself immersed in the Lisboa music scene: "Inspiration for my new record started here in Lisbon in Tejo bar", she said on Instagram of a small dive bar, a spot where locals watch live Fado music (RIP their low-key existence). All the signs were there that we could expect a Latin sound from M:14.

It was on a break from Portugal, in Marrakesh, that Madonna also celebrated her sixtieth birthday last summer. This, too, seems significant when delving into 'Medellín'. Reflectiveness is an inevitable side-effect of growing older: what would Madonna's life have been, should she have taken a different turn at 17? What if she approached the world with childlike naivety, rather than as the determined and fearless force we know, powered by the hurt by losing her mother at a young age. What if she ran away to Colombia?

Promo picture for Medellin, posted on Instagram

In Maluma's Spanish verse, he calls on "his queen" to take a trip with him to Medellín. "We can go to Detroit if you want/I know where you're from," he sings, reminding us again, that Madonna, the highest grossing solo artist of all time, was at one point just a kid in Detroit, dreaming of making it big.

The chorus, has hooky cha-cha beats, pausing for Madge to beg Maluma to "slow down, Papi" – a line fans will guzzle up with glee. Start working, meme-makers.

And the track is everything we want from a Madonna comeback: it's fresh, (arguably her best work in years), it sets the tone for a brand new era and, if 'Medellín' is an indicator of what's to come, it'll be an exciting shift from the electro-pop bangers Madge has offered up in recent times.

Sure, this is not the first time we've heard her majesty dabble in the Spanish tongue – 'La Isla Bonita', being a classic example – but this is Madonna integrating herself into a musical genre that has real weight right now, pulling in an established artist from the Latin pop world to give it some gravitas.

From the teasers on social, we know Madame X is a chameleon, so who's to say if this is a flavour for the album as a whole. She is described as a cha-cha instructor, a professor, a head of state, a housekeeper, an equestrian, a prisoner, as student, a teacher, a nun, a cabaret singer, a saint and a prostitute.

We've had our dance lesson. Now, what next?

The different release formats of Madame X

Source: Facebook - 17 April 2019

The album Madame X will be available in a Standard Edition, containing 13 tracks, and a Deluxe Edition, containing 15 tracks. An additional 3 bonus tracks will be available on a bonus disc in the Deluxe Box Set. Find the full tracklistings here.

Madame X (Standard Edition) - front cover Madame X (Deluxe Edition) - front cover

The collectors will be happy to know that the album will be released on June 14 in many different physical formats:

Standard Edition - CD album, single disc
Double vinyl 12" album - Black Vinyl
Double vinyl 12" album - WEB Exclusive Clear Vinyl
Double vinyl 12" album - Rainbow picture disc
Deluxe Edition - CD album, double disc, hardcover
Deluxe Box Set - 2 CDs - hardcover, cassette album, 7" picture disc, poster, tattoo set
Compact cassette

Madame X - Album formats

Summer is here! Take a trip to Medellin with Madonna and Maluma

Source: Youtube - 17 April 2019

One, two, cha cha cha, the new Madonna era is here! The new single Medellin is now out on online streaming services. Check out the lyrics here.

Confirmed: album tracklist, cover, credits and release date

Source: Instagram - 16 April 2019

Medellín, the first single, will be released tomorrow, April 17, at 9am Los Angeles / 12pm New York / 5pm London time.

Meanwhile, the album Madame X has become available for pre-order, revealing the full tracklist, the run times and the writing credits. The official release date is June 14.

The album contains 15 tracks, half of which were produced by Mirwais. Maluma features on two tracks, while there are also features by Anitta, Swae Lee and Quavo. The track Batuka was co-written by her son David, while another song title seems to refer to her daughter Mercy.

The line "The thing that hurt the most was that I wasn't lost", which we heard in the Madame X announcement video, comes from the track Extreme Occident.

1. Medellín (4:58) – Written by Madonna Ciccone, Mirwais Ahmadzai, Maluma Londono & Barrera
2. Dark Ballet (4:15) – Written by Madonna Ciccone & Mirwais Ahmadzai
3. God Control (6:19) – Written by Madonna Ciccone & Mirwais Ahmadzai
4. Future (feat. Quavo) (3:54) – Written by Madonna Ciccone, Thomas Pentz, Brittany Talia Hazzard & Quavious Keyate Marshall
5. Batuka (4:57) – Written by Madonna Ciccone, Banda & Mirwais Ahmadzai
6. Killers Who Are Partying (5:29) – Written by Madonna Ciccone & Mirwais Ahmadzai
7. Crave (feat. Swae Lee) (3:22) – Written by Madonna Ciccone, Khalif Malik Ibn Shaman Brown & Brittany Talia Hazzard
8. Crazy (4:02) – Written by Jason Evigan, Madonna Ciccone & Brittany Talia Hazzard
9. Come Alive (4:02) – Written by Jeff Bhasker, Madonna Ciccone & Brittany Talia Hazzard
10. Extreme Occident (3:42) – Written by Madonna Ciccone & Mirwais Ahmadzai
11. Faz Gostoso (feat. Anitta) (4:06) – Written by Carmo, Nuno, Oliveira, Seabra, Vieira, Rodrigues & Madonna Ciccone
12. Bitch I'm Loca (feat. Maluma) (2:51) – Written by Madonna Ciccone, L. D'Elia, Maluma Londono, Barrera, JAMES, Rodriguez & Stiven Rojas
13. I Don't Search I Find (4:08) – Written by Madonna Ciccone & Mirwais Ahmadzai
14. Looking For Mercy (4:50) – Written by Madonna Ciccone & Brittany Talia Hazzard
15. I Rise (3:44) – Written by Jason Evigan, Madonna Ciccone & Brittany Talia Hazzard

The cover picture below is from the Deluxe version of the album.

This is the album over for the Deluxe version

Confirmed: the new single "Medellin" will be out April 17

Source: Instagram - 15 April 2019

The promotion machine is now in overdrive. After the exciting news that was revealed over the weekend, Madonna has now announced that the first single will be Medellin, a collaboration with Colombian singer Maluma. The single will be out on Wednesday, April 17th.

Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram

April17, 2019 ❌. @maluma

Een bericht gedeeld door Madonna (@madonna) op

Promo picture for Medellin, posted on Instagram

Confirmed: the new album is titled "Madame X"

Source: Instagram - 13 April 2019

In a video posted on Instagram, Madonna has confirmed that "Madame X" is the title of her new album.

In the video, which was directed by Steven Klein, Madonna presents the different identities of Madame X, many of which were already in the list posted on Instagram earlier:

"A dancer, a professor, a head of state, a housekeeper, an equestrian, a prisoner, a student, a teacher, a nun, a mother, a child, a singer, a saint, a whore, and a spy in the house of love. I'm Madame X."

The video is set to one of the new songs, and we can hear the following lyrics:

"The thing that hurt the most was that I wasn't lost. I wasn't lost."

Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram

Welcome to the World of Madame ❌. ..................... @nunoxico @stevenkleinstudio

Een bericht gedeeld door Madonna (@madonna) op

Madonna gives us: Madame X

Source: Instagram - 12 April 2019

The hints on Madonna's Instagram are following each other faster, which could mean the new music will be out soon.

The mysterious texts are now forming quite an extensive description. The most recent post is empty to keep part of the text a mystery. But fans have been guessing that the first lines should read:

"Madame X is a secret agent.
Traveling around the world
Changing identities
Fighting for freedom
Bringing light to dark places"


It is becoming more and more obvious that Madonna is hinting at Madame X, the character from a 1908 play by Alexandre Bisson. The play has many times been adapted to film, most notably in 1966, with Lana Turner in the role of Madame X (yes, the same Lana that was mentioned in Vogue).

The proof for this theory can be found in the new playlist that was added to Madonna's Spotify channel. The first letter of the first sings songs form the name... Madame X! The playlist has the title #magic (but since we found out that Magic is NOT the album title, we don't know what this actually refers to). And when you play the songs on Spotify, you get an animated video of a large X.


So is Madame X the album title? Or is she Madonna's new alter-ego, like Dita was for Erotica? We'll find out #soon!

Confirmed: Madonna to perform at Eurovision finale on May 18

Source: Haaretz - 8 April 2019

Madonna will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv in May, the European Broadcasting Union has confirmed.

The singer will likely perform two songs – a popular hit and a new song. The pop superstar and the contest's producers have previously butted heads, apparently because the new song she plans to debut contains political messages.

Madonna is expected to be accompanied by a 160-person entourage. Bringing her to perform at the contest is expected to cost about $1 million, which is to be provided by billionaire businessman Sylvan Adams.

Madonna at the Grammy Awards in 2015

The performance will be her fourth in Israel. The first came in 1993, and was followed by shows in 2009 and 2012. She has also visited Israel on other occasions in the context of her interest in Kabbalah.

Madonna follows up "X" promotion with new mysterious posts

Source: Instagram - 8 April 2019

Since her mysterious posting on a red X on her Instagram account a week ago, Madonna has continued to post the letter X in her Instagram stories, without any further explanation.

Today, three new Instagram posts were added, forming a mysterious list: A student, A teacher, A nun, A cabaret singer, A saint, A prostitute.

Ever more sources are confirming that the posts are really to promote her new music. Rumours are strong that we can expect the first single around the 18th of April.





Madonna wants to direct her own biopic

Source: Daily Mail - 5 April 2019

No one knows the life of Madonna Louise Ciccone better than... well, Madonna.

Which is why the superstar singer, actress and cultural icon is considering picking up the directing reins on a film project she had previously expressed disdain for.

Last year, when the pop monarch heard about a script by Elyse Hollander called Blond Ambition (named after Madonna's Nineties tour) that chronicled her rise from talented citizen to anointed pop royalty, she let it be known that she wasn't amused.

Madonna at the American Music Awards in her early days, January 28, 1985

In an Instagram post, Madonna stormed: 'Nobody knows what I know and what I have seen. Only I can tell my own story.

'Anyone else who tries is a charlatan and a fool. Looking for instant gratification without doing the work. This is a disease in our society.'

Hollander's screenplay was highly regarded by those who read it (though, clearly not Madonna).

The film was put into development by producer Michael De Luca and Universal Pictures. Since then, though, it has languished somewhat because the singer would not grant permission to use original songs from early in her career.

However, I understand that Madonna — who turned 60 last summer — has recently come to the realisation that she does want a celluloid record of how she conquered the world of music, fashion and film, seemingly simultaneously. 

The idea put to me by film executives is that Madonna is thinking about directing the film herself.

If she can't shut the project down, then she might as well control it from within — and make a film to her specifications.

She's certainly good at casting — witness the smart hiring of Andrea Riseborough to portray the Duchess of Windsor in W.E. — and has a great sense of screen style.

But as we also saw from W.E. (which she again directed), Madonna needs a strong producer and dramatist to work with her.

The star's first chart hit was Holiday. The proposed film will focus on how that song got her the record deal that forged her career.

The Material Woman's thoughts about making the movie are on the money.

Since the success of Bohemian Rhapsody — and with Rocketman, a fantasy based on the life of Elton John, due out next month (footage I've seen is great, I just hope the discussions about whether to cut a sex scene are sorted out) — rock music on the big screen is hot. 

Does Madona tease her new music... or new skincare sets?

Source: Instagram, Dazed Digital, thx to D. Goldthorp - 1 April 2019

Many fans reacted excited when Madonna posted 9 pictures on her Instagram which together formed a large red X on a black background. Was the time finally near to announce her new single and/or album?

But it's possible the wait still isn't over. Another viable explanation for the mysterious Instagram posts is the launch of new skincare sets of MDNA Skin in a collaboration with Moschino. The sets are promoted under the new "MDNA Skin X Moschino" (notice the letter in the middle) and are launched... today. Read more on the skincare sets here.

Madonna posted a large red X on her Instagram account.

Madonna also changed her Instagram profile picture. While it only shows a small close-up, it's clearly a new picture. But again, it's unclear whether the picture is promoting the upcoming album or the MDNA Skin sets... Time will tell.

Madonna also changed her pfoile picture on Instagram.

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