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'Madonna experiences' raise $1,1 million in Monte Carlo auction

28 Sep. 2018

In Monte Carlo, the auction for the Global Ocean has been held. Although Madonna was announced as one of the celebrity guests, she apparently never showed up.

The three 'Madonna experiences' that were up for auction raises a total of $1,1 million. The most popular lot was to go horseback riding with Madonna on a Portuguese beach, which raised a staggering $450K. The opportunity to be portrait sitting and photographed by Steven Klein while being art directed by Madonna was bought for $350K. Finally, the anonymous bidder of $300K gets an exclusive private album preview session with Madonna in her London recording studio.

'Madonna experiences' raise $1,1 million in Monte Carlo auction

More promo videos from Steven Klein for MDNA Skin's beauty roller, clay mask & rose mist

Source: Instagram - 28 Sep. 2018

Over the past few days, Madonna has posted some more videos, directed by Steven Klein, to promote the beauty roller, clay mask and rose mist of MDNA Skin.

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Giving Italian Drama while Sharing My Beauty Secrets.....🔥🔥🔥 @stevenkleinstudio #mdnaskin #chromeclaymask. #holywater 🙏🏼. #diva

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Roll Like A. Queen..........👑💙 Snatch That Jaw Line! #yassssssqueens. #beautyroller #mdnaskin @visionaaron @nicolaclarkecolour. ORDER ON LINE !!!!

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I Hear Wedding Bells..........💍💍💍 Love Yourself 💘Love Your Skin @stevenkleinstudio #beautyroller #mdnaskin @visionaaron @andylecompte @eyobyohannes @gucci

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The Beautiful And the Damned..........# fridaymood #fscottfitzgerald #loveyourself #loveyourskin #rosemist #mdnaskin ♥️🌹. @stevenkleinstudio

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Monte Carlo auction: preview M's new album or go horseback riding with her

Source: Forbes - 20 Sep. 2018

I have been a longtime supporter of organizations that help our environment and have been so impressed with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and their continued efforts to support initiatives around the world in favor of a sustainable ocean. This year the foundation will hold its second Monte Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean, in the heart of Monte Carlo and will feature some of the most amazing live auction items ever offered.

The event held at the Terraces of the Opera of Monte Carlo this month will include live performances by Gloria Gaynor, Nile Rodgers, and Chic. It is chaired by a huge list of celebrities including; Madonna, Li Bing Bing, Orlando Bloom, Adrien Brody, Pierce Brosnan, Gerard Butler, Robert Davi, Andy Garcia, Goldie Hawn, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Olga Kurylenko, Eva Longoria, Diane Lane, Kelly Slater, Robin Thicke and Chris Tucker.

The Gala is hosted by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco andGlobal Fundraising Chairman Milutin Gatsby, Olivier Wenden is Executive Director of the Foundation, and the live auction is conducted by Simon de Pury.

Madonna with Leonardo Dicaprio and Lenny Kravitz at the 2017 Monte Carlo auction

Prince Albert tells me, "Donations received at the first edition of our Gala have enabled us to support 40 new projects and international initiatives devoted to safeguarding endangered species, studying the impacts of climate change on the oceans, the sustainable management of Marine Protected Areas and the fight against plastic pollution." Milutin Gatsby adds, "Generosity is the key to our future on this planet and to saving our ocean. Special auction items that "money can't buy" give guests the possibility to afford unique dream experiences and other high-end pieces and to offer, at the same time, a generous support to a great cause."

This year's Gala will be dedicated to the Foundation's eight priority actions including; fighting against plastic pollution, developing the Mediterranean Trust Fund for Marine Protected Areas, conserving marine species facing a risk of extinction, expanding marine protected areas in the Polar Regions, mitigating ocean's acidification, supporting innovations to challenge marine threats, favoring sustainable yachting practices and promoting environmental education.

Here is an exclusive first look at 3 Madonna-related auction items up for the highest bid:

Horseback Riding With Madonna On The Beach In Portugal

Madonna recently moved to Portugal and as part of this priceless opportunity invites the winning bidder to join her in Portugal for an afternoon of riding horses through the forest and the beach. The winning bidder and up to five guests will join the superstar for one of her favorite past times.  You will spend an afternoon exploring the natural scenery on horseback with Madonna as your guide.

Portrait Sitting With Famed Photographer Steven Klein While Art Directed By Madonna

A truly unique and extraordinary opportunity to sit for a portrait by this legendary photographer in New York and to have the bragging rights of your photo shoot directed by Madonna herself!

Private Album Preview With Madonna In Her Recording Studio In London

Madonna's next album will be coming out soon, and before its release, she invites the winning bidder and up to three guests to join her in her London recording studio to preview some of the songs from the album with her.

Stella McCartney and Madonna get their (vegan) kicks

Source: Elle - 20 Sep. 2018

Stella McCartney just slapped Madonna's ass, and I can die now.

Except I can't, because there's work to be done—specifically, a run-down of McCartney's new shoes, which Madonna pronounced "comfy!" Monday night at her London boutique.

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Getting my Stelly-Stan Smith Vegan Shoe signed!! ✍️✍️✍️! ♥️ you Stelly @stellamccartney #stansmith #supportfriends @nicolaclarkecolour

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The new kicks are Adidas Stan Smiths, stamped with tiny stars, and trimmed with burgundy and blue ribbon up the back. They're also totally vegan—a first for the classic sneaker—"and that took a lot of convincing, and a lot of work to get them just right," says McCartney, who's famous for her sustainable fabrics and commitment to harm-free materials.

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@Madonna gets her Stella #StanSmith sneakers signed! 💥💥 #StellaSneakerWeek #23OldBond #StellaMcCartney @stansmithonline

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McCartney tested the shoes herself during weekly workouts. "I would horseback ride a lot, I run, I do yoga—I'm actually pretty good!" she smiles. "I can do a full headstand." McCartney can also do cartwheels, a skill she remembered "because my daughter just learned. There's something about being seven, when you're so excited to just go upside-down. Now she wants to do it all the time. It's the privilege of being a kid, I guess."

I admit to McCartney that despite being in my 30s, I wear some of her kids' line. It fits (shout-out to size XL!), it's super cute, and it's far cheaper than the runway range. "Listen," she says, "know that women out there are wearing it. Certainly, [the company] wants you to wear the adult line, but I think it's cool, and it's a huge compliment, that it appeals to all ages. Kind of like Stan Smiths." She makes a face. "Wow, I really brought it back around there!"

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Thank you Melly for coming and giving me a hug x Stella

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It's fine, because the shoes really are cool—so cool, they're almost all sold out of… well… everywhere. "Also, they have my face on the tongue; see?" Stella says, holding the illustration up to her face. "Honestly, I feel like this was the most difficult part of the design process. My face on the shoe, just like Stan Smith's. I kind of panicked." No need—it's a good likeness, and her hair has the whole shiny / bouncy / famous person vibe, on the shoe and IRL. How can we get ours like that? "Easy," she says. "Go vegan!"

Madonna launches new ad for MDNA Skin, directed by Steven Klein

Source: Instagram - 17 Sep. 2018

Madonna has launched a new commercial video for the rose mist spray, part of her MDNA Skin product line.

Set to the tones of Abel Korzeniowski's track 'Six Hours' from the W.E. soundtrack and directed by Steven Klein, Madonna is seen wearing black latex and sun glasses, while sprying the rose mist on herself. In her voice-over she pays tribute to roses, which to her represent "love, warmth, romance".

Anticipating the obvious reaction of many fans, Madonna commented:

Yes I’m Working on my new Record.........🎶🎤💃🏾. Be Patient 👑’s.! until then Love Yourself-Love. Your Skin

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Yes I’m Working on my new Record.........🎶🎤💃🏾. Be Patient 👑’s.! until then Love Yourself-Love. Your Skin 🌹♥️ @stevenkleinstudio #mdnaskin To watch longer version go to IGTV 🔥

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Keith Carradine: "Madonna hated Material Girl"

Source: TVline - 10 Sep. 2018

In a new interview, actor Keith Carradine looks back at the time when he appeared in the music video of Material Girl in 1985.

"That was me, yes," playing a director trying to woo the pop icon in the 1985 music video, Carradine says, chuckling. "I think it was at Madonna's request that they wanted me to come and play this role. Obviously, it was an homage to the whole Howard Hughes thing." He remembers Ms. Ciccone as "delightful" during the three-day shoot, but at the time, she wasn't a fan of her own hit. "I said, 'It's a great song,'" Carradine says. "She said, 'This song is terrible. I hate this song.' And I thought, 'Oh, OK. Well, so much for making conversation.'"

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