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Madonna: "One day I'll release the song I did with Tupac"

Source: Instagram - 29 March 2018

Madonna shared a fan video which put her Secret video to her song I'd Rather Be Your Lover with guest vocals by the late Tupac Shakur.

When recording her Bedtime Stories album in 1994, Madonna was dating the famous rapper and Tupac ended up doing vocals for the song. Madonna intended to release this as a single, but the idea was shelved when criminal charges were brought against Tupac. Instead, Madonna put a different version on the album, featuring vocals by Me'Shell NdegeOcello.

When sharing the video, Madonna commented "This is so cool!! One day I will release the song we did together!". Fans have since been speculating whether she was talking about this version of I'd Rather Be Your Lover or yet a different song that we don't know the existence of.

It's not clear either if Madonna was serious about the idea or not.

This is so cool!! One day I will release the song we did together! 🎶🔥🎶🔥🎶🔥 👑👑 #epic @princeyorgoland @robertxavier

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Sean Penn: "I love my first wife very much"

Source: ET Online - 29 March 2018

Sean Penn isn't shy about his love for the Material Girl!

The 57-year-old actor appeared on The Late Show earlier this week, and in a segment called "Sean Penn-y For Your Thoughts," he was asked by host Stephen Colbert to pick between Madonna, who he was married to from 1985 to 1989, and pop princess Britney Spears.

"Ah, I love my first wife very much," Penn said of the 59-year-old singer. "There's no [comparison]… you don't compare those things."

"People compare them all the time!" Colbert noted, before asking, "So, you're going to go with Madonna?"

"Sure!" Penn replied with a grin, "I'm a Madonna guy!".

Watch below at 4:11.

The two-time Oscar winner went on to reveal even more fun details about himself, including that his go-to karaoke song is the 1983 hit "It's Raining Men" because he used to sing it on the way to the set of his 2008 film, Milk

When asked if he's ever been mistaken for another celebrity, he replied, "Emilio Estevez, about 20 years ago."

Penn and Madonna haven't been shy about their mutual love for one another in recent years. In December 2016, they worked together at a charity event benefiting Raising Malawi, and Madonna offered to remarry her ex.

"I'm still in love with you," she told Penn in front of the star-studded audience.

The two have remained friends since their divorce and both have remarried several times. Penn was married to actress Robin Wright from 1996 to 2010, and was engaged to actress Charlize Theron before their romance ended in 2015. Madonna was married to director Guy Ritchie from 2000 to 2008.

In addition to participating in the "Sean Penn-y For Your Thoughts" segment, the acclaimed actor also made headlines for chain smoking and revealing he was still on the "Ambien train" during his Late Show appearance.

Christina Aguilera: "Madonna paved the way for my generation"

Source: Paper Magazine - 29 March 2018

In an interview with Paper Magazine, Christina Aguilera praises Madonna for paving the way for female artists.

Aguilera is excited for what's happening with new artists in the entertainment industry, because of how much more progressive it is. "They don't have as much backlash when they come out on the scene. And I did. It was a very interesting and controversial time for me." She points out how much more accepted it is now for an artist to take risks and to also be sexually empowered than it was back then. "Either women are not sexual enough or we're not fulfilling enough of a fantasy for you, but then if we're overtly sexual or feeling empowered in a certain kind of way, then we're shamed for it."

She's proud of herself during the "Dirrty" era, even with the harsh criticism she received. "Madonna had to go through it in her day, and she paved the way for my generation to come up. And paying it forward, now a younger generation is coming up and I'm loving what I'm seeing. It's so incredible."

Madonna starts preparing 'Taking Flight' with ballerina and scriptwriter

Source: Variety - 21 March 2018

Madonna has met with ballerina Michaela DePrince and scriptwriter Camilla Blackett in Lisbon today. It is likely they came together to discuss the movie script for 'Taking Flight', Madonna's new directional project which will tell the story of DePrince, as was announced last week.

The three women shared the same picture, while honouring Maya Angelou in celebration of Women's History Month.

“Leaving behind nights of terror and fear I rise Into a daybreak that’s wondrously clear I rise Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dream and the hope of the slave. I rise I rise I rise.” - Maya Angelou. This is the beginning of a beautiful journey. @thecamillard @madonna ❤️

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Madonna to direct ballerina drama 'Taking Flight'

Source: Variety - 14 March 2018

Madonna will direct the MGM drama "Taking Flight," based on the life of ballerina Michaela DePrince.

The studio has been developing "Taking Flight" since 2015, when it first bought rights to Michaela and Elaine DePrince's memoir, "Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina." The book follows Michaela DePrince's life from an orphan in war-torn Sierra Leone to a world-renowned ballerina.

"Michaela's journey resonated with me deeply as both an artist and an activist who understands adversity," Madonna said. "We have a unique opportunity to shed light on Sierra Leone and let Michaela be the voice for all the orphaned children she grew up beside. I am honored to bring her story to life."

So excited to be able to bring the story of this rare and talented soul to the world! 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿. @michaeladeprince . Michaela’s journey resonates with me deeply as both an artist and an activist who understands adversity. We have a unique opportunity to shed light on a dire situation in Sierra Leone and let Michaela be the voice for all the orphaned children she grew up with. I am honored to bring her story to life and to direct this project. 🌈🎉🌸💕#takingflight #michaeladeprince #believe 🙏🏻 #bebrave

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Madonna will direct from a screenplay by Camilla Blackett ("New Girl"). Alloy Entertainment's Leslie Morgenstein and Elysa Koplovitz Dutton will produce alongside Ben Pugh and Guy Oseary. MGM Production president Jonathan Glickman and Tabitha Shick are overseeing the project on behalf of the studio.

"We were immediately awestruck by Michaela's journey and know Madonna's vision and passion for the material will deliver a film that inspires audiences everywhere," Morgenstein said.

DePrince was adopted at the age of four and taken to the United States by Elaine and Charles DePrince. She was featured in the 2012 ballet documentary "First Position" and later debuted as a professional dancer at the age of 17 in the Joburg Ballet in South Africa. She appeared in Beyonce's "Lemonade" in 2016 and is currently a soloist at the Dutch National Ballet.

So excited to announce that I’m working with this wonderful human being and she’s directing my movie about my life. @madonna. Another incredible person I’m excited to work with is the one and only @thecamillard ❤️💎 #michaeladeprince

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Madonna made her feature directing debut on the 2008 British comedy "Filth and Wisdom." She also helmed and co-wrote 2011's "W.E.," which chronicled the relationship between King Edward VIII and American divorcee Wallis Simpson. Her upcoming projects include co-writing and directing a film adaptation of Andrew Sean Greer's novel "The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells."

Madonna also produced and wrote "I Am Because We Are," a documentary about Malawi's million orphans in the wake of the AIDS pandemic. She is the highest-selling female recording artist of all time, with more than 300 million albums sold worldwide.

Glickman said, "We could not be more thrilled that Madonna will bring this remarkable story to the big screen. There is no director better suited to tell Michaela's journey with passion and sensitivity, and we cannot wait to bring this film to audiences all around the world."

MGM teamed with Alloy on the romantic drama "Everything, Everything," based on Nicola Yoon's best-selling novel. The studio also produced "Me Before You," inspired by Jojo Moyes' international best-seller, and "If I Stay," based on Gayle Forman's young adult best-seller.

MGM's upcoming slate includes a pair of projects directed by women: Ry Russo-Young's "The Sun Is Also a Star" and Rachel Lee Goldenberg's "Valley Girl." Its other films are "The Hustle," a comedy starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson; "Fighting With My Family," a comedy-drama with Florence Pugh, Vince Vaughn, and Dwayne Johnson; "Operation Finale," toplined by Oscar Isaac and Ben Kingsley; and "Creed II," starring Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan.

Alloy's credits include the TV shows "Pretty Little Liars," "The Vampire Diaries," and "Gossip Girl," as well as the films "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and "Sex Drive."

Madonna is represented by CAA and Maverick Management. ICM Partners and Full Circle Literary rep "Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina."

Camila Cabello channels Madonna with 'Havana' performance at 2018 iHeartRadio Awards

Source: Billboard - 12 March 2018

"Every time I've performed this song I've done something different," Camila Cabello said of her Hot 100-topping smash "Havana," before performing the song live at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards. "And tonight is gonna be totally different, too." 

Camila Cabello channels Material Girl Madonna with 'Havana' performance at 2018 iHeartRadio Awards

Cabello tapped into her inner Marilyn Monroe-via-Madonna with her performance -- wearing a pink dress and sleeves, and with top-hatted backing dancers, all undoubtedly inspired by a combination of the former's iconic Gentlemen Prefer Blondes role and the latter's classic "Material Girl" music video. And Young Thug gave fans a special treat by showing up to perform his guest verse on the song, carrying a pink rose to match Cabello and the set.  

"It just takes me to that really sexy, sensual place," Cabello explained of the song before the performance, also commenting, "My grandmother loves that song!" 

Madonna back to work in the studio

Source: Instagram - 10 March 2018

After her Oscars party and another MDNA Skin promo tour, Madonna is reassuring her fans that her music has not taken a backseat. In a new series of posts, she seems to be back at work in the studio.

Be Patient Bishes...............I have not forgotten what GOD put me on this 🌏🌎🌍 to do! 🎼🎤🎶🎵🎶🎼🌪🌪🌪 😂🌈💕🎉#music #makes #the #people #come #together 👑 #patience 🙏🏻 @nunoxico

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Yep..........🎶🎤🎼🔥 #wait

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Where life Begins..............🎶🎤🎹🎼🖤 #bitchimmadonna 😂

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Madonna visits Barneys in Beverly Hills to promote her exclusive new MDNA SKIN products

Source: Barneys - 8 March 2018

Madonna visits Barneys in Beverly Hills to promote her exclusive new MDNA SKIN products

There was palpable energy pulsing through Barneys in Beverly Hills yesterday as Madonna fans gathered in anticipation of an in-store appearance from the pop legend turned beauty mogul. There was no doubt the moment she was officially in the house—mobile devices were raised and the crowd swelled with joy, some screaming her name and a few even wept.

Flanked by bodyguards and devoted fans, by the time she made her way to her MDNA SKIN counter, the crowd was at fever pitch—but the moment she opened her mouth there was a hush. "I'm a soccer mom, a party planner, and now I'm a sales person too!" she joked. "OK, so who wants some product?!" Needless to say, the crowd went wild.

Madonna visits Barneys in Beverly Hills to promote her exclusive new MDNA SKIN products

She proceeded to show guests the two new exclusive products, The Reinvention Cream, a multitasking all-in-one that streamlines your beauty routine and helps revitalize the skin's appearance, as well as two exclusive new sets: The Reinvention Ritual and Everything's Coming Up Roses. 

The Reinvention Ritual kit includes a luxe velvet tote autographed by Madonna and contains full sizes of five essential MDNA SKIN products: The Reinvention Cream, The Face Wash, The Rose Mist, The Eye Serum, and the Rejuvenator Set. Everything's Coming Up Roses set includes full sizes of three everyday essentials: The Rose Mist, The Face Wash and The Reinvention Cream.

Madonna visits Barneys in Beverly Hills to promote her exclusive new MDNA SKIN products

After greeting fans, posing for pictures, signing product, and demonstrating some of the creams—it was finally time for Madonna to head out, much to the disappointment of her loyal fans. As she began to exit the store, the ever playful, rebellious star surprised the crowd by kicking off her black stilettos and slipping into flats. "Now you'll see how short I am!" she laughed, but her presence felt anything but small.

MDNA SKIN is available at Barneys New York's Madison Avenue and Beverly Hills flagships, as well as on

Madonna visits Barneys in Beverly Hills to promote her exclusive new MDNA SKIN products Madonna visits Barneys in Beverly Hills to promote her exclusive new MDNA SKIN products Madonna visits Barneys in Beverly Hills to promote her exclusive new MDNA SKIN products

'When Worlds Collide': Madonna teases skincare collaboration with Kim Kardashian

Source: Daily Mail - 8 March 2018

She promoted her MDNA beauty line alongside Kim Kardashian the night before.

And Madonna teased a skincare collaboration with the reality star's KKW brand via a racy Instagram video on Wednesday.

The 59-year-old pop legend posted a black and white clip flashing risque images as she captioned it: 'When Worlds Collide'.

When Worlds Collide 🌏🌎🌏@mdnaskin 🌪🌪🌪. @kkwbeauty @nunoxico #beauty #skincare #mdnaskin #kkwbeauty #thermalwaters #reinventyourself 💕🌈🎉💕🌈🎉💕🌈🎉💕🌈

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The video opens on the back of the Like A Virgin songstress' head as she walks down a hallway.

Suddenly a flash of the queen of pop in a racy lingerie ensemble writhing around the floor appears as she is joined by what appears to be Kim. 

Then a white title of #MDNAmeetsKKW appears over the images of the two lovely ladies continuing down a hallway. 

The quick teaser ends with another flash of the Material Girl wearing a bondage wardrobe as 'Coming Soon' flashes on screen.

The two powerhouses joined forces on Tuesday night at YouTube Space in Los Angeles to promote their respective beauty lines, MDNA Skin and KKW Beauty.

During the 30-minute Q & A, Madonna detailed the ingredients for her four-in-one product, the Reinvention Cream.

'We've been able to extract the stem cells from this plant and put them in this all-in-one cream,' she explained.

Afterwards, they snapped several selfies and posted them online. 

Madonna's skincare line has been available in Asia since 2014, but can now be found in the United States exclusively at Barney's.

There are six main products along with a few accessories - including rose water cleanser - as prices range from $50 to $600.

Renowned dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank was a consultant on the line and gabbed a bit to W about his superstar client.

'Madonna is dedicated to skincare and her routine of sun avoidance, her own products, regular oxygen and LED light facials, and, most importantly, staying positive and happy. All of these things have a dramatic effect on the aging process.'

The next minute I. was having a serious chat about skin care and beauty with @kimkardashian 💕🌈🎉!🌈💕🎉🌈💕🎉! Fun Day #mdnaskin 🌹 #beauty #science skincare. #epic @mdnaskin #loveyourself

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Madonna on her epic Oscar parties and her secret to success

Source: ExtraTV - 8 March 2018

In an exclusive interview, "Extra" Mario Lopez spoke to singer Madonna at the fashion-forward Barneys New York department store in Beverly Hills as she promoted the newest product in her very own skin care line!

Strike a pose there’s nothing to it... #Madonna #Icon

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Madonna was back at work after a celebratory weekend. Of her wildly popular Oscars party, she said, "I had so much fun. I always tell everyone the Oscar party is work, but we have to have fun while we work. I have to create a magical environment for people to come into."

Madonna has managed to kept herself current over several decades, but what's her secret? She revealed, "I think it's a combination of things. I continue to be an incredibly curious person. Curiosity and being hungry for knowledge and trying new things. Taking risks is important. I've never been comfortable, and people have always given me a little bit of a hard time for my entire career, and in a way, that's a good thing."

During her illustrious career, Madonna has fought to be heard. Praising the #TIMESUP and #MeToo movements, she emphasized, "I feel like I've been fighting for what they've been fighting for — I've been doing that my entire career. I feel like all the hard times that I've received have been because I'm a female. I'm glad and happy to finally have some solidarity."

As for why she's now living in Lisbon, Portugal, Madonna explained, "Soccer. My son wants to be a soccer player. Of all the choices we had for soccer academies, I liked this one best. I'm a soccer mom, number one!"

As Madonna showed off MDNA Skin, she pointed out, "This is not a women's skin care line, it's for everybody."

A portion of the sales from the line's The Reinvention Cream will be going to Madonna's nonprofit organization, Raising Malawi, which provides Malawian children with one full year of schooling. She tried out the product on Mario, pointing out, "You better use it, because dry-ass skin is not good!"

MDNA Skin can be found exclusively at Barney's New York.

Madonna’s Oscars bash is still the best party in Hollywood

Source: Page Six - 8 March 2018

Madonna's party is still indisputably the place to be on Oscar night.

The legendary bash was still raging at 5 a.m. after the ceremony.

Sources told us the Material Girl — dressed in a leather dominatrix outfit, naturally, which matched the servers — was spotted dancing with newly minted Oscar winner Sam Rockwell and nominee Margot Robbie.

Others at the party, held at Madge's manager Guy Oseary's mansion, included Jennifer Lawrence, Leo DiCaprio, Timothée Chalamet, Amy Adams, Chelsea Handler, Jennifer Aniston, Paris Jackson, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Emma Stone, Greta Gerwig, Bradley Cooper, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth.

Cardi B performed.

"Hottest after-after-party by far," gushed a guest.

Eating paper with KIm....,.,,,,,💕💕 A foreshadowing of things to come🎉🌈💕🎉🌈💕🎉🌈💕 #beauty #skincare #workinggirls #oscar #fun #mdnaskin #thermalwaters #holywater @jr @kimkardashian @mdnaskin 🌹♥️

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I met my real life IDOL @madonna .I can’t even believe i performed at her event and it was the most meaningful performance ever.I grew up with my mom listening to Madonna for hours .I performed Material Girl freshman year in High school, listen to her on all my photo shoots to have super confidence and always mentioned her in my interviews .The best part about it is she was everything i thought she would be a Liberal Kick ass feminist bitch 😱😱I’m soo happy

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Hear Lana Del Rey's cover of 'You Must Love Me'

Source: Rolling Stone - 8 March 2018

Lana Del Rey released a faithful cover of Madonna's piano ballad "You Must Love Me" on Monday. The song originally appeared on the Evita soundtrack in 1996. 

"You Must Love Me," penned by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, was a top 20 hit in the U.S. in 1996, selling over 500,000 copies and taking home the Academy Award for Best Original Song. 

Given the song's success, it makes sense that Del Rey's version sticks close to the style and arrangement of the original. She sings with breathy precision over a backdrop of stately piano, rattling cymbals and swelling strings.

The new version of "You Must Love Me" is set to appear on the upcoming two-disc compilation Andrew Lloyd Webber Unmasked: The Platinum Collection. Del Rey is one of several pop singers on the set, which also includes recordings like Beyoncé singing "Learn to Be Lonely" from The Phantom of the Opera, Gregory Porter's take on "Light at the End of the Tunnel" from Starlight Express and Barbra Streisand rendition of "With One Look" from Sunset Boulevard. Andrew Lloyd Webber Unmasked is due out March 16th. 

Madonna hosts her annual Oscars after-party

Source: Instagram - 6 March 2018

Madonna hosted her annual Oscards after-party in L.A. yesterday and partied with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Cardi B. Just like last year, there was a 'torn paper' photo booth with photographer JR.

And then she........🖤 #oscars2018

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And then. We ...................🖤 #oscars 2018 🎉🎉🎉🏆. @moschino

Een bericht gedeeld door Madonna (@madonna) op

Thanks for your Considerations................🏆👑 #oscars 2018🖤

Een bericht gedeeld door Madonna (@madonna) op

Love this girl so much!! ♥️♥️♥️ Thank you @iamcardib for shining your light at the party last night! 🔥🔥🔥 #oscars 2018 thank you @.offsetyrn @quavohuncho @moschino 🎉🌈🙏🏻 @jr #party #fun #aboutlaatnight 🎉💕🔥💕🎉👌🤡💕🎉👌🤡💕

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Gang-Gang 🎉💕🌈🎉💕🎉💕🌈 @iamcardib @kimkardashian @jr #party #fun #oscars 🏆🏆🏆

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Madonna dances to own music at dancer's bday party

Source: TMZ - 4 March 2018

Madonna let the music take control and found herself in a dance-off ... but she had the upper hand because she was grooving to her own hit track.

Madge hit the dance floor at Catch NYC late Thursday night while celebrating the birthday of her lead dancer, Loic Mabanza. She showed up after midnight with a large Gucci gift bag for Loic, and partied with the crew on the rooftop ... even when the DJ got personal by playing "Everybody."

That's usually a party faux pas, but Madonna and Loic were into it.

We're told Madonna stayed on the floor for a while -- dancing, not only to her classics, but also current hip-hop. We're told DJ Tom Macari was behind the hot playlist. Madonna also showed people pics of her daughter, Mercy James, too.

Jeezy was also in attendance, and snapped a pic with his fellow 'born legend.'

Born Legends 🖤 @madonna #TrustYaProcess

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