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Video: Madonna and Miley perform Don't Tell Me/We Can't Stop mash-up

30 January 2014

Madonna to present Pussy Riot at Amnesty event, not perform

29 January 2014

Amnesty International concert poster Madonna has herself announced that she will indeed be attending the Amnesty International Bringing Human Rights Home concert at the Barclays Center on February 5th.

Contrary to previous reports, she won't be performing with Pussy Riot, but will instead be introducing the Russian punk band.

Get ready to rock Brooklyn! Madonna will attend the Amnesty International Bringing Human Rights Home concert at the Barclays Center on February 5th to introduce the Pussy Riot's performance! Get your tickets now! #revolutionoflove

Cowgirls Miley & Madonna perform Don't Tell Me and We Can't Stop on MTV Unplugged

Source: MTV - 29 January 2014

Madonna and Miley Cyrus performing together on MTV UnpluggedOh. Your favorite star didn't kick off her "MTV Unplugged" by running onto a hoedown-themed set — decked in a blonde bob wig, gingham bodysuit, and carrying a purse — and back that ass up into a two-man horse? That's cute, because Miley Cyrus did.

The biggest, best and country-est party in the U.S.A. on Tuesday night (January 28) was inside studio 15 of the Sunset Gower Studios, where Miley barnstormed her "Unplugged" set, complete with Amazon Ashley, Little Britney, a full strings section, a vintage Leslie, a Hammond organ, a two-man twerking horse, oh yeah, and Madonna. And if you weren't there, worry not: it all airs Wednesday night (January 29) at 9 p.m. E.T./P.T. on MTV. [6am CET]

If Miley Cyrus' "Unplugged" performance had a lyrical blueprint, it'd be that of her second song of the set, "Do My Thang": "I'm a Southern Belle crazier than hell, getting wild up in here, getting live up in here burning up, up in here, turnt up, up in here." Miley got live, got down, but she also got really real and really raw. "I can't believe you let me of all people do an 'Unplugged,' " she said. "That was brave." But how could we not?

Madonna on Instagram: M & M ! Don't ever Tell us We Can't STOP! #revolutionofloveAnd a few thoughts on bravery: Beyond the feel-good, Salt 'N Pepa-referencing party jams like "Bangerz" and #Getitright" — which saw a truly turnt up Miley dancing in a bikini top, grabbing her crotch and b-boy posing, her omnipresent tongue waving in between bars, and adorable stage banter ("MTV's paying me today in ones so we can all go to the strip club after this," she joked) — Miley put everything on the line. You could feel it in every song, everywhere in the room, from the minute she bounded out on the stage, down to her final flawless note of the night.

Miley's staggering vocal prowess — brace yourself for a voice that's thick and rich like molasses, metallic and fluid like liquid mercury — and vulnerability during slow songs reveal a strong yet not undamaged human heart caged in a spiritual sanctuary. Beyond the partying and the tongue selfies and weed jokes, there's honest-to-God pain and sorrow, love and loss, and Miley reached down and let the audience — and the light — in.

Nowhere was that raw emotion more apparent than during "Drive" and the minor falls and major lifts of a stripped-down version of "Wrecking Ball," which Miley prefaced saying "I think everyone knows what it's like to feel their life crumbling down," before taking the room to church with a version of the smash that felt as much like a hymnal as a pop song.

The emotional peak of the "Unplugged" set was "Adore You" — "My favorite song on my record," Miley told the "Unplugged" audience. Awash in the deep, dusty rose light of an illuminated wagon wheel, Miley launched into a country love ballad so deeply forlorn that for one beautiful minute, the L.A. set felt more like the scene of a furtive slow dance between two lovers on a peanut-shell-covered floor beneath the neon lights of flickering beer signs in any whiskey-soaked bar off of I-75.

But it wasn't all about emotional wreckage (by which I mean me, watching "Wrecking Ball" live). Don't get it twisted — Miley came to throw down.

Specifically with Madonna, who, as you've likely heard by now, had been quietly hiding in plain sight, rising from the audience in a bedazzled cowgirl uniform to join Miley on a mashup of Don't Tell Me and "We Can't Stop." While trading off and exchanging lyrics of both hits, Miley grinded on Madonna, Madonna grinded on Miley, they both box-stopped and turned line dancing into dirty dancing, and yet another legendary pop music moment was made.

"That was pretty f---ing cool you guys. It was one of those days that was pretty easy to get out of bed. I get to perform with Madonna in bedazzled cowboy boots. I can't really complain about anything," Miley effused as Madonna two-stepped off the stage. "Well, I can't perform when I'm stoned. That's one thing to complain I guess," Miley teased before impersonating "Saturday Night Live"'s Vanessa Bayer's cheeky impression of her, capping off the unforgettable duet by confirming it was "pretty cool."

Miley Cyrus may be known for her endlessly entertaining antics (who remembers twerking or sparking up at the EMAs? ), but stripping down to her Southern roots was a firm, intentional reminder that all else aside, this girl can wail to the rafters. Her fans (and fans — including this writer — of her "Backyard Sessions") could've told you that beneath the party girl is a real country girl, capable of vocal detonation, a boot-scootin hoedown, or holding her own beside the legendary a Queen of pop.

Miley Cyrus' MTV "Unplugged" performance proves once and for all that beyond the headlines and the tongue pics and the endless media circus lies a heart and a voice. It's the voice of an artist, and it's one of the biggest, boldest, and most important voices in music.

» More on their fashion attire here

Miley Cyrus & Madonna performing together?

Source: E! Online - 28 January 2014

Get ready for the pop music world to implode!

Madonna and Miley Cyrus I can exclusively reveal that Miley Cyrus' surprise guest performer for her upcoming MTV Unplugged special is none other than Madonna !

Yes, Miley and Madonna singing together!

Sources tell me that the two were on a Hollywood soundstage earlier today rehearsing the collaboration.

No word on what exactly they'll be performing, but does it really matter? They could read the telephone book together and the world would watch and listen.

Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged tapes tomorrow (I'll be there!) and will air on the music network Wednesday night at 9 p.m.

"The performance will showcase a more intimate side of Cyrus and feature surprise guests for an unexpected re-invention of the songs that have defined her career, including several from her #1 critically acclaimed album, Bangerz ," MTV said in a press release last week. "Miley and her fans have always had an intimate and direct connection through her music, personality and no-holds-barred attitude and the Unplugged stage will serve as the perfect platform for her to show viewers what inspires and ignites her music and her passions."

Since its debut in 1989, Unplugged has showcased Nirvana, Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Adele and Florence + The Machine.

Madonna most recently teamed up with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at the Grammys for the hip-hop duo's performance of "Same Love." Cyrus kicks off her 38-city Bangerz tour on Feb. 14 in Vancouver, Canada.

Cyrus actually compared herself to Madge shortly after her infamous performance with Robin Thicke (and her foam finger) at MTV's Video Music Awards last month.

"Last night, I was talking about some Madonna performances, and I said, 'At some point, everything becomes irrelevant.' Like, no one even thinks about when she did 'Like a Virgin' at the VMAs," the former Disney darling told the New York Times. "That just becomes a standard, where it's just like, 'Oh, that's her thing.' So, I feel like now that I did the VMAs, that just kind of became a standard for me, and then anytime I do anything else, they're like, 'Miley kept it tame tonight.'"

Madonna hits the Grammys red carpet with her son David, says she wears grills just to piss people off

Source: E! Online - 27 January 2014

Madonna had a special date by her side on the Grammys red carpet: Her son David.

Madonna: Pimpin the red carpet with Banda! #PerfectDate #revolutionoflove Madonna: She keeps me warm! #revolutionoflove Madonna, Mary Lambert and David on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards 2014 Madonna and David on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards 2014 Madonna and David on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards 2014 Madonna and David on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards 2014 Madonna and David on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards 2014

The duo even coordinated outfits for their mother-son outing: "We're both working the Ralph Lauren angle," Madonna told Ryan Seacrest on Live From the Red Carpet. Spring 2014 Collection, to be exact.

And Madonna had an equally special stylist for the event. Because it was also David!

"For this look, I followed his lead. He dressed me tonight," the Material Girl revealed. "He wanted me to dress like him, so I obeyed him."

Madge accessorized the outfit with a cane (a result of a dance injury) and, of course, a grill.

"Yeah, I'm grillin'. It pisses everybody off when I wear my grill, so that's why I wear it," she said, before explaining that she wears a grill "when it matches my outfit. When I don't have to eat. Actually, I've learned to eat with my grill in.

No grills for David though. "She said she'd get me grills for this birthday," he protested, before Madonna got all maternal and chimed in, "I know, but we haven't had time. We have to go to the dentist to get a mold!"

Tonight, Madonna will take the stage with Macklemore and 34 couples will get married live on TV during their performance of "Same Love." "I wouldn't do any old song with any old artist, but I feel like history is going to be made tonight," she teased. "So I want to be part of that."

Macklemore and Madonna perform 'Same Love' as 33 couples wed live on air during GRAMMYs

Source: Billboard - 27 January 2014

The music giants joined forces to promote marriage equality as both gay and straight couples were married at the same time

Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Madonna, Ryan Lewis and Queen Latifah perform during the 56th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2014 in Los Angeles Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Madonna, Ryan Lewis and Queen Latifah perform during the 56th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2014 in Los Angeles Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Madonna, Ryan Lewis and Queen Latifah perform during the 56th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2014 in Los Angeles Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Madonna, Ryan Lewis and Queen Latifah perform during the 56th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2014 in Los Angeles Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Madonna, Ryan Lewis and Queen Latifah perform during the 56th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2014 in Los Angeles Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Madonna, Ryan Lewis and Queen Latifah perform during the 56th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2014 in Los Angeles Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Madonna, Ryan Lewis and Queen Latifah perform during the 56th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2014 in Los Angeles Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Madonna, Ryan Lewis and Queen Latifah perform during the 56th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2014 in Los Angeles Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Madonna, Ryan Lewis and Queen Latifah perform during the 56th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2014 in Los Angeles Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Madonna, Ryan Lewis and Queen Latifah perform during the 56th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2014 in Los Angeles 33 couples light up in the crowd as Queen Latifah takes their wedding vows The gay & straight couples were visibly moved Madonna: Thank you Everyone for an amazing evening.We made History!!!! #revolutionoflove

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Same Love" anthem became the theme song for 33 newlyweds during the 56th GRAMMY Awards on Sunday night.

The gay and straight weddings were officiated by Queen Latifah while the hit song about equality was performed by the rap duo with Madonna hitting the stage with them, along with Mary Lambert and jazz artist Trombone Shorty.

"This song is not a love song for some of us but for all of us," said Latifah as she introduced the special segment.

The mass of couples exchanged rings at the same time as the singer pronounced them wed while Madonna emerged to sing her classic Open Your Heart.

The Material Girl changed into a white Ralph Lauren suit for the ground-breaking performance after wearing a dramatic black tux on the carpet.

When asked by Ryan Seacrest about the groundbreaking event before the show, Madonna stumbled over her words, saying: "I was told not to say anything"

"I mean I wouldn't do any old song with any old artist, but history is going to be made tonight," she finally revealed, while speaking through a gold grill.

Among the new brides was Lewis' sister, Laura, who reportedly said "I do," to boyfriend, Alex, on live TV.

After being deputized by Los Angeles County, Latifah officiated the mass nuptials, which included "gay, straight, old, young, of many races and many colors," according to the New York Times .

"Same Love," which features songwriter Lambert on the chorus, overtly addresses the cultural divide on the issue of gay marriage. "A certificate on paper isn't going to solve it all/but it's a damn good place to start," read the lyrics. The title is nominated in the song of the year category at the awards.

GLAAD tweeted its support of the equal rights awareness performance earlier in the evening, saying: "Congrats to #LGBT allies @macklemore and @RyanLewis! #GRAMMYs."

Via The Hollywood Reporter earlier in the week, Grammys producer Ken Ehrlich pledged a night of surprises.

"All things are possible on the Grammy Awards," the producer said when previously asked about the Madonna appearance, later adding: "It's what we do, one of the trademarks of this show, what I'd like to believe separates the Grammys from these other shows. You see artists do things that they just don't do anywhere else."

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were nominated for seven honors at the 2014 awards, including album of the year for "The Heist."

They were early winners for best new artist, as well as taking home Grammys for best rap album, best rap performance and best rap song for "Thrift Shop."

Madonna, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to perform "Same Love" together at the 2014 Grammys

Source: US Weekly - 26 January 2014

Ryan Lewis and Macklemore Let the fun begin! The Grammy Awards are well known for organizing surprise collaborations between huge artists in the music industry, and this year is no exception. Madonna and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will be taking the stage together at the Staples Center in L.A. for the 2014 Grammys, sources confirm to Us Weekly.

Madonna, 55, and 30-year-old Ben Haggerty -- who goes by the name Macklemore alongside his producer Lewis, 25 -- will be performing the rap duo's 2013 hit "Same Love." (Us previously reported the Queen of Pop and gay icon would be providing guest vocals for one of the evening's nominees. Her appearance was officially confirmed Friday.) "Same Love" is an anthem for LGBT equality and same sex marriage.

This has been a hugely successful year for the old friends, who won for both Favorite Rap/Hip-Hip Artist and Favorite Rap/Hip-Hip Album at the 2013 American Music Awards last November. At the Grammys on Jan. 25, they are up for seven nominations -- including Album of the Year for The Heist , Song of the Year for "Same Love," and Best New Artist.

The "Material Girl" herself, meanwhile, hinted earlier this week that she would be performing during the live show. "My lips are almost sealed! I can't say anything more. #itsasecret," she wrote on Friday, Jan. 24, with a picture of herself covered up in a thin black veil.

She added: "It's official! I'm off my crutches and I'm looking for the perfect pair of heels to wear to the Grammys." (Last Thursday, the seven-time Grammy winner sustained a minor injury from dancing in high heels.)

Madonna confirmed for GRAMMYs performance

Source: Billboard - 25 January 2014

Madonna last performed at the Grammy Awards in 2006 The GRAMMY Awards released what is (presumably) its final additions to its awe-inspiring lineup of performers, with Madonna at the top of that list. The singer was reported late last week to be a surprise performer at Sunday's ceremony, and Madge was officially confirmed in a press release on Friday (Jan. 24).

Also added to the GRAMMYs lineup: Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong and country star Miranda Lambert, who will perform a special tribute to Phil Everly, who passed away earlier this month; Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue; and rapper Juicy J, who will likely join Katy Perry onstage to perform their Top 5 hit "Dark Horse."

Madonna's last performance at the GRAMMYs came in 2006, when she performed her hit "Hung Up" alongside Gorillaz . She has won seven GRAMMY Awards over the course of her illustrious career.

Previously announced GRAMMY performers include Daft Punk, with Nile Rodgers, Pharrell Williams and Stevie Wonder; Lorde; Sara Bareilles with Carole King; Macklemore & Ryan Lewis; Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons; Taylor Swift; and many, many others. LL Cool J will return as host of the ceremony, which will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Madonna hints at Grammy performance on Instagram

Source: Instagram - 24 January 2014

Madonna: It's official! I'm off my crutches and I'm looking for the perfect pair of heels to wear to the Grammys..........#instagrammy Madonna: My lips are almost sealed! I can't say anything more....................#itsasecret Madonna has confirmed that she will be attending the Grammy Awards this coming Sunday.

Though it wasn't confirmed whether she will be performing on stage, she teased fans on Instagram by posing with a guitar, writing: "It's official! I'm off my crutches and I'm looking for the perfect pair of heels to wear to the Grammys.......... #instagrammy".

When fans asked her whether she'd perform, she mysteriously replied: "My lips are almost sealed! I can't say anything more....................#itsasecret"

Fingers crossed!

Madonna rumored to be playing Amnesty International Concert in Brooklyn

Source: Gothamist - 24 January 2014

Earlier this week it was announced that the massive Amnesty International concert at Barclays Center on February 5th will feature two members of Pussy Riot, who were just released from Russian prison camps last month. The concert is a return to the Amnesty concerts of the 1980s and '90s (they stopped in 1998), and in that spirit some legendary talent has been expected to return with it — we now have it on good authority that Madonna has been confirmed to play at the show.

Madonna was outspoken about her support of Pussy Riot while touring in 2012:

She also issued this call to action at the time: "I protest the conviction and sentencing of Pussy Riot to a penal colony for two years for a 40 second performance extolling their political opinions. Even if one disagrees with the location or how they chose to express themselves, the sentence is too harsh and in fact is inhumane. I call on all those who love freedom to condemn this unjust punishment. I urge artists around the world to speak up in protest against this travesty. They've spent enough time in jail. I call on ALL of Russia to let Pussy Riot go free."

Organizers have promised big announcements up until the date of the show, so expect more of these surprises in the next week.

Madonna sells $7M painting to fund girls' education abroad

Source: Reuters/Today Entertainment - 24 January 2014

'Trois Femmes a la Table Rouge' by Fernand Leger was sold at auction on Tuesday. Madonna sold an abstract painting by French artist Fernand Leger for $7.16 million on Tuesday to raise funds for girls' education projects in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere.

The 1921 painting, "Trois Femmes a la Table Rouge," which carried a pre-sale estimate of up to $7 million, was purchased by an unidentified buyer at Sotheby's Impressionist and Modern Art sale in New York, according to the auction house's website.

The pop singer said in April that she bought the painting in 1990 and that selling it would combine her passions for art and education by raising funds for the Ray of Light Foundation, a non-profit organization offering vocational training for street children and poor farmers.

"I cannot accept a world where women or girls are wounded, shot or killed for either going to school or teaching in girls' schools. We don't have time to be complacent," Madonna said in a statement last month.

"I want to trade something valuable for something invaluable - educating girls!"

Madonna has adopted two children from Malawi in southern Africa and plans to build 10 schools there.

Early Madonna collection hitting auction block

Source: The St. Petersburg Tribune - 24 January 2014

ST. PETERSBURG — They say there's always a Tampa Bay connection, and pop mega-star Madonna is apparently not immune.

'It shows the friendship of Madonna and Martin, which is really important,' Myers gallery co-owner Mary Dowd says. Original Madonna sketch art by Martin Bugoyne from a collection of rare Madonna collectibles and other items such a portrait drawing of Burgoyne by Andy Warhol at Myers Auction Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL on January 23rd, 2014. A platinum album entitled 'Madonna', one of a collection of art and memorabilia from pop star Madonnaís old roommate, that a St. Petersburg firm will auction, is shown Tuesday Jan. 21, 2014 in St. Petersburg, Fla. The 55-year-old singer may be the top-selling female recording artist of all time, but a collection of sketches and photographs up for sale at Myers Fine Art and Antiques Auction Gallery, near Crescent Lake, gives a glimpse of her from before she ever stepped onto a stage.

The collection once belonged to Martin Burgoyne, Madonna's best friend and roommate in the early 1980s, before she became famous. His parents live in the Tampa Bay area. An artist, designer and Studio 54 DJ, Burgoyne designed the album cover for early Madonna release “Burning Up.” He died of AIDS in 1986 at 23.

The collection includes his sketches of Madonna, some candid photos of the two together — at least one of which was purportedly taken by Andy Warhol — and other memorabilia.

“It shows the friendship of Madonna and Martin, which is really important,” gallery co-owner Mary Dowd said. “They had both gone through a lot of hard times, Madonna especially, and he was there for her.”

The images portray a time when the two shared a tattered, graffiti-coated Manhattan apartment as they struggled for recognition and scrounged to pay the rent against the backdrop of New York City's flourishing early 1980s art scene. He helped her recover in the aftermath of a rape, and she took care of him as his disease wore on.

There were some good times, too. They partied with Warhol and Keith Haring, who also have pieces in the collection, and Burgoyne managed Madonna's first tour. Most of the photos show Madonna from before her astronomical success, when she was just a regular young woman, albeit an unusually ambitious one, trying to make it in the big city.

“I think what's really kind of neat is now Madonna has become such a pop icon, and she's so huge, but these photographs of her with her goofy expression and just hanging out and having a good time with Martin, they humanize her,” Dowd said.

The set of images contrasts the mega-celebrity she is today.

“You see her in a way that I don't see her today. She's very far removed from any kind of contact,” Dowd said.

The auction is at noon Feb. 9. The gallery will take bids in person at 1600 Fourth St. N., online, and by phone.

Madonna to perform at Grammys?

Source: LA Times - 17 January 2014

Madonna and Beyonce appear to have their eyes locked on the Grammy stage.

The pop superstars are expected to be among the big surprise moments during next week's ceremony, according to two sources with knowledge of the plans.

Late last year Beyonce pulled off one of the best-kept secrets in recent music history when she stealthily released her self-titled album without as much as a hint.

The Grammys is where she will make her first televised performance in support of the project — which shattered iTunes records upon its release in December — according to a source with knowledge of the matter.

Madonna, however, is expected to pop up and lend guest vocals during a performance from one of the night's nominees, an additional source confirmed.

Longtime Grammy Awards show producer Ken Ehrlich said he “can't confirm” an appearance from Beyonce during an interview with Pop & Hiss to preview the show. Ehrlich didn't confirm or deny Madonna's involvement.

“Let's put it this way … we have a really great history that goes back to the early days of Destiny's Child,” Ehrlich added. “I love working with [Beyonce]. She's incredible. She is so into what it is that she does and making sure that everybody who sees her walks away saying, ‘wow.' ”

“Should she be on the show this year?” he continued. “I would think that the potential is there for that kind of moment.”

Other Grammy performers include Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr; Daft Punk with Nile Rodgers, Pharrell Williams and Stevie Wonder; Kendrick Lamar with Imagine Dragons; Lorde; Katy Perry; Pink and Fun's Nate Ruess; Robin Thicke and Chicago; Macklemore & Ryan Lewis; Kacey Musgraves; John Legend; Taylor Swift; Keith Urban and Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson and Blake Shelton.

Reps for Madonna and Beyonce had yet to return requests for comment.

The Grammy telecast airs at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time Jan. 26.

Madonna injured in high heel fall

Source: ContactMusic - 17 January 2014

Madonna is on crutches after bruising a bone in her foot from dancing in high-heeled shoes.

Madonna is on crutches after falling over in high heels.

Madonna: 'Inventing a new workout on crutches! Waking up new Neuro transmitters is always fun! #nothingcanstopme'The 55-year-old singer was seen ''hobbling in pain'' into her New York home and though she has recently been skiing in Gstaad in Switzerland and partying in Rotterdam, Netherlands with boyfriend Timor Steffans, it seems her injury was caused by some energetic dancing.

Her spokesperson told the New York Post newspaper: ''She bruised a bone in her foot from dancing in her high heels . . . she'll be fine and off crutches in a week.''

Madonna isn't the only star to experience problems from wearing high heels.

Kelly Osbourne has previously said she falls over a lot when she wears towering footwear.

She said: ''I'm double-jointed everywhere, I think that's why I'm so accident prone. Tight jeans and high heels equals one of my hips popping out and my face on the floor.''

Sean Penn talks about Madonna in Haiti

Source: E Online - 15 January 2014

It didn't take much for Sean Penn to get his ex-wife to Haiti.

Madonna and Rocco in Haiti Madonna and Rocco in Haiti "I don't know if I called her or if it was one time that we ran into each other but, I said, 'Would you like to come down?'" the Milk actor told me at his J/P Haiti Relief Organization benefit. "She said she would. She came down with her son Rocco and it was great to have them down there."

The Queen of Pop made the trip to the Caribbean country in November.

While the Haiti earthquake may have happened four years ago, Penn says there's no time to stop working to rebuild the country.

"The value of what was done in the first place ends up at zero if we don't continue and finish the support aspect of it that allows Haiti to be independent," he said. "We're moving there."

Media coverage of Madonna and other celeb visits helps the world see "the enormous amount of change that's happened in Haiti," Penn said.

Anderson Cooper, who emceed the star-studded event, said, "I've seen the work that Sean and J/P HRO does in Haiti and it's remarkable. I don't think anyone could have predicted when Sean showed up just days after the earthquake with a plane full of supplies that four years later that he would be on the ground when so many others aren't."

The night raised $6 million for the organization. Cooper won a Jeff Koons sculpture made from Penn's decommissioned gun collection during the live auction for $1.4 million.

Madonna and Adele to write a ballad together?

Source: Daily Mail - 13 January 2014

Adele Madonna is hanging up her pointy bras and fishnets as she swaps dance music for a 'grown up' album of ballads - thanks to Adele.

Queen of reinvention Madge has asked the 25-year-old songstress, below left, to help her, promising in return to write a song for Adele's next record.

'They have met in London and plan a writing session to produce a track for each other's new albums,' says a source close to 55-year-old Madonna.

Madonna's rep denies singer has found new boyfriend

Source: AceShowbiz - 13 January 2014

Madonna is not dating a 26-year-old dancer after breaking up from Brahim Zaibat. A representative for the 55-year-old singer has responded to a report that she dated the dancer called Timor Steffens, telling Gossip Cop, "It's all c**p."

The "Like a Virgin" singer was said taking Steffens, who has worked with stars such as Michael Jackson, Beyonce Knowles and Whitney Houston, to a new year party which was held by designer Valentino Garavani in Switzerland. "The chemistry between Madonna and Timor was pretty intense," Radar Online reported, quoting someone who claimed to be at the bash.

"Some people at the party were whispering about how Madonna had just broken up with her ex, and now she's already with a new guy. It's that kind of crowd. Plus, you can't really ignore the fact that Timor is SO much younger than Madonna. I mean, he's basically a replacement for her ex," the source continued, adding that the star "was really showing him off, drinking and dancing with him all over the place."

Giancarlo Giammetti, honorary president of the Valentino Fashion House, shared a photo of Madonna and the Dutch dancer on his Instagram . "Happy new year !!! @madonna #Timour #fun #newyearseve #dance," he captioned the photo.

Madonna names Katy Perry as January Guest Curator for Art For Freedom

Source: - 8 January 2014

Katy Perry Madonna has confirmed Katy Perry as the first guest curator for Art for Freedom in 2014 for the month of January. Katy will collaborate with Madonna to select daily submissions to be showcased on Since launching in September 2013, Art for Freedom has received over 3,000 submissions globally via and its social media platforms.

"Art can change the world, but first it needs to be seen and heard," said Madonna. "Katy Perry and I are asking you to be that voice and show us how you define freedom in 2014. This will be a year of monumental changes for human rights, and we want you to be a part of that change. Let us hear from you."

"I am so fortunate to have the freedom to express myself through music," said Katy Perry. "Now I'm calling all of my incredibly creative KatyCats to use their talent to show Madonna and me how they express their freedom. I believe that 2014 can be a year of great social change. Together we can all stand up for Human Rights. Join the conversation, and let your art be your voice."

As part of the Art For Freedom initiative, Katy Perry will work with Madonna to select one artist during the month of January whose creative expression demonstrates a unique view of the fight for human rights. Madonna will then award a $10,000 grant to a nonprofit organization of the winning artist's choice. All projects must be focused on the values of Art For Freedom. David Blaine served as Art for Freedom's guest curator for the month of December.

Launched in September 2013, Art For Freedom is a global digital initiative, led by Madonna in partnership with VICE Media, designed to fuel free speech - to respond, address and protest persecution and discrimination around the world. It is an online public art project encouraging people to express their personal meaning of freedom and revolution, in the form of video, music, poetry, and photography. Public submissions become part of the Art For Freedom website: contributors can join the project by uploading original artwork or tagging original posts #artforfreedom. The project was launched with the film secretprojectrevolution, co-directed by Madonna and Steven Klein.

Madonna dating Dutch toyboy dancer Timor?

Source: RadarOnline - 8 January 2014

That was fast! Less than one month after Madonna announced her split from boy toy Brahim Zaibat, can exclusively reveal that she's already moved on with another hunk who's just as young and just as studly. Only Radar has all the details on the 55-year-old's new man, 26-year-old Dutch backup dancer Timor Steffens.

Dutch dancer Timor Steffens Dutch dancer Timor Steffens Dutch dancer Timor Steffens Dutch dancer Timor Steffens

But not everyone in the crowd of A-listers, which included Madonna's arch-nemesis Elton John , was impressed.

“Some people at the party were whispering about how Madonna had just broken up with her ex, and now she's already with a new guy,” the source says. “It's that kind of crowd. Plus, you can't really ignore the fact that Timor is SO much younger than Madonna. I mean, he's basically a replacement for her ex. He looks just like Brahim.”

But true to form, “Madonna didn't give a f*ck that people were whispering!” the source says. “She was really showing him off, drinking and dancing with him all over the place.”

Radar can reveal that Timor and Madonna have actually been working together on a dance project for several months, making him an easy choice for her rebound romance.

In fact, the source says, “It was obvious he was already close to all her kids, especially Rocco. They spent a lot of the night on New Year's joking around with each other.”

“Madonna was even hinting to people that one of the reasons she likes Timor so much is because he's a natural with her children,” the source says. “She isn't really the type to come out and say something like that, but it was obvious. She had a little smile on her face whenever she watched Timor goofing around with Rocco and the other kids.”

“Madonna was really trying to make sure that her kids were comfortable and having fun too,” the source says. Indeed, the singer drew criticism after posting a pic of her 13-year-old son Rocco holding a bottle of gin, but later insisted that “no one was drinking.”

With Timor's age and look a perfect match for Madge, will he be more than a New Year's fling? Says the source, “Even if he is just a boy toy, he was pretty confident and charismatic. He'll be able to handle the pressure.”

Madonna: Really, Internet? Calm down

Source: CNN - 8 January 2014

Madonna wants all of her critics to make a resolution to relax.

Madonna posted this picture on Instagram around New Year's Eve After the 55-year-old singer and mom of four posted an image of her 13-year-old son, Rocco, posing with a bottle of gin on Instagram, the pop legend was inundated with criticism that she was not only a poor parent, but also encouraging underage drinking.

In the image, the pre-teen's seen hanging out with two other friends, who are also holding their own bottles of vodka. The photo's caption, presumably written by Madge since she shared it on her personal account, says that "the party has just begun! Bring it! 2014"

After the onslaught of naysayers turned the photo into a headline, Madge had to speak her piece.

"No one was drinking we were just having fun! Calm down and get a sense of humor!" she responded on Instagram. "Don't start the year off with judgement!"

Madonna to attend official grand opening of Hard Candy Fitness in Toronto

Source: The Canadian Press - 3 January 2014

TORONTO - The Material Girl is coming to Canada for the official launch of her new luxury fitness facility.

Madonna at the opening of her gym in Berlin Madonna will host the official grand opening of Hard Candy Fitness Toronto on Feb. 11.

The music icon is also slated to lead her signature Addicted to Sweat cardio-based dance class.

In addition to a select group of Toronto club members, Hard Candy Fitness clubs from around the world will hold auditions to send members to work out with Madonna live at the event.

Auditions for the Toronto members will take place on Jan. 30 and Feb. 1, with final cut auditions on Feb. 10.

The Toronto club opened for workouts in October and is billed as the brand's largest in North America.

Hard Candy Fitness has also recently opened clubs in Berlin and Rome, which joins existing locations in Sydney, Santiago, Mexico City, Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Madonna shows off penis-shaped bong on Instagram

Source: Herald Sun - 3 January 2014

AH, MADONNA what would we do without you?

Madonna: Out with The Old in with the New!! Happy New Year! Madonna: My New Years resolution! 2014. Is mine! Bring It! #artforfreedom Proving at 55, that she still likes to ruffle a few feathers, Madge celebrated the new year by posting a picture of the penis-shaped bong she had received for her birthday back in August.

Sitting the prop delicately on a chair, she captioned the pic, “Out with The Old in with the New!! Happy New Year!” (Her kids must be so embarrassed right now.)

Madonna recently revealed that that she had been given the bong as a gift on her 55th birthday.

During a Q&A session with fans on Reddit, Madonna was asked to name the best present she'd received, declaring, “I got a bong in the shape of a penis.”

Madonna shared her New Year's resolution with her fans, sharing another photo which read: “Darling Just F***ing Own It”, captioning the shot, “My New Years resolution! 2014. Is mine! Bring It! #artforfreedom.”

Madonna celebrated the new year in Switzerland, where she has been skiing with her four kids, Lourdes, Rocco, Mercy and David.

Indeed, Madonna has been prolific in sharing her holiday snaps with fans.

Earlier this week, she posted a pic from the slopes, wearing black ski pants, a black parka with multiple zipper pockets and a fur-lined hood with leopard print lining, a black helmet and black ski boots.

And while her kids zipped around the slopes, Madonna was snapped taking lessons from a ski instructor. She also shared a snap of her eldest daughter on Instagram, saying: “Snow Bunny is DONE!”

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