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MDNA Tour makes Billboard Boxscore's All-Time Top 10

Source: Billboard - 24 January 2013

Madonna performs on her MDNA Tour The final numbers are in, and Madonna's 2012 MDNA Tour has retained her box office form, clocking in at $305,158,363 gross with 2,212,345 in attendance over 88 shows, according to Billboard Boxscore. The tour began in Israel last May 31 and finished in Argentina on Dec. 22, hitting Europe, Asia and North America in between.

The MDNA final box office tally is enough to rank MDNA No. 10 all-time in tours as reported to Boxscore, sandwiched between the Rolling Stones' "Licks" tour of 2002-2003 ($311 million) and the Stones' "Bridges To Babylon" tour of 1997-98 ($274 million).

This is Madonna's second time in the Boxscore Top 10; the Sticky & Sweet tour of 2008-09 was third all-time at $408 million, the highest ever for a solo artist. Her 2006 Confessions tour came in at $194 million. All of these tours, including MDNA, were produced by Live Nation's Global Touring division, headed by LNGT chairman Arthur Fogel, who offhandedly predicted to Billboard back in April that MDNA would end up a Boxscore Top 10 tour.

Had MDNA played Australian stadiums, as was initially considered, the tour would have moved up a few notches up the all-time list. As it stood and as it stands, MDNA was the highest-grossing tour for 2012 according to Boxscore, making it Madonna's third time closing a year at the top of the box office heap, the others being 2009 and 2004. Madonna joined the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead and Bon Jovi as the only acts to be Billboard's highest-grossing tour twice in a three-year span, and MDNA gives Fogel and Live Nation their sixth top tour over the past 10 years.

MDNA highlights were many, with the run through South America being notably successful. The five highest Boxscores on the tour were:

Estadio Atanasio Gerardo in Medellin, Colombia, Nov. 28-29 ($14.7 million gross, 90,018 attendance)
Yankee Stadium in New York Sept. 6 and 8($12.6 million, 79,775)
Foro Sol in Mexico City Nov. 24-25 ($11.6 million,84,382)
Estadio Rive Plate in Buenos Aires ($10.8 million, 89,226)
Estadio do Morumbi in Sao Paulo Dec. 4-5 ($8.4 million, 85,255)

In North America, MDNA did best --  not counting Yankee Stadium -- at:

Plains of Abraham in Quebec Sept. 1 ($8 million, 70,569)
Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Sept. 12-13 ($7.5 million, 32,557)
The MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Oct. 13-14 ($7.2 million, 24,991)
The Staples Center in Los Angeles Oct. 10-11 ($6.2 million, 29,015).

MDNA is the second tour under a 10-year multi-rights deal between Madonna and Live Nation, signed in 2007. MDNA is Madonna's fifth tour with Fogel's team, a run that marks the Material Girl's ascent into the elite ranks of touring artists and inarguably makes her the top touring female artist of all time.

"It seems like I have said this a number of times following Madonna tours -- five times to be precise: the overwhelming global success of the MDNA Tour proves yet again that Madonna is the greatest female touring artist," Fogel told Billboard as the tour came to a close. "As this tour takes its place as one of the most successful in history, I can't help but enjoy the fact that it is the millions of fans who determine that. Thank you to [Madonna manager] Guy Oseary and the entire staff and crew of MDNA."

~ Check here for a full list of the MDNA Tour grosses

Hard Candy fitness to open in Rome

Source: - 24 January 2013

Madonna teaches a gym class in one of her Hard Candy fitness centers Hard Candy Fitness, the global luxury fitness brand founded by Madonna in partnership with New Evolution Ventures (NeV), announces the opening of Hard Candy Fitness Rome in early 2013. The brand has entered into a partnership with Dabliu, one of largest Italian networks in the fitness industry, to develop the Rome market. This first location will be a stunning 13,000 square foot club in the heart of Rome's historic center will be an inspiration for the club's members.

As Andrea Pambianchi, co-owner of Dabliu and Project Manager of Hard Candy Fitness Rome, stated, "After 16 years since our first step into the fitness industry, we are preparing to start a new and exciting adventure and once again revolutionizing the concept of fitness. In early 2013, we will open Hard Candy Fitness Rome, the world's most innovative fitness brand founded by Madonna."

The three story, amenity-packed club will include studios for yoga and group fitness, where the brand's exclusive Addicted to Sweat programs, which are based on the same routines Madonna uses to stay fit and were recently released on DVD, will be featured. The DVD series is currently available for purchase at Following the Hard Candy Fitness standard, a full selection of traditional group fitness classes will be offered, along with designated spaces for functional and personal training, and an espresso bar. Members can also enjoy a unique cycling studio resting in a balcony overlooking the club's main floor.

Mike Apple, SVP of International Business Development for Hard Candy Fitness commented, "We are thrilled to partner with Dabliu to bring the brand to the Italian market. Hard Candy Fitness Rome will showcase the brand's unique fitness approach and luxury atmosphere in one of the most historic, famous neighborhoods in the world."

For more information about the club and exclusive membership opportunities, visit The brand is expected to announce the opening of several other locations this year as it continues its expansion into destination cities around the world.

Check out her gym:

Madonna, Brando estate settle lawsuit over Vogue

Source: Hollywood Reporter - 24 January 2013

Madonna performs Vogue on the MDNA Tour Madonna is about to resolve litigation with Marlon Brando's estate over using the late actor's image when she performs the song Vogue in concert.

The lyrics to the song shouts out many celebrities ("Greta Garbo, and Monroe / Dietrich and DiMaggio ...") and Madonna has made it a habit to use images of dead celebrities in her set dressing.

But to do so, she arguably needs permission from the estates, and two lawsuits were filed last year over her alleged failure to get it.

CMG Worldwide, an Indiana-based firm that manages the intellectual property rights of many dead stars, sued first, looking to protect Madonna. CMG was in charge of clearing rights for Bhakti Touring Inc, which represented Madonna when she went out on her MDNA Tour after last year's Super Bowl halftime performance.

Madonna was to pay $5,000 each to the estates of James Dean, Jean Harlow, Ginger Rogers and others, and CMG thought it had agreed to a likewise deal with reps for the Brando estate. But according to a suit filed in September, Brando's licensing reps increased their demands to $20,000, which represented a problem since it meant that Madonna would then have to also pay $20,000 to each of the other dead celebs estates thanks to "most favored nation" contractual clauses. It might have made "Vogue" too costly to be performed as intended.

CMG sued, seeking a declaration that Brando's estate and its agents be prevented from bringing any lawsuits against CMG, Bhakti and Madonna for violations of Brando's intellectual property. The plaintiff claimed to have a valid and enforceable contract.

The Brando estate nevertheless returned fire with its own lawsuit against Madonna in October, accusing her of having "intentionally, negligently, and/or willingly used the Brando IP Assets for the purposes of attracting attention to the Tour, to the individual concerts and to the song Vogue itself and for the purpose of enhancing the advertising and marketing thereof."

Suing for misappropriation of publicity rights and trademarks, the Brando estate sought $100,000 for each nonwillful use and $1 million for each willful use.

The parties have informed the court that they have reached a settlement in principle, but need time to execute the settlement agreement. Terms haven't yet been revealed. The Brando estate is known for its litigiousness in protecting rights, suing in the past over such allegedly exploitive items as motorcycle boots and sofas. The actor, who died in 2004, won Oscars for On the "Waterfront" and "The Godfather," and also starred in such films as "A Streetcar Named Desire," "The Wild One" and "Last Tango in Paris."

Madonna lists Beverly Hills estate for $22.5 million

Source: Billboard - 10 January 2013

After 10 years of ownership, Madonna has officially put her enormous Beverly Hills estate on the market for $22.5 million.

Madonna's Beverly Hills mansion The Material Girl has been wanting to get rid of the property since early 2012; she first listed the French country-style estate as a pocket listing for $28 million. While pocket listings can sometimes garner the kind of buzz a high-end property needs to sell, it apparently wasn't the right sales tactic for Madge's place. And even though the home is officially listed, Madonna is still keeping the place under wraps, releasing only an aerial photo to the MLS.

Madonna bought the home for $12 million in 2003 when she was married to Guy Richie, and like many of her properties, the residence received a complete overhaul from the singer-songwriter-actress. Built in 1912, the home sits on 1.25 gated, landscaped acres. Spanning 17,000 square feet, the house has 9 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, a 2-story dining room, full-size home theater, gym, outdoor pool and tennis court. The home also has several sets of offices — including assistants' offices — staff rooms and guesthouses.

Madonna doesn't own any other homes in L.A. , and it appears that she is set on the East Coast. She recently listed her Upper West Side duplex for $23.5 million, choosing to spend her time in a $32 million Georgian townhouse she purchased in 2009. Madonna also owns an estate in Bridgehampton, NY.

Hot Tours: Madonna tops Lady Gaga in first tally of 2013

Source: Billboard - 9 January 2013

Madonna performs on her MDNA Tour Madonna scores the top ranking on the first Hot Tours tally of 2013 with $51.9 million in box office revenue from six of the final dates on her MDNA Tour that wrapped on December 22. 

The first of the six venues included in this week's Hot Tours recap is the last of 30 North American venues on the tour schedule, American Airlines Arena in Miami.  The 19,500-seat arena sold a total of 27,976 tickets for concerts on November 19 & 20 grossing over $5.2 million.  The tour's Latin American trek followed, kicking off with a two-show run in Mexico City just four days later.  The Mexican capital city's sports and concert venue, Foro Sol hosted the legendary entertainer on November 24 & 25 with 84,382 tickets sold for both performances.  Four additional South American venues are included in the weekly Hot Tours report - two shows in Colombia and four in Brazil. MDNA Tour, which launched back in May, was ranked as Billboard's top-grossing tour of 2012.

Lady Gaga lands at No.2 on this week's Hot Tours chart based on ticket sales reported from venues in Latin America, Africa and Europe during the Born This Way Ball's final seven weeks on the road in 2012. 

Billboard reports sold-out shows for Latin America

Source: Billboard - 3 January 2013

MDNA in current boxscores Billboard Boxscore has published the numbers for the 2 MDNA shows in Miami and 8 shows in Latin America. All 10 shows are reported as sold out!

The top 5 spots in the current boxscore are all taken by MDNA shows, as well as #7. The new numbers will bring the total tour gross even higher than the earlier reported record!

The only figures still missing are those of Argentina and Chile, which are expected to follow in the next few weeks.

Miami, FL: $5,241,125 - 2 shows - 27,976 attendance
Mexico City, Mexico: $11,586,745 - 2 shows - 84,382 attendance
Medellin, Colombia: $14,741,104 - 2 shows - 90,018 attendance
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: $4,332,428 - 1 show - 34,709 attendance
Sao Paulo, Brazil: $8,430,677 - 2 shows - 85,255 attendance
Porto Alegre, Brazil: $7,578,191 - 1 show - 42,524 attendance

Madonna and daughters skiing in Swiss Alps

Source: Daily Mail - 1 January 2013

It was only a year ago that she was seen looking unsteady on her feet as she took to the snow to try out snowboarding for the first time.

But fast forward twelve months and it seems Madonna's daughter Lourdes is now quite the pro.

Madonna and daughters skiing in Switzerland Madonna and daughters skiing in Switzerland Madonna and daughters skiing in Switzerland Madonna and daughters skiing in Switzerland Madonna and daughters skiing in Switzerland Madonna and daughters skiing in Switzerland

The 16-year-old is currently enjoying another skiing holiday with her famous mother in Gstaad, Switzerland.

And she's taken to the extreme sport with ease.

Looking as cool as her surroundings, Lourdes, who turned 16 in October, showed off her skills a she breezed down the mountain.

Dressed in an all black ensemble wore her hair in long plaits as she spent the day practicing her snowboarding.

After showing off on the slopes, Lourdes eventually got rid of her board so she could walk around in the snow instead, clutching her mobile as she went for a stroll.

And it seems it's a past time that is more suited to the teenager than it is her pop star mother.

The Material Girl was seen having a ski lesson but seemed to struggle as she fell over in the cold snow.

Madonna staggered before pushing herself upright once more as boyfriend Brahim Zaibat watched on as she struggled to manoeuvre herself around.

But it was Madonna's other daughter Mercy who also drew attention as she was shown how to ski.

The cute youngster grinned widely as she made her way down the snow, laughing as she got used to the skis.

Mercy stood out thanks to her vibrant outfit, consisting of bright blue salopette trousers and a purple coat.

Of course wearing the correct safety equipment such as a helmet, the whole family seemed to be enjoying seeing the end of 2012 in the ski resort.

Madonna celebrates New Years Eve with Valentino and Anne Hathaway

Source: NY Post - 1 January 2013

Madonna and Anne Hathaway on New Year's Eve Even during a romantic walk in the Swiss Alps, Madonna makes sure she is heavily watched over by security. Our spies spotted Her Madjesty, 54, going for a snowy stroll in Gstaad with her dancer beau Brahim Zaibat, 24. But, according to our spy, "They weren't exactly alone. They were shadowed by a huge SUV full of security guards, which crept along slowly behind them."

Madonna has also had extra protection on the slopes, where she is learning to ski. The source added, "She has a security guard and her instructor with her at all times, but the word is that when it comes to skiing, Madonna is human and keeps falling over."

The Queen of Pop is staying with design icon Valentino, who was last night due to throw a lavish bash at his chalet. Sources earlier told us that Madonna and "Les Misérables" star Anne Hathaway "are both expected to sing at the party and may even perform a duet." Hathaway is with her new hubby, Adam Shulman, and local sources tell us the couple has been spotted canoodling in restaurants around town.

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