Madonna news - April 2011

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'Run' demo leaks

22 April 2011

A demo version of Run has leaked online. The track was recorded by Madonna and William Orbit during the recording sessions for the Music album, but didn't make the final cut. Read the lyrics here and listen to the song here. What do you think, should this song have been released? Share your thoughts on Facebook

Cornish on Madonna: "She's such a force"

13 April 2011

Ed Gibbs interviewed Abbie Cornish for TheAge. Here's what Abbie says about working with Madonna on W.E.:

These days, Cornish also counts another "bright star" - Madonna - as a friend and collaborator. Her next film, W.E., is directed and co-written by the singer and will premiere in Venice later this year. It tells the story of a lonely woman obsessed with the abdication of King Edward VIII, a subject integral to this year's best picture Oscar winner, The King's Speech. Cornish says, as with Ledger, that her new co-star has given her something inspirational to add to that teenaged view of a world where anything is possible.

"It's her discovery of love and sacrifice and what [they] mean," Cornish says of the film, in which she plays an unhappily married woman named Wally Winthrop. "And I remember when we were shooting Madonna said, 'I really want to go to Venice.' And sure enough, we're off to Venice. That's Madonna. She's such a force. She's such an amazing woman. If she puts her mind to something, it'll actually exist."

Statement from Liz Rosenberg regarding Raising Malawi

Source: - 5 April 2011

"In recent days a number of wild and totally false rumors about Madonna's philanthropy--spread by bloggers and tabloids--have begun appearing on the internet. As we have said previously, Raising Malawi is currently undergoing a series of positive changes in an effort to serve more children. Neither Madonna nor Raising Malawi is being investigated by the FBI or the IRS. It is unfortunate that people have chosen to say things about Raising Malawi and Madonna that are not true. Madonna remains committed and focused on what matters helping the children of Malawi."

Oscar Isaac feared gym order from Madonna

Source: The Inquisitr - 1 April 2011

Oscar Isaac feared Madonna would send him to exercise boot camp to prepare for his sex scenes in W.E..

The actor plays the part of bodyguard Evgeni in the new movie, a two-tier tale about Britain's King Edward VIII's romance with Wallis Simpson and a modern story about a woman named Wally, and he admits he was terrified about stripping off for his love scenes with co-star Abbie Cornish because the super-fit singer-turned-director was watching.

Oscar Isaac

Speaking on the red carpet at the UK premiere of his new movie 'Sucker Punch' at the Vue cinema in London's Leicester Square last night, March 30, Oscar told BANG Showbiz, "I play a security guard that Abbie's character Wally Winthrop falls in love with. We have a romance. That was one of the more intimidating moments. I had to take my clothes off in front of Madonna. I thought she was going to order me out of the room - 'Get out and get to the gym!' "

Despite his concerns, the 31-year-old hunk had a good time with Madonna, who has launched her own chain of gyms, entitled Hard Candy Fitness, on set after he got over his initial nerves.

Oscar – who stars alongside Vanessa Hudgens and Jena Malone in fantasy action movie 'Sucker Punch', which is directed by Zack Snyder – said, "Madonna was great. It was intimidating but she’s a pretty amazing woman. Is she a diva? I was hoping she would be one. She's actually very self-deprecating and really funny. She’s actually very open."

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