Madonna news - March 2002

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Liz denies argument with George Michael

Source: MSNBC - 30 March 2002

Madonna’s spokeswoman is denying a report that the singer got into a heated argument with George Michael. According to the Sunday Mirror, George Michael — who was at the same London recording studio — yelled at Madonna for screaming at her personal assistant after the assistant brought her the wrong kind of coffee. Michael’s rep had no comment.

First picture from LSD&M

30 March 2002

Click below to see the first picture from 'Love, Sex, Drugs & Money'.

First picture of Love, Sex, Drugs & Money

Music remix on dance compilation

Source: Madonna Electronica - 27 March 2002

The Deep Dish Dot Com radio edit of Music is selected for the dance compilation 'Electro DanceFloor', which is released by Warner Music France this week. Ammong the 18 tracks is also Mirwais' Naive Song. Check it out at Amazon France.

Madonna loses out to J-Lo again

25 March 2002

Last night the DanceStar USA Awards were held in The Jackie Gleason Theater Miami Beach, Florida. Madonna lost out to J-Lo again in the category 'Best Chart Act'. (source: DanceStar USA)

Madonna cancels matinees

Source: Ticketmaster - 22 March 2002

Due to Madonna's unforseen recording committments, the performance schedule for 'Up For Grabs' has been changed to evenings only. All matinee customers will be contacted by Customer Services for an evening reseat or a refund.

First release dates for LSD&M

22 March 2002

IMDB lists following release dates for 'Love, Sex, Drugs & Money': 21 June 2002 in UK; 5 September 2002 in the Netherlands; 25 September 2002 in Belgium.

'You Can Dance' is one of the coolest

Source: Variety Music - 21 March 2002

Albums by the Velvet Underground, the Rolling Stones and James Brown lead a list of the 50 'coolest records' featured in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Compiled by the magazine's staff, the list is headed by 'White Light/White Heat', the 1968 release from the Velvet Underground, the grim art-rock band beloved by critics if not by the record-buying masses. The album's highlight was the psychedelic opus 'Sister Ray': "seventeen minutes of guitars screaming in ecstasy," Rolling Stone opined. [...] Other entries included the Beatles' 'Revolver' at No. 10, David Bowie's 'Station to Station' at No. 21, Michael Jackson's 'Off the Wall' at No. 31, Merle Haggard's 'Songs I'll Always Sing' at No. 42 and Madonna's 'You Can Dance' remix album at No. 50.

~ Personally I'm surprised that out of all the fantastic Madonna albums it's You Can Dance that gets the recognition...

Madonna no. 6 in Top 100 rockers

Source: - 20 March 2002

Life has a new book out called Rock At 50, and includes a list of the top 100 Rockers. The top 25 are on Life's website, along with text for the top 10. Madonna is at no. 6: Christopher Ciccone once called his sister Madonna Louise 'her own masterpiece'.

That she is, an intricately crafted figure of great rarity who may or may not be a feminist icon, may or may not be much of a singer, may or may not be a narcissistic empty vessel, but is one thing for sure: a rock star of the highest order, one with savvy, style and legs.

Controversial LSD&M previewed & reviewed

Source: NY Daily News - 20 March 2002

Madonna is courting controversy with rough sex again — but some early viewers are already recoiling from the movie violence she and her hubby, director Guy Ritchie, have hatched. In Ritchie's new film, based on Lina Wertmuller's 1974 classic 'Swept Away', Madge plays a bitchy millionairess who gets beaten up by a sailor she's marooned with on a Mediterranean isle.

The bruising is a prelude to lovemaking, but it's turning off audience members at test screenings. "It's a pretty challenging movie, as with the original," Ritchie's rep Kris Thykier tells us. "Some people love it. Others are horrified. It's certainly not breeding indifference. There is violence in the relationship, but it grows out of passion rather than abuse," says Thykier. "People are going to be blown away by Madonna's performance. Guy isn't worried."

Thykier denies talk that the film (whose working title of 'Love, Sex, Drugs and Money' may be changed to 'Swept Away') needs that much work. He also denies Ritchie and Sony scratched a party planned for the Cannes Film Fest in May and that they postponed the release. "The film was never going to be at Cannes," says the spokesman.

Madonna's spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg concurs that "some people were uncomfortable with some scenes. But she plays a really dislikable person. Some people might think her character deserves what she gets." Rosenberg says that, at last word, the movie was due to open in the U.S. in September.

Another Madonna ex out for attention & money

Source: NY Post - 19 March 2002

The intimate materials of the Material Girl are being put up for sale by one of her former lovers. Bodyguard Jim Albright is trying to sell his collection of bras and panties worn by Madonna, along with explicit Polaroid self-portraits and racy letters the pop queen sent to him.

Albright, who says he bedded Madonna in the early '90s, said he doesn't care that she is now a married mom of two. "I'm gonna make a fortune, and I have a perfect right to do what I'm doing," he told London's News of the World.

She may be acting like a goody-two-shoes wife and mom now, but this is the reality about her horny past. I'm not concerned about what she thinks or feels. If it upsets her, it's too bad. She's put her naked [body] in pictures for profit, so she can't complain if someone else does the same thing."

Madonna in Encyclopaedia Britannica

Source: Ananova - 17 March 2002

Madonna and JK Rowling have joined the ranks of Einstein and Freud with an entry in the Encyclopaedia Britannica. They are among the leading modern names who make it into the 2002 edition of the reference book.

Subjects which are given their first entries in the new version of the £995 tome include lesbianism, ecstasy and hip-hop.

Others who find they way in include actors Sir Anthony Hopkins, Dame Judi Dench and Peter Sellers as well as writers such as Poet Laureate Andrew Motion and novelist Martin Amis.

Official press release for Bond theme

Source: - 15 March 2002

Madonna will be composing and performing the main title song for Die Another Day, the newest James Bond adventure, it was announced today by producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli and Anita Camarata, EVP of MGM Music.

'Die Another Day' stars Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry and will be released on November 22, 2002, in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the Bond films. Wilson and Broccoli said, "We are thrilled that Madonna, who is recognized as the world's most exciting songwriter and performer, has agreed to compose and sing the song for the first James Bond movie of the new millennium.

Madonna is a brilliant artist who continues to have enormous appeal," says Camarata. "She has an excellent feel for writing and performing music in films and we are proud she will contribute her talents to 'Die Another Day'." [...]

Throughout her extraordinary career, Madonna has recorded and written several hit songs for the big screen, including Beautiful Stranger from 'Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me', which won a Grammy Award and a Golden Globe nomination. She also recorded the Oscar®-nominated You Must Love Me from the soundtrack to 'Evita', and wrote and recorded I'll Remember from 'With Honors', This Used To Be My Playground from 'A League of Their Own', Who's That Girl from the film of the same title, Live to Tell from 'At Close Range', Into The Groove from 'Desperately Seeking Susan', and Crazy For You from 'Vision Quest'.

'Die Another Day' is the 20th film in the James Bond series, and is being directed by Lee Tamahori and produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. With a script by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, the cast also includes Toby Stephens, Rosamund Pike, Rick Yune, John Cleese and Judi Dench.

Bond theme to be recorded on Monday

Source: The New York Post, thanx to Madonnarama - 15 March 2002

Known as a tough negotiator, Madonna wouldn't agree to sing the title song for 'Die Another Day' until MGM execs agreed to give her a part in the new James Bond flick. Yesterday, the deal was signed. "Madonna goes into the recording studio on Monday," her rep, Liz Rosenberg, said. But now it turns out Madonna is too busy to appear in the movie. "MGM has offered Madonna a cameo in the film, but it conflicts with a play she is doing in London."

Win a signed Mario Testino print

Source: Ananova - 15 March 2002

VH1 is offering Madonna fans the chance to win a signed Mario Testino print of the singer. The competition will run as part of Top 40 Madonna, in which viewers are invited to vote for their favourite Madonna songs. It will be shown on the music channel on Monday April 1 at 10am and 5pm. Fans who cast their votes on will automatically be entered into the prize draw.

Madonna in Humo's Pop Poll

14 March 2002

Humo announced the results of their Pop Poll. Madonna conquered the top spot in the category 'International Female Artist' with 617 votes: "With a kilt around her waist, a guitar in her hand and sitting on a mechanical bull, Madonna has chosen for world domination. This year she even brought along her own mini-me [referring to Kylie, who got to no. 5 in the same category]".

Bad cover artist hopes for Madonna duet

13 March 2002

I don't know about the rest of Europe, but Belgium is going mad for a terrible cover of Like A Prayer by a Dutch group called Mad'House. I wouldn't normally give any attention to a cover of a Madonna song, especially when it's such a bad one (believe me, it's pure blasphemy), but I read a rather pretentious interview with the singer in Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.

The girl, by the name of Buse Unlu, says she's convinced that she's a good singer and that her voice resembles Madonna's. Now for those who don't know the song: the girl CAN'T sing and just rapes this Madonna classic. "It resembles the original but there's a whole different atmosphere. It's a real dance record, there's more swing". Now at this point I feel anger: they simply put a lousy beat underneath and they call it 'a different and more dancy atmosphere'?? Hello, we're talking about Like A Prayer here!

When the interviewer asks her if Madonna heard the cover (let's hope not), she replies: "I wonder if she heard it. She's busy of course. But I hope she likes it. Who knows there might be a chance for a duet?" Okay have a laugh guys. Buse girl, put that idea out of your head and get another job! Let's hope she does, cause she says Mad'House (yes, the name refers to Mo) plans more singles, possibly Madonna covers. Time to say our prayers now... (source: Mad-Eyes review ;-)

Bond title announced

Source: - 13 March 2002

MGM and producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli of EON Productions announced today that the twentieth film in the legendary James Bond series will be called 'DIE ANOTHER DAY'. Wilson and Broccoli said, "'Die Another Day' carries on the tradition of the Ian Fleming stories and reflects the excitement and mystery of our latest script".

'Die Another Day' is the twentieth installment of the most successful film franchise in cinema history. Starring Pierce Brosnan (in his fourth film as James Bond) and Halle Berry, the film will be released in the US and the UK on November 22, 2002. Directed by Lee Tamahori, the script was written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. 'Die Another Day' also stars Toby Stephens, Rosamund Pike, Rick Yune, John Cleese and Judi Dench.

The film will be released by MGM Distribution Company in North America and through its international distributor, 20th Century Fox. However, there's still no official announcement about whether or not Madonna will produce the theme song for 'Die Another Day'. UK newspaper Daily Star claims she will...

ICON Magazine

13 March 2002

Madonna's official fanclub ICON has finally finished the new ICON Magazine (no. 37), which will be mailed to Icon members shortly. They promise a lot of pictures and coverage of the Drowned World Tour, news on the new album and on 'Love, Sex, Drugs & Money'. Included in the issue will be an exclusive backstage pass from the tour. A great picture of the Sky Fits Heaven performance features on the front cover.

ICON Magazine 37

Madonna angry at Mad Donna

Source: Daily Star - 11 March 2002

Madonna owes me one after I told her about a spoof kids' record which fans think is her brand new single. Cheeky record bosses are releasing a song by Mad Donna, who performs a club version of the nursery rhyme The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round. Madge is angry about the release and has put her lawyers on the case.

The single has already had airplay on radio stations and the video on MTV - and many fans believe it's an official Madonna release. The clever track even copies the tune to Madonna's worldwide hit Ray Of Light for the backing track. And a brilliant female mimic has perfectly captured Madonna's trademark vocals.

The song comes complete with a cartoon of the pop superstar riding a school bus around the streets and relaxing at home with daughter Lourdes. But pals of Madonna say she is furious people think it's her singing on the CD. A source said: "She may sing nursery rhymes to son Rocco in the privacy of her home but I'm sure it's not something she'd release as an official single."

Last night her agents in the UK thanked me and insisted they will be taking legal action. A spokeswoman said: "The song is not by Madonna and it has no association with her record label. We didn't know anything about it until your inquiry. As a result we have referred the matter to our legal department.

Madonna stalker gets warning

Source: ThisIsLondon - 11 March 2002

A fan who has stalked Madonna for 10 years has been warned by the Metropolitan Police he could face jail unless he stops pestering her. Detectives have written to Jacob Johnson, 32, telling him Madonna, 43, reported him after he visited her central London home.

Mr Johnson, from Cheshunt, Herts, says his pursuit of Madonna has cost him as much as £15,000 including nine trips to America, the Mirror reported today. Johnson has now received a written warning from Marleybone CID.

The letter says: "It has been alleged by Madonna Ritchie that you have been harassing her. She alleges that you have sent letters and parcels containing offensive and alarming material. You have also attended her home address. The Metropolitan Police considers that your conduct to date amounts to the harassment of Madonna Ritchie."

Johnson told the Mirror he would now be staying away from the superstar. He said: "I don't want her sending the police around to where I live. I have sent her chocolates and flowers. I've sent her love letters and poems but I don't really see that any of them were offensive or alarming."

DWT video gets certified

Source: - 10 March 2002

Madonna's home video release of the Drowned World Tour has been certified platinum in the U.S. (for video sales of over 100,000 copies).

'Frozen' contributed to 'The Laramie Project'

9 March 2002

HBO Films presents 'The Laramie Project', a powerful true story that explores the effects of the Matthew Shepard murder on Laramie, Wyoming, and how the town struggled to understand and come to terms with the crime. Matthew Shepard was beaten to death by his homophobic murderers. Tune in to HBO on Saturday, March 9 at 8pm for the first screening.

Warner Bros, Reprise and Maverick Records give special thanks to the artists who have donated one of their songs to a tribute album in support of promoting social tolerance. One of the tracks is Madonna's Frozen (edit).

Madonna and Guy nominated with WIFLFAG

7 March 2002

Both Madonna and Guy Ritchie are nominated in the category of 'Best International Video' for What It Feels Like For A Girl at Bulgaria's 4th annual M.M. Music Awards. The other nominees are Gorillaz, Fatboy Slim and Russian pop sensation Tatu. The awards are to be held on March 23rd in Sofia.

DWT video Platinum

7 March 2002

Madonna's home video release of the Drowned World Tour has been certified platinum in the U.S. (for video sales of over 100,000 copies).

Madonna and the in-laws

Source: PeopleNews - 7 March 2002

In the latest insight into the life of Madonna, her stepmother-in-law has spoken about the first time that Guy introduced the Queen of pop to her and her husband. 'Guy rang to ask if he could come over for a bite to eat with a friend,' reveals Shireen Ritchie. 'So I nipped out to the supermaket and got a couple of packets of fishcakes and peas.'

When Guy turned up with the superstar, Shireen - the chairman of the Kensington and Chelsea Conservative association - was surprised, to say the least. 'I was rather embarrassed and said something like, "Tell me dear, how did you get into the music business?"' Despite initial awkwardness, the meeting apparently went well.

Shireen has spoken of her admiration for Madonna, and the 'wonderful hands-on job' she does bringing up her children Lola and Rocco. Talking about the filming of the couple's forthcoming film, Love, Sex, Drugs and Money, Shireen unravels Madge's rock-star image, saying, 'It wasn't all sex, drugs and money. It was a very family affair - there were toys and nappies everywhere.' Read more at ThisIsLondon.

Nomination for DanceStarUSA Awards

Source: MLVC mailing list - 6 March 2002

Madonna, along with J-Lo, Pink and Moby, is nominated for 'Best Chart Act' at the first ever DanceStarUSA Awards. The winners of the DanceStarUSA Awards are to be announced during this year's Miami Winter Music Conference, at the world famous Jackie Gleason Theatre on March 24th. Voting can be carried out via the show's official website, and the ceremony will be broadcast by MTV Europe.

Music 5x Platinum

Source: MLVC mailing list - 6 March 2002

Music was certified 5x platinum in the February 2002 certifications by the IFPI (Europe). Meanwhile GHV2 is rapidly going down the charts, this week from 129 to 160. Total units sold is around 1.064 million.

Music's sexiest moments

4 March 2002

E! Online has put Madonna's performance of Like A Virgin at the 1985 MTV Awards at no. 3 of their list of Music's Sexiest Moments, commenting: What is it about awards shows that makes reputable musicians lose their minds and want to tear off their clothes?

Some say it's the greenroom hospitality spread. Some say it's the pressure of a billion eyeballs watching you out there in TV land. We say it's Madonna's fault. In 1984, a nation of innocents tuned into the first-ever MTV Video Music Awards.

In the tradition of other awards shows, we were expecting a little song, a little dance, a little bowl of Cheetos resting on our pants. Oh, but did those Cheetos go down in lumps that night. See, this Madonna lady - the one who'd sung that cute little Lucky Star song the year before - showed up onstage in a wedding dress. All right, that's not disturbing in and of itself.

But then this Madonna lady got down on all fours and started doing strange gyrations - to a song called Like a Virgin. Oh, boy, there went another Cheeto in the windpipe... By the time the performance was over, we didn't know what to do.

Except, you know, buy a bunch of Madonna albums, expect every other artist to top her act and mark it down as one of the hottest things we'd ever seen on a non-Playboy-affiliated channel.

No naps for Madge

3 March 2002

If anyone is wondering why Madonna has decided to spend her summer on the London stage; Madonna's publicist Liz Rosenberg explains to next weeks U.S. 'People Magazine' the reasons why Madonna has decided to do 'Up For Grabs'. Liz says: "It's a different challenge from touring or making films. Its also gives the working mom a chance to stay in one place for a while. But she's not one to take a nap!" 'People' also reveals that Madonna will begin rehearsals in London in April.

Contrary to some reports there are still matinee tickets left for Up For Grabs. A spokesperson for the Wyhndam Theatre said they have never before seen such an overwhelming demand for, but there are still some tickets left for the performances in July.

Like A Virgin: after the song and the album, now the movie

Source: Hollywood Reporter - 1 March 2002

'Jawbreaker' writer-director Darren Stein has been hired to write and helm 'Like a Virgin' for Madonna and Guy Oseary's Maverick Films and Splendid Pictures with Untitled Entertainment on board to produce. The project is also one of the first to fall under the recently inked deal between Andreas Klein and David Glasser's Splendid Pictures that sees Splendid financing and producing Maverick's development slate for one year with an option to renew (HR 2/25). Splendid picked up the project as a pitch from Stein, who is already at work penning the screenplay, described as a sexy comedy about a girl who launches a back-to-virginity movement in her high school, which unexpectedly makes her a national media figure. The project has found a fitting home at Maverick through Splendid, considering its title. 'Like A Virgin' was the name of Madonna's second album - released in 1984 - and one of her biggest hit singles. Until there is a finished script, it's too early to tell what role Madonna will take in the project, whether she will produce, act, contribute to the soundtrack or any combination of the three.

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