I'm Going Bananas


Hola! Ese bato loco!

I'm going bananas
And I feel like my poor little mind is being devoured by piranhas
For I'm going bananas

I'm non compos mentes
And I feel like a tooth being drilled
A nerve being killed by a dentist
For I'm non compos mentes

Who knows?
Could be the tropic heat
Or something that I eat
That makes me gonzo
I do carry on so, for I'm going bananas
Someone book me a room in the hot haciendo with all my mananas
For I'm going bananas

I'm going meshuga
All day long there's a man in my brain incessently playing "Booga wooga"
But I'm going meshuga

There's bats in my belfry
Won't you make sure this straightjacket's tight
Otherwise I might get myself free
Yes, there's bats in my belfry

Who knows?
Could be the wine I drink
Or it's the way I think
That makes me gonzo
Oh, Doctor Alonzo says I'm going bananas
Someone get me a bed in the "Casa de Loco" for all my mananas
For I'm going bananas
Yes, I'm going bananas
Si, I'm going bananas


Written by Michael Kernan and Andy Paley
Produced by Madonna and Patrick Leonard
Mixed by Brian Malouf
Drums by Carlos Vega
Bass by Abraham Laboriel
Acoustic piano by Randy Waldman
Keyboards by Patrick Leonard
Mariachis by Samuel Nolasco and Xavier Serrano
Background vocals by Donna DeLory, Niki Haris and Ndea Davenport


I'm Breathless, the album
I'm Breathless

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