Truth Or Dare / In Bed With Madonna

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Truth Or Dare / In Bed With Madonna, the movie


Truth Or Dare Truth Or Dare Truth Or Dare Truth Or Dare Truth Or Dare Truth Or Dare Truth Or Dare Truth Or Dare Truth Or Dare Truth Or Dare Truth Or Dare Truth Or Dare


Madonna: as herself
Pedro Almodóvar: as himself
Antonio Banderas: as himself
Warren Beatty: as himself
Sandra Bernhard: as herself
Luis Camacho: as himself
Christopher Ciccone: as himself
Martin Ciccone: as himself
Silvio Ciccone: as himself
Oliver Crumes Jr.: as himself
Oliver Crumes Sr.: as himself
Donna DeLory: as herself
Joanne Gaire: as herself
Sharon Gault: as herself
Salim Gauwloos: as himself
Jose Guitierez: as himself
Niki Harris: as herself
Moira McFarland-Messana: as herself
Kevin Alexander Stea: as himself
Gabriel Trupin: as himself
Carlton Wilborn: as himself

Movie synopsis

Madonna has always had a special relationship with the media. While many stars try desperately to avoid paparazzi's, Madonna has the power to manipulate the media to her advantage. She decided to give director Alek Keshishian carte blanche to film her during her Blond Ambition Tour. The result is a controversial rockumentary with live performances (filmed in colour) and backstage scenes (in black & white). The film, a first in its kind, gives fans a look behind the scenes of a Madonna tour, with a focus on Madonna's relationship with her dancers and tour crew.

Production info

Directed by: Alek Keshishian
Produced by: Jim Clawson, Steve Golin, Lisa Hollingshead, Madonna, Daniel Radford, Jay Roewe & Sigurjon Sighvatsson
Production company: Boy Toy Productions & Miramax Films
Locations: Barcelona (Spain), Detroit (US), Houston (US), LA (US), Madrid (Spain), NY (US), Nice (France), Paris (France), Rome (Italy), Tokyo (Japan), Toronto (Canada), Venice (Italy)
Date of filming: April 1990 - Aug. 1990
Budget: $ 4 million

Release info

Released as: Truth Or Dare (US) / In Bed With Madonna (Eur.)
Released in theatres: May 10, 1990 (US)
Released on DVD: Aug. 26, 1997 (US); May 10, 2002 (Eur.)
Runtime: 114 minutes
Genre: Documentary
MPAA rating: Rated R for explicit language, adult situations, and brief female nudity.
Box office: $ 15.012 million (US)


Not everybody was happy with this movie. Madonna's partner at the time, Warren Beatty demanded that some private phone calls between him and Madonna were cut. Dancer Gabriel filed a lawsuit against Madonna for violating his privacy, because the movie outed him as gay. Two other dancers Kevin and Oliver sued to get financial compensation from the movie release.
In 2016, 25 years after the release of Truth Or Dare, a Dutch documentary 'Strike A Pose' brought the remaining Blond Ambition dancers together to see how their lives had changed after the Blond Ambition Tour and Truth Or Dare.


1992 American Cinema Editors:
Nomination for 'Best Edited Documentary' (Barry Alexander Brown)


There's no soundtrack for this movie. The (edited) live performances from the Blond Ambition Tour are: Express Yourself, Oh Father, Like A Virgin, Holiday, Live To Tell, Vogue, and Keep It Together. The following unedited performances appeared on a limited VHS edition: Like A Prayer and Hanky Panky.

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