Shadows And Fog

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Shadows And Fog, the movie


Shadows And Fog Shadows And Fog Shadows And Fog Shadows And Fog Shadows And Fog Shadows And Fog Shadows And Fog


Michael Kirby: Killer
Woody Allen: Max Kleinman
David Ogden Stiers: Hacker
James Rebhorn: Vigilante
Victor Argo: Vigilante
Daniel von Bargen: Vigilante
Camille Saviola: Landlady
Tim Loomis: Dwarf
Katy Dierlam: Fat Lady
Mia Farrow: Irmy
John Malkovich: Clown
Madonna: Marie
Dennis Vestunis: Strongman
Donald Pleasence: Doctor
Lily Tomlin: Prostitute

Movie synopsis

A small and insignificant bookkeeper, Kleinman, is awoken one night by his neighbours who wants him to help them track down a strangler who has been killing people all over town. The citizens form vigilance committees, but when Kleinman has dressed, his neighbours have disappeared. Meanwhile a circus has come to town. Irmy and Paul are two of the artists. After a fight, Irmy leaves the circus in the middle of the night. Eventually she meets Kleinman, scared and alone. (source: IMDB)

Production info

Directed by: Woody Allen
Written by: Woody Allen
Produced by: Robert Greenhut, Joseph Hartwick, Charles H. Joffe, Thomas A. Reilly, Helen Robin & Jack Rollins
Production company: Orion Pictures
Date of filming: Jan. 1991 - March 1991
Budget: $ 14 million

Release info

Released as: Shadows And Fog
Released in theatres: March 20, 1992 (US)
Released on DVD: June 5, 2001 (US)
Runtime: 85 minutes
Genre: Comedy/Mystery/Drama/Thriller
MPAA rating: PG-13
Box office: $ 2.7 million (US)


1993 Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists:
Silver Ribbon Award for 'Best Cinematography' (Carlo Di Palma)


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The soundtrack doesn't contain any songs by Madonna.

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